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In trading his wingtips for a steeltips, New Jersey maritime lawyer of www.hofmannlawfirm**** Paul Hofmann demonstrates his commitment to finding the true cause of maritime accidents by personally leading onsite inspections with industry experts.
10 Dec 2011
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Ducted fan speed meets sport-scale style in the ElectriFly F-20 Tigershark! Its aggressive looks and 85+ mph speeds* bring the Northrop experimental light jet fighter screaming back into action at the R/C flight line. Optimized air intake and exhaust areas help draw maximum thrust from the included HyperFlow™ ducted fan unit with powerful Ammo 24-45-3790 inrunner brushless motor. Factory-hinged control surfaces contribute to fast, easy, 4-6 hour assembly. The model's strong, lightweight AeroCell™ foam airframe arrives already finished in high-visibility colors. As seen in this video, the F-20 is right at home ripping up the sky — but also comes with magnetic wingtip missiles and stand for impressive static display. Learn more about the ElectriFly F-20 Tigershark EDF by visiting its product page at *******www.electrifly****/ductedfans/gpma1875.html Join ElectriFly on Facebook at *******www.facebook****/pages/Champaign-IL/ElectriFly/275001488372 GPMA1875 Wingspan: 22.5 in (570 mm) Wing Area: 162 in² (10.4 dm²) Weight: 26.8 oz (760 g) Wing Loading: 23.8 oz/ft² (73 g/dm²) Length: 37 in (940 mm) Requires: Radio system with a minimum of 3 channels; 3 micro servos; 45A brushless ESC; 2200mAh 4S LiPo battery & charger * 85+ mph top speeds at sea level using the recommended electronics. Recommended Items: FUTL7627 Futaba® R617 2.4GHz FASST™ Receiver: *******2.4gigahertz****/receivers/index.html FUTM0414 Futaba S3114 Micro High-Torque Servos (3): *******www.futaba-rc****/servos/specs-lineart/specs-futm0414.html GPMM1840 ElectriFly Silver Series SS-45 Brushless Electronic Speed Control: *******www.electrifly****/escs/silverseries.html GPMP0521 ElectriFly Power Series 2200mAh 14.8V 25C LiPo Battery: *******www.electrifly****/batteries/batteries-lipo.html
31 Jul 2010
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The Daily Energy Report for Friday March 5, 2010 discusses Honeywell 's LED wingtip navigation lighting has been selected for the Airbus A320 family aircraft, PG&E considering showing their residential customers energy data about their homes and their neighbors in an effort to lower energy consumption, and Google has released the Power Meter API to the public.
5 Mar 2010
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A Very Cost-Effective Approach to "Boomer" Training Employed by The Air National Guard Meet the BOSS... the Air National Guard's prototypical effort to develop a KC-135 Boom Operator Simulation System. Designed to provide "a high fidelity, fully DMO (Distributed Mission Operations) capable squadron level boom operator simulator for KC-135 squadrons," this is a collaborative effort designed to maximize training capabilities while (at the same time) minimizing the costlier aspects of keeping KC135 "Boomers" trained on their equipment and many different types of aircraft they may be asked to interact with. The BOSS is a low cost, squadron-level KC-135 simulator that began prototype integration recently and is being fielded with an estimated requirement for 17 devices. The Air National Guard program uses four Christie Mirage HD 3D stereo DLP projectors offering a projected 3D image that gives the boom operator 'true-to-life depth of perception that could otherwise only be experienced in an actual aircraft.' The 3D BOSS is the first of its kind, using active stereoscopic technology that specifically addresses a boom operator’s critical need for precision, mobility and hi-fidelity depth of field. Designed to specifically support the ANG's the KC-135 Stratotanker fleet, these sim programs are devoted to filling training requirments for a vehicle that has provided the core aerial refueling capability for the Air Force/ANG and has excelled in this role for more than 50 years. The KC-135 provides aerial refueling support to Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps and allied nation aircraft. The KC-135 is also capable of transporting litter and ambulatory patients using patient support pallets during aeromedical evacuations. Four turbofans, mounted under 35-degree swept wings, power the KC-135 to takeoffs at gross weights up to 322,500 pounds. Nearly all internal fuel can be pumped through the flying boom, the KC-135's primary fuel transfer method. A special shuttlecock-shaped drogue, attached to and trailing behind the flying boom, may be used to refuel aircraft fitted with probes. Some aircraft have been configured with the Multipoint Refueling System or MPRS. MPRS configured aircraft are capable of refueling two receiver aircraft simultaneously from special "pods" mounted on the wingtips. One crewmember, known as the boom operator, is stationed in the rear of the plane and controls the boom during in-flight air refueling. A cargo deck above the refueling system can hold a mixed load of passengers and cargo. Depending on fuel storage configuration, the KC-135 can carry up to 83,000 pounds of cargo. Aero-TV Learns How To 'Fillerup' With The Air National Guard Boom Operator Simulation System FMI: www.iitsec****/,,****,****/aerotvnetwork, *******twitter****/AeroNews Copyright 2009, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved.
25 Mar 2009
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WTC MISSILE STRIKE: TWIN TOWERS designed to cope MULTIPLE Plane Crashes September 4, 2001: Israeli Company Moves Out of WTC. The Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co. moves their North American headquarters from the 16th floor more...of the WTC to Norfolk, Virginia, one week before the 9/11 attacks. The Israeli government owns 49 percent of the company. [VIRGINIAN-PILOT, 9/4/2001] More than 200 workers had just been moved out; about ten are still in the building making final moving arrangements on 9/11, but escape. [JERUSALEM POST, 9/13/2001; JOURNAL OF COMMERCE, 10/18/2001] The move leaves only one Israeli company, ClearForest, with 18 employees, in the WTC on 9/11. The four or five employees in the building at the time manage to escape. [JERUSALEM POST, 9/13/2001] One year later, a Zim ship is impounded while attempting to ship Israeli military equipment to Iran; it is speculated that this is done with the knowledge of Israel. [AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, 3/29/2002] Just a Few INTERESTING Press Reports...
7 Mar 2009
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Crownair Unveils Glass Cockpit-Equipped T210 During AOPA Expo 2008 It's getting harder and harder to come up with the scratch for a new airplane these days... especially for those of us hankering for new airplane capabilities like glass panels and other high-tech accoutrements. Then again; there's the retrofit game... and at AOPA Expo 2008, it was in full swing. One of the more significant announcements to come from the expo didn't come from aerospace giants Cessna or Cirrus... but from the comparatively diminutive Crownair Companies, a new aviation maintenance and avionics provider in the Southwest United States. The company displayed its first Crownair "Centurion Edition" Cessna T210 during the upcoming show in San Jose, CA, November 6 through 8. The package is aimed at breathing new life into the popular, though aging, fleet of Cessna 210s. From spinner to tail cone, the upgraded 1977 aircraft features all new and state-of-the-art amenities including a glass cockpit with Electronic Flight Instrument System, new classic blue paint scheme, RAM engine, tinted glass, wingtips with recognition lights, Super Quiet cabin soundproofing and gray leather seats with sheepskin inserts. The Crownair "Centurion Edition" T210 will compete with new manufactured aircraft by offering more payload, faster speeds and more range. The Centurion was in production from 1957 to 1985 and approximately 9,240 were manufactured. "Centurion owners and pilots own a piece of history, but that doesn’t mean the plane shouldn’t have modern technology and comforts. The Crownair "Centurion Edition" is the first all glass cockpit in a Centurion T210 in the world," says Grant Murray, owner of Crownair. "We understand the dedicated owners and enthusiasts who fly Centurions, and our goal is to make their flying experience first class." Crownair was formed this year in San Diego, CA. Production on the Crownair "Centurion Edition" T210 will be done on an as-ordered basis and takes approximately two to three months. Check Out The Crownair T210 Centurion Edition With Aero-TV! FMI: www.crownairaviation****,****,****/aerotvnetwork, *******twitter****/AeroNews Copyright 2008, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved.
16 Dec 2008
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This netherlands F-16 made a nice display using smoke system on on the wingtips.
20 Apr 2008
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An A-310 Airbus does a low level flyby at an airshow in Portugal. He then banks out so low his wingtip nearly scrapes the ground.
20 Sep 2007
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