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Wire Wrap tutorial - Wire Wrap Pendant
2 May 2017
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A tire (American English) or tyre (British English; see spelling differences) is a ring-shaped vehicle component that covers the wheel's rim to protect it and enable better vehicle performance. Most tires, such as those for automobiles and bicycles, provide traction between the vehicle and the road while providing a flexible cushion that absorbs shock. The materials of modern pneumatic tires are synthetic rubber, natural rubber, fabric and wire, along with carbon black and other chemical compounds. They consist of a tread and a body. The tread provides traction while the body provides containment for a quantity of compressed air. Before rubber was developed, the first versions of tires were simply bands of metal fitted around wooden wheels to prevent wear and tear. Early rubber tires were solid (not pneumatic). Today, the majority of tires are pneumatic inflatable structures, comprising a doughnut-shaped body of cords and wires encased in rubber and generally filled with compressed air to form an inflatable cushion. Pneumatic tires are used on many types of vehicles, including cars, bicycles, motorcycles, buses, trucks, heavy equipment, and aircraft. Metal tires are still used on locomotives and railcars, and solid rubber (or other polymer) tires are still used in various non-automotive applications, such as some casters, carts, lawnmowers, and wheelbarrows.
6 May 2017
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Machine main function and characteristic l. Winding tooling: each machine has one set winding tooling and three vertical winding forms. 2. The whole set of tooling can be changed, and it takes about 15min. 3. The turntable is two stations structure. It adopts servo system to rotate and index transfer form. 4. Allow three wires winding simultaneously. 5. Main spindle is controlled by servo motor. The coil turn number accuracy is ±1 turn. 6. The working rotation speed can be set. Machine has no distinct vibration and noise.
7 May 2017
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Junction box where wires associate with each other, it enables circuits to be securely part and spread into various bearings. These are the junction box containing switches, wires, catches, which are for the most part utilized as a part of living arrangements, workplaces, inns, healing facilities, distribution centers, and so forth.
10 May 2017
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How the water from the top of a dam, is released through sluice gates, gets its high Potential Energy converted into Kinetic Energy as it falls down on a turbine wheel at the bottom. The water has maximum Kinetic energy at the point where it impacts the various buckets in the turbine wheel. The wheel starts to rotate, and the shaft is connected to a Generator. Inside the Generator (AC or DC type), the shaft of the wheel is connected to a electrical conductor rotating inside a magnetic field. Then, Fleming's Right Hand Rule is applied to find the direction of Induced Current created inside the conductor. This output current is the whole purpose of putting a turbine wheel and Generator, and the current is transmitted through "high voltage wires" to homes and factories.
17 May 2017
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h t t p s : / / g o o. g l / 3 8 l f 7 Z Here is a very durable, theftresistant bag / backpack. While nothing is theft proof, this may be the closest thing on the market. The LocTote bag features a special material making it very difficult to cut. Will the LocTote be your next backpack? Fabric: high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) used by the army for armor and other security clothing SECURE LOCKING SYSTEM - Pull it, lock it and leave it. It’s that simple. Anti theft backpack. We attached a flexible cut-, tear- and rip-proof wired belt to the opening. Indestructible! The opening of the backpack is secured with the security shackle including the brass ring and the steel rivets, as well as the combination lock, which can be locked by an individual code. Forget about pickpockets! InGwest Anti-Theft Bag will keep your stuff! Anti theft backpack is a good choice for travel EXTREME CUT & SLASH RESISTANT - Our bags are crafted from a double-layer of the most advanced cut resistant fabric in the world. Woven from a blend of high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) and other avant-garde fibers, the fabric was used by the army for armor and other security clothing. Our bags have the highest possible Blade Cut Resistance, Tear Resistance, and Abrasion Resistance. Our bags are 5 times more cut resistant than Kevlar, a material known for its use in bulletproof vests. BALANCED REFLECTIVE DRAWSTRING ROPES - Our Bag has four straps, just like a gym bag. These straps, normally used for mountain climbing, can carry up to 1000 lbs! They are very strong and durable! No chance of tearing or ripping. Get wild! WATER RESISTANT - The inner bag of your Cut Resistant Bag is water resistant! So you don’t have to worry about rain, spilled drinks, or any other liquid on the bag. The inner layer is made out of waterproof nylon fabric and inside pocket have 100% the waterproof zipper. All your electronic treasures such as iPads, smartphones and cameras are safe.
17 May 2017
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Check your link wire related to attachment or not. Check the outlet damage or free contact and electric switch box problem. On the off probability that these square measure the problems, do not plug your line rather decision our organization for your sure and confirmed fridge service in Hyderabad.
19 May 2017
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Hot Wire is off of Lamont's ThunderBoogie Album(Traktor 7 Records). . .created by. .michael cimpher. . .blooper reel at the end.
28 Feb 2007
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how to keep headphone wires from getting tangled. This is nice, but common way for outdoor people.
16 Feb 2007
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This is just my homie clownin' in the breakroom at work rappin about wire.
5 Mar 2007
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'''►► *******Magnet4Power**** - ''' Cool video showing how the battery magnet and wire motor creates a rotating electro magnetic field. Watch the hanging bar magnet react to the rotations. *******Magnet4Power**** -
9 Mar 2007
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yaptıgım seker kutusu modelinin wire hali
12 Mar 2007
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there is a simple motor using only a AAbatery, a magnet and a copper wire.
10 Apr 2007
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czech wire puppet animation about big friends
10 Apr 2007
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FlatWire is a technology, not a product. It's an innovative new approach to wiring that will change the way consumers, designers and contractors think about home makeover and renovation and its applications are global. Install a pair of sconces on either side of the master bed; "float" a flat screen TV; easily add a surround sound system or new home theatre all without breaking through walls to hide bundles of unsightly wires and cables. FlatWire is a paper-thin wire that adheres flat to the surface of walls or ceilings and becomes virtually invisible when covered with paint or wallpaper. No costly, time-consuming in-wall install. Do-it-yourself or have it done. It's that simple. This revolutionary new wiring technology removes many of the physical barriers to renovation caused by existing wiring systems.
25 Apr 2007
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A wire growes and shrinks right before your eyes
15 May 2007
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