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In this episode, we are tackling movie snacks, using a jump rope to get in shape, making fruit sorbet and combining pantyhose and deodorant. For more information and additional episodes visit www.withamymac****
7 Sep 2007
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In this show, we are talking about the Fit Life Challenge on Traineo, making hummus dip for a snack and Trainer Tom continues our posture quest. For more information and additional episodes visit www.withamymac****
11 Oct 2007
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Find out some freezer secrets in this episode of Fit Life. For more episodes, visit www.WithAmyMac**** and don't forget to buy the Fitness Attack book on 2/29 from Amazon!
20 Feb 2008
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The sun is out and its time to get outside! Find the time to grill some veggies, fit in a little exercise and think smart to shed some pounds. It's all here in this episode of Fit Life with Amy Mac -- check out other episodes at www.WithAmyMac****
7 Jun 2008
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A quick recap of our first of three upcoming races, Bay to Breakers in SF. For more episodes or information check out www.WithAmyMac****
7 Jun 2008
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In our first show of the year, we are covering resolutions, a great travel accessory, and our move of the week. We are also celebrating National Soup Month with some vegetable soup! For more info and other episodes, visit www.WithAmyMac****
7 Jun 2008
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This show has tips to be energized in the afternoon, how to keep healthy and of course, we have our move of the week and great deals from our sponsors! Find more episodes and info at www.WithAmyMac****
5 Sep 2008
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If you are tight on time, traveling or need a quick indoor workout that doesn't require equipment - this On The Go workout is for you! Find more info and discounts from sponsors: Brookstone, GoDaddy, eHarmony, eMusic, Eastbay & Footlocker at WithAmyMac****!
24 Feb 2009
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A list of important factors you should consider before joining a gym. It will help you pick the right fit, avoid paying too much and keep you from having buyer's remorse! Find other shows, recipes and discount codes from sponsors at WithAmyMac****
25 Feb 2009
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Eating naturally is all the trend right now and for good reason, its good for you. However, after years of eating processed and pre-packaged foods, its really difficult to know how to start eating natural foods. In this Fit Life, Amy Mac provides you with 5 ways to start eating naturally. Find more info at www.WithAmyMac****
1 Apr 2009
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We can all name the things we know we should or shouldn’t be doing but creating a list of 50 things you want to accomplish this week towards being healthy is just silly. You can barely remember the whole list, let alone make it happen! Find out more info and other episodes at www.WithAmyMac****
16 Apr 2009
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In this Fit Life we are looking at ways to stay fit without breaking the bank! Money is tight so you might have to skip on the gym membership but that is no reason to stop working out. Between the nice weather, makeshift weights and your online tools, you can get fit for free. Find other free fitness tips, articles, recipes and my blog at www.WithAmyMac****
18 May 2009
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A quick little FitBit that will help you achieve that beach body! Step Squats will help you tone the abs, butt and thighs. This exercise is great for beginners and for advanced training, you just need to add weights. Find more episodes at www.WithAmyMac****
3 Jun 2009
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Looking for an exercise to challenge your core and work your lower body at the same time? This exercise is a combination of an airplane pose, a pendulum swing and just plain balance. Core exercise is so important for strength and posture. Consistently challenging your abs, back and butt (core) will help you fight neck and lower back pain, sculpt your butt and abs and look taller while doing it! Find other episodes and more information at www.WithAmyMac****
5 Jun 2009
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Its one of the oldest workouts, but its really made a splash in the US in the last few years. I wanted to know more about Kettlebells, so I found a couple of experts in Nashville to give me the rundown. In this episode of Fit Life, we cover the history of Kettlebells and learn how to do the Kettlebell Swing. Find more information at WithAmyMac****
5 Jun 2009
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In this Fit Life, we continue to learn about Kettlebells. Today Matt and David instruct us step by step on how to do the Turkish Get Up. This is a great exercise plan for those short on time & looking for maximum results! Find more info at WithAmyMac****
17 Jun 2009
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