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We Found Love Cover - Free download (: ******* My album is now on iTunes: ******* Thanks for the support :) Hey guys, so I thought this song was really cool & wanted to sing it. There's already a ton of dance versions, so me and my friend Andy changed it up. We put our own little twist on it... We used a ukulele wohoo!! haha. We also added part of "Here Comes the Sun" cause it seemed to fit. It's a little slower, but you already have the original, aye? So why not make it different (: Check out Andy's channel here: ***********/andylangemusic He's super talented & an amazing musician/producer. Anyways I hope you like it :) Enjoy! Love, ~Tiffany Connect with me here: Facebook: *******www.facebook****/tiffanyalvord Twitter: *******www.twitter****/tiffanyalvord This song was recorded and produced by Andy Lange. Andy's Links: Facebook: *******www.facebook****/andylangemusic Twitter: *******www.twitter****/andylangemusic Youtube: ***********/andylangemusic
30 Jan 2012
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Hey everybody, It's time for a Girl Talk video! Wohoo! This episode, I've been highly requested to talk about how I maintain a positive & healthy relationship with my boyfriend, Tim. Tim and I have been together for 8 ½ years and it's been such an amazing journey. I know he is definitely the one. We adore each other but it doesn't mean we don't have problems. We both have flaws and we both had to overcome a lot of problems. These 9 years have taught me so much about relationships, myself and Tim. I'm definitely not a love expert but I can share my insight on how we maintain the positivity in our relationship. Share an extra point of view. Whether you're in a relationship or single, I hope you will still find this helpful. Especially for my younger girls out there because I know we make the most mistakes with our first relationships. Relationships is also about Trial and Error but I also wished I had somebody to give me advice on how I could've handled my first relationship. I trust you girlies will know what is best for you. I want to thank everybody who gave me input on their insight of healthy relationships. Thank you so much for giving me such wonderful points. Girl Talk episodes are impossible without you guys! Thank you so much for watching the video! Please let me know what you want the next Girl Talk episode to be about. Ps. Tim now has a blogging section on Bubzbeauty****. You guys can finally know more about him yey! He will be blogging about technology, life, me, chubbi and Domo and all things random. You can check out his first post on: *******www.bubzbeauty****/tim.html I also forgot to mention that I was inspired to make this post thanks to some inspiration from a book I've been reading "Living Beyond your Feelings" by Joyce Meyer! I've been loving her podcasts!! Much love, Bubzilla (Or Bubbisaur) x Ps. Do the shuffle with me! Pps. I have too much fun with my dinosaur kigu.
14 Mar 2012
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Next one, Wohoo! Like, comment, enjoy!
5 May 2012
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wohoo love SHINee and AS!!!!I do not own the video
3 Jun 2012
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Wohoo!!! She was the win of Choice Music Group and everybody singing "Happy Birthday".It was extraordinary.I can't forget this. This is my (new)site:*******selena-music.tumblr****/ You can contact me on Twitter:********twitter****/SelenaMusic Thank you for wathing(again). God bless!
14 Oct 2012
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Juli- Elektrisches Gefühl Atemlos und ferngesteuert Abgestumpft und sorgenschwer ich bin völlig weggetreten ich spür mich selbst nicht mehr ich will aus 15 Metern, ins kalte Wasser springen damit ich wieder merk' das ich am leben bin Ich geh nach vorne, bis zum Rand Ich spür mein Herz pulsiert ich atme ein und lass mich fallen ich spüre jeden Teil von mir (Refrain) Elektrisches Gefühl ich bin völlig schwerelos Elektrisches Gefühl wie beim ersten Atemzug Elektrisches Gefühl und die Stimme dir mir sagt heute wird ein guter Tag ...heute wird ein guter Tag... Auch wenn mich 1000 Sorgen quälen und sie mich nach unten ziehn es ist besser loszulassen als dran kaputt zu gehn Ich nehme was mir Angst macht und schreib es auf Papier ich zünd es an und lass es brennen ich lass es hinter mir Alles um mich herum pulsiert ich spür den Schmerz nicht mehr Der Boden die Wand, der Raum vibriert ich bin wieder unbeschwert (Refrain) Elektrisches Gefühl ich bin völlig schwerelos Elektrisches Gefühl wie beim ersten Atemzug Elektrisches Gefühl und die Stimme dir mir sagt heute wird ein guter Tag... ...heute wird ein guter Tag... wohoo oh wooh wooh wohoo oh wooh wooh wohoo oh yeah yeah wohoo oh wohoo oh Alles was dich runter zieht Alles was dein Herz lahm legt Lass es los lass es los lass es los Alles was nicht wichtig ist alles was nicht richtig ist lass es los Lass es los Lass es los (Refrain) Elektrisches Gefühl ich bin völlig schwerelos Elektrisches Gefühl so wie beim ersten Atemzug Elektrisches Gefühl und die Stimme dir mir sagt heute wird ein guter Tag ...heute wird ein guter Tag...
14 May 2013
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Hello my daisies and butterflies! Let's be honest. Who enjoys wearing heavy makeup during Spring/Summer? Not me. No thanks to face feeling sticky and suffocated in the heat. No thanks to foundation slipping and sliding off. No thanks to smudged eye makeup. No thanks to a melted face in general. Today, I'm going just going to share how how I've been applying my makeup lately. I'm gonna call this quickie tutorial the 'Natural Beauty' look. I think it's pretty obvious that I am no natural beauty lol. It's all good because this look is all about keeping everything to a minimal but enhancing the natural beauty we all already have. Less is more and it can really be a breath of fresh air. This summer-proof look is all about awakened bright eyes, flushed glowy cheeks and glossy pink lips. We're keeping the eyes simple and concentrating more on the lashes. I've been wearing my makeup like this lately and Tim (who NEVER EVER compliments my makeup) complimented me!! still prefers my completely bare face but he did like how my makeup looked like I wasn't wearing much at all (bwahahaha). Double whammie. This is not just Hot Weather friendly makeup but also Boyfriend/Fiance approved too! Wohoo! Full list of products used in this tutorial can be found in this post: *******www.bubzbeauty****/bubbi-likes/420-natural-beauty-a-summer-proof-makeup.html Have an awesome week everybody! P.s- The New Bubbi brushes will officially launch on 20th May 2013!! Sorry it took so long for a confirmed date. We're SO EXCITED!!!!!!! Big giveaway coming up!! Stay tuned!!! Pps. Yes, I am also tanner lol. Been out a lot more in the sun. Ppps. Audio: IU You and I instrumental. Much love, Bubz xx Check out: *******www.bubzbeauty**** *******www.shopbubbi****
21 Sep 2013
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