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Wonder Woman 2
30 Jun 2018
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She was seeing the beautiful area, enjoying the day and shooting video selfie. But little did she know it was soon to turn into a disappointment.
24 Jun 2018
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amazing night seen
5 Jul 2018
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3D Configurator is an awesome application for viewing things in virtual reality. There are plenty of companies who are working on it and have them already working online. They offer offline applications as well.
21 Jun 2018
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It is just a wonder to see such ponderous truck crosses the river with hulking logs on its back safely without any failure. The driver must be very good.
15 Jun 2018
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This chicken totally bullied the Doberman and ate its food. If it cannot protect its own food from a chicken, I wonder what it will do when face a burglar.
16 Jun 2018
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This guy used the trumpet of triumph to startle the sh*t away from her mom in the kitchen. But after this act, I wonder if the trumpet was still in the home.
17 Jun 2018
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The cat jumped aiming high but in a very disappointing way. No wonder they need 9 lives, they can’t survive for many years with one.
24 Jun 2018
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Watch this cute little doggy playing in the bathtub, running over the bubbles and having a wonderful time. This one loves the bathtub more than anything else, I would say.
28 Jun 2018
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This guy is Russian, he found a wonderful way to score a high point in the power measuring punching machine. He used his head very well.
6 Jul 2018
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Transitioning to a smaller place comes with both pros and cons. On one hand, you’ll probably have cheaper rent so you can use your money in other ways throughout your life. On the other hand, it may be hard to bring some of your things over from your larger place. Even though it’s good to purge your things every once in a while, you’ll probably have those core items that you just can’t let go. But, there are many ways that you can trick your mind (and others too!) that you’re living in a larger space than you are. All you need is some imagination and maybe a mirror or two.
2 Jul 2018
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Luscious lips by CandyLipz. No lip injections, No Juvederm needed. We are featuring beautyslay3r. Thank you for sharing your wonderful results! Happy candy lipping. This is not a paid review. WHY CANDYLIPZ IS UNIQUE 1. Our product is clinically tested for safety and effectiveness. 2. It is dermatologist approved. 3. The design works on 15 anatomical lip zones which includes enhancement of the philtral column and corners of the mouth. 4. Users have the options to work on both lips or target one lip at a time. 5. It creates single or double-lobed lip style. 6. It has the perfect negative pressure for your lips and has a self releasing mechanism so you do not pull on the mouth to take off the plumper. 7. You can control the suction strength at your comfort. 8. It won over 30 beauty and technical design awards internationally. 9. It was granted over 30 patents worldwide. 10. It has been in use successfully for over 6 years and it took 3 years to test and develop. 11. The clinical trial showed that the lips stay plumped for up to 2 hours after each application. After 60 days of use twice daily for 2 minutes each time, participant’s lip volume increased by 36% from their original lip sizes.
15 Jun 2018
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