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22 Mar 2009
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szakszeru favagas
27 Nov 2007
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Using power cutting willows to make easy money, hehe. it's so simple. For a free runescape membership, go to *******jane25****/runescapemoney
18 Jun 2008
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Having a bad day the Handygoddess learns how to make precsion cuts and them turn new wood into old looking wood.
18 Sep 2008
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Forests had better start running when this thing comes to town. *******gamehackerz****/social-empires-hack-cheats-tool
9 Apr 2013
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Forests had better start running when this thing comes to town. *******gamehackerz****/black-ops-2-cheats-aimbot-hack
10 Apr 2013
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Food preparation requires a chopping board. Some cooks prefer wood cutting boards for their attractive appearance and quality chopping surface. Other cooks prefer timber chopping boards because these cutting boards are easier to maintain and keep sanitized. Impeccably clean cutting boards are of paramount importance in the kitchen to minimize the risks of food-borne illnesses. If bacteria fester on your chopping board surfaces, they can contaminate your foods and cause illness. Clean timber chopping boards carefully to minimize risk of illness.
5 Sep 2010
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If you thought that there were more germs on your toilet seat versus your kitchen sink well… somebody lied to you. There are germs everywhere you go. We all know that. It’s a fact of life. Someone like you may scrub every surface in your home, car, or office but bacteria just are not going to go away. How clean is that wood cutting board you use every day? Could I really eat a salad off of my toilet seat? Well today we’ve got all the answers for you. Someone is lying to you if they told you your phone was not dirty. Think of all the gross places you have placed it down. Before you get too grossed out I’ll end here. What is the dirtiest thing in your house right now? What are the dirtiest things in your life right now? Is it your toilet? IS IT? It shouldn't be! Clean your toilet. You aren't an animal. Even animals have clean toilets. Is your cell phone dirtier than your toilet seat? Probably it is. That's because you use your cell phone to do dirty things. We see you. We're the Internet. You think we don't know what you're doing? Just kidding. We're not tracking you. But someone probably is. Point is, your phone is super dirty. That just makes sense. You're always touching dirty things and you're always touching your phone. How often do you touch dirty stuff then go and rub your hands all over your toilet seat? You don't. Do you? You're weird if you do. Sorry to say it right here out loud, but you're weird if you just rub your toilet seat all the time with your hands.
11 Mar 2016
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Simple Wood Cutting Machine (Vehicle)...
12 Mar 2014
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UPDATE: Thanks to some friends I have been informed that Hahn Machinery of Two Harbors Minnesota is the manufacturer. It's called the Hahn Firewood Processor or HFP-160. You can find more information at www.hahnmachinery**** Video of a wood saw & splitter that someone sent to me. Seemed like a great attachment for a compact construction loader. It seems to make quick work of the woodpile. If anyone has information about this attachment, please contact me.
9 Apr 2013
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How to design a cutting board using Cutting Board Designer and then build it in the wood shop. I made mine using Cherry, Walnut and Maple. Download the software at *******www.1024Studios****/cuttingboard.html ---------------- Woodworking For Mere Mortals. Easy woodworking projects every Friday. Subscribe to WWMM and never miss a video! ***********/subscription_center?add_user=stevinmarin Website: *******www.woodworkingformeremortals****/ Facebook: ********www.facebook****/WoodworkingForMereMortals ----------------
11 Jan 2014
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cnc router machine M25S for wood cutting.
4 Sep 2009
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walking and foot play in distinctive and out there 6inch high wood "cut out" wedge heels with leopard print fabric finish...
18 Nov 2011
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Naruto Shippuuden Opening 13 FULL EXTENDED - Niwaka Ame Nimo Makezu By Nico Touches The Walls (ニワカ雨ニモ負ケズ) Downloadlink Full Song :************/files/0/f/0/1/f_8576415933 Picture: ************/files/0/f/0/1/f_7... *******th08.deviantart****/fs71/PRE/f... I'm not from Japan so I'm sorry if the lyrics are wrong :)) Lyric: Jyuu yoku gou wo seishimashite Gou yoku jyuu mo tasu The willow branch ties stronger wood , yet strong wood cuts the willow branch Muchuu de kakkou tsuketara Hiyoiberu ga naru If you`re just going though the motions, an alarm should off Gojyuppo iyou mo saki aruite Chototsumoushin na style Getting too far ahead is a really reckless style Jiyuu de kibunya no kimi ha douyattatte mushi You emotional junkie, you don´t care how you get your fix Dare ni mo tokenai nazo ga aru Fukidashita kaze ni furueteru There´s a puzzle that no one can solve, trembling in the blowing wind Kono meiro wo hoite yaru Come on and unravel the labyrinth! Kimi ga waratta ashita ha ame kai? You were laughing, tomorrow will it rain? Soumei na hikari ga chikachika hikaru The light of wisdom is flashing before your eyes Me wo korasanakucha mirai ga kawatte shimau mae ni You better adjust your eyes before the future changes again Kitto kitto ima wo saratte iku For sure, for sure seize this moment Kimito jyanakucha mirai ha kawaite shimau no kamo We better be together , cos the future may dry up Isoge kitto ima wo waratte iku Hurry up , and be sure to smile now
10 Jun 2013
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CHOW Food Editor Aida Mollenkamp shows how to make your wood cutting board last a lifetime.
5 Sep 2013
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The heat is thick this summer, so Mario and his friends take a respite in the cool blue waters of Cheep Cheep Lagoon. But this is no casual swim. Watch as our competitors challenge each other through the mirky deep where they learn that there really are "Bigger Fish" out there! In this abyss, they will find Cheep Cheeps, Side Steppers and Clampies. Can our racers navigate the treacherous pitfalls? Watch and find out! After having awesome success with the underwater scenes in Koopa Troopa Beach, I've been dying to get in another underwater course. It was a tough call between this course and Piranha Plant Slide. However, since the Piranha Plants stole the spot light in my other recent upload Choco Mountain, I opted to go with this course. The tutorial at the end explains the process I use to create the underwater scenes. Go watch it, so I don't have to explain it again here. The clampies are made of wood. I actually purchased the wood cut out to that design and shape. I sanded down the edges to give a nice smooth top. My sister had a blast painting the clampies, since they are pink. I wanted to make actual Cheep Cheeps out of model magic, but ran short on time. Maybe in the future. For this video, I simply used picture in picture again. Let me know if there are other tutorials that you would like to see! Thanks again for all the support!
14 Dec 2014
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