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Bored of the same old fonts in MS Word?? Make and design your own. This is quite a long process to finish a full alphabet and numbers etc but here is the basics to get you started... Please rate highly!
9 Dec 2007
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visit www.screencastcentral**** for more. In this screencast tutorial, we show you how to use the built-in word count feature of Open Office Writer, to accurately check your document statistics.
11 Dec 2007
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How many words can you spell out on your calculator?Calculator Word Challenge gives you 103 to get you started. If you can find another Calculator Word please leave it in the comments.
12 Dec 2007
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This is an epic performance by a spoken word artist who is on the level of JAYZ, NAS, CASSIDY, his lyrical skills are incredible.. but is he really better than these big artist? Is he, as many have said, the next big thing?
18 Dec 2007
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How to arrange word: "CIVIC" using T,L,I,M,O,K,W,I,O Scrabble Letters ? Impossible ??? Watch this . Music is made by myself
19 Dec 2007
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This is to show how easily you can create logos in microsoft word. This particular example show how can you create pespi logo.
20 Dec 2007
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girls singing the famous last word
23 Dec 2007
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Watch all episodes of The L Word for free at: *******watchthelword.blogspot**** Enjoy!
24 Dec 2007
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sum words and phrases that i have picked up through life
4 Jan 2008
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Left the camera rolling while I recorded the parts for this song... Lyrics: I heard the beautiful, longing words, and knew that's just what comes first. she's speaking a slow, black hearse, to carry me out. I saw the sultry, unending dance, the vile, inviting glance, pointed away from me- I know just what this means. I learned nothing new in truth, I learned nothing new, just blood and tears escaping my youth, and the long red trail leads right back to you. I knew treachery in an instant, and memories once so brilliant, drifted off sadly dim, into the distance.
5 Jan 2008
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My favorite web words to say. What are yours? lulu, hulu, twitter, trooker, happyslip, newteevee, flip, boing boing, blip, flickr, skribd, boehm, imeem, zefrank, blufr, skype, dataintright, joopz, gizmo, stickam, micropersuasion, podzinger, magnolia, fotki, quimble, furl, lonelygirl, blummy, doshdosh, beebo, pandora, blinkx ,vodaphone, mugglesam, meebo, dabble, revver, wikipedia, gizmodo, nutcheese, xanga, delicious, stumbleupon, friendster, vimeo, bunns and chouchou, dabble ,jabazaar, mologogo, godaddy, the fizz, zipster, ning, bubblegumtreeshow, zazzle, mikma, strongbad, ysabellabrave, BitTorrent, kudzu, kevjumba, younew, webkinz, mondomedia, technorati ,valleywag, grouper, yeda, whatthebuck, youtorrent, kaboodle, bitbomb, oyogi, paperlillies, competitious, agester, hoooka, clipshack, picturecloud, shazu, jamba, squidoo, mozilla, plaxo, pando, bebo, mixi, crunchyroll, daxflame, dada, senduit, qwerky, mahalo, lockernome, wakoopa, reddit, zazzle, fark, squidoo, yanoodle
6 Jan 2008
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video clip "serpent words" i made it for the band Peace Revolution check them out
9 Jan 2008
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