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NSFW - *******www.playboy****/girls/l​andingpages/handywomen/index.h​tml Sexy Playboy models want to erect something with you! Handy Women of Playboy are workin' it with their power tools.
13 Aug 2011
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Funny arab guy is workin out in a gym on a treadmill! lol (more)
3 Jun 2007
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Ubisoft premieres its first video of the Michael Jackson Wii-based dancing game. The French publisher hopes it will sell billions and billions of copies based on Michael Jackson's worldwide appeal. And who is to argue with them? It's a a Michael Jackson dancing game on the Wii.
16 Sep 2010
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It is clearly stated in the department policy that supervisors must not solicit subordinates for sexual favors. Watch new episodes of Reno 911! every Wedesnesday at 10:30 pm
28 Apr 2009
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Download *******acefile****/JCeMz6zE2h or *******fastyshare****/gCrWRY7E4AV8EPc 1 Generate key 2 Copy key 3 Enjoy
18 Sep 2011
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Duo ESMA & KAGE debut Music Video BASS. Track written by ESMA & Produced by KAGE. Video Directed by Steve van Diest & Shot by Tiburon Films Inc. *******esmarhythm**** *******kagebeats**** *******trapsix**** Lyrics: Graffiti my body Grafitti my body body You know I'm a hottie Spend more on me than Bugatti's Graffiti my body Queen Nefertiti you call me If you ain't bowing down You ain't even worthy of me Who touches me nobody Every fantasy embodied Don't think of calling me shorty If you ain’t got nothin' for me Are you that somebody ‘Cuz I ain't just any body Dubai or Abu Dhabi Arab money and we talkin’ Got this bass feelin' up on my body God this bass making me feel molly I feel so good I wish you would We been hustlin' like gangsta's But we ain’t sellin' no drugs And if you ain’t gangsta You ain’t getting no love I feel so good I wish you would Bass touchin' on me Bass, bass, touchin' on me Got me feelin' naughty You are no longer my hobby Go ahead and call me cocky ‘Cuz you know I got you bodied Ain’t nothing I got faulty Kanye West confidence on me Yes imma talk freely I don’t care if you can’t stand me I got everybody buried Eulogy only thing sparin’ I know you want to marry I will not be your primary I know you want to marry I will not be your primary Got this bass feelin' up on my body God this bass making me feel molly I feel so good I wish you would We been hustlin' like gangta's But we ain't sellin no drugs And if you ain't gangsta You ain't getting no love I feel so good I wish you would Bass touchin' me better than you do Best of luck - not - to her and you I ain’t gonna be the bigger person In the shadows I’ll be lerkin' What I got on you - extortion You were never in - proportion I needed a revised version Now everything for me is workin' She a cubic zirconia Imma diamond Now you tell me who is shinin' X2 I feel so good I wish you would
12 Aug 2016
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Download link: *******mydocumentdirect****/FosterCara5597/Settlers
20 Aug 2010
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Amazing footage from the starting point of this year's Gumball. You can almost smell the rubber as you watch EVERY car take off on the 3000 miles trip. As a bonus there's good footage of Caprice's backside as she waves the start flag! Edit: I know I got the date wrong ! And to top it off i got the url for the music man wrong as well - it should be myspace****/terradigital - That'll teach me for workin when i have a fractured skull :(
1 May 2007
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Note: Link to Romaji Download Below in Info Box Rin and Gumi just look so attractive and classy in this song. Shoujo Ai or just a dance track about love? Who cares, I'll take both. I love the beat and I really like the art. Some of the lines are really catchy and plenty of cool engrish too. Muhmue-san really made a winner this time! (Update) Check out the translated "Maria Inside the Birdcage", also translated by me here: ***********/watch?v=ompjPteDrzg A quick TL note: When Gumi sings about her gears making that sound (well actually it talks about just 1 silver gear) that is literally what she is saying. I am not sure if there is a specific reference that I should have translated there but I will just assume that she is referencing the "gears of her heart/feelings/soul" aka her inner workins or something like that. I chose not to make something up and translate it pretty literally so that people could decide for themselves what it meant to them. Thank you to all my viewers for over 100,000 video views now. Consider this video to be a commemoration of that exciting event. I hope people continue to enjoy my videos in the future. (Note on 6/21/2012: LOL now this video itself almost has 100K views! I can't thank everyone enough). As always thanks for watching and feel free to contact me with translation questions (about my vids), song requests, comments, suggestions, and collaboration offers. muhmue's Twitter: ********twitter****/#!/muhmue (tell him to release this album for western fans :D) Original Video: ******* Muhmue's Official Website/Link to CD: ******* Karaoke Video Link by request: ******* Artist's Profile: *******www.pixiv****/member.php?id=269553 Descent's translation/discussion Blog: *******descentsubs.wordpress****/ Descent's Tumblr: *******descent87.tumblr****/ Descent's Twitter: ********twitter****/#!/descent87 Link to Romaji/Kanji/Translation: *******www.mediafire****/?b7ty7j499l82wjg Chemical Emotion Romaji Watashi no naka no ai no suicchu wa itsumo ofu ni natta mama Usui Kanjou wa yokuyou mo naku nanimo iwazu ukanderu Firutaa de roka shita kokoro no anata wa tada no shingou de Daremo ga modomeru shoukei wa tsukurareta mahoroshi Kemikaru emoushion dejitaru na moushion Todoketai omoi wa mukishitsu de Gin no haguruma Ai ga nakereba Mimizawarisuru oto nokosu Kemikaru emoushion kotoba no iryuujion Mawarikudoi serifu wa iranai Kanjiru mama ni Nagareru mama ni Watashi ni kisu o sureba ii Gozen zero ji no kane wa watashi o kuroi no shinderera ni suru Uso no doresu de mi o katamete wa kokoro no nai kao shiteru Yousui no naka de kanjita mirai no jibun wa naiteru Sonna memori wa sakujo shite Atarashii watashi ni naru Kemikaru emoushion Dejitaru na Tenshon keisan sareta koi no suteeji Kiekake no ai Torimoshitai Anata no Egao mitai kara Kemikaru Emoushon Majikaru suteeshon Kokoro no Uchi o hakidasu basho Tatta hitokoto Ienakatta koto Honne wa mune no naka ni aru Kemikaru emoushon Dejitaru na Passhon Parusu ni omoi Nosetemitemo koboreru namida Tomerarenainda Moeru kanjou Yomigaeru Kemikaru Emoushon Ai wa eboryuushon Toki to tomo ni watashi mo Kawaru Anata no omoi Watashi no Omoi Futatsu kasanari Hajiketa no Kemikaru emoushon Kemikaru emoshoun Dejitaru na moushon Kemikaru emoshoun Dejitaru na moushon Kemikaru emoshoun Kemikaru emoshoun Ai wa eboryuushon
3 Jun 2013
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******* presents... The Friday Hip Hop Report - Mar 13th The best weekly online hip hop show reporting all the developments from news and new releases to album sales and charts. Hosted by Valerie Lora this weeks show features: === MAIN STORIES === - TMZ reports that the booty call txt msg that triggered the assault of rihanna by chris brown was sent from his 40 yr old manager tina davis. It is rumored that the two have dated in the past. - Coolio is facing 3 yrs in jail after being charged with crack cocaine possession following last weeks arrest at LAX Airport. - 50 Cent has released stills from a sextape which features rick ross's other baby other - Brooke, the professional escort. - Allhiphop****'s illseed reports there is a fake lil wayne from philly who is making a small fortune by booking shows as lil wayne. === ALBUMs & MIXTAPES === Here are this weeks new album & mixtape releases: The Dream - Love Vs Money J Holiday - round 2 Jacki O - Lil Red Riding Hood Brother Ali - Truth Is Here Hell Rell - Get In Line or Get Lined Up Hear-It-First dot mixtape of the week is: Jim Jones "Pray IV Reign" === NEW MUSIC === This weeks 5StarHipHop**** song of the week is "March 9th" from the Marching 9 Busta Rhymes, Maino, Red Cafe, Lil Cease, Styles P, Sheek Louch, Uncle Murda, and M.O.P Other hot new songs this week are: The Dream - Hater Raekwon - Letter To B.I.G Kanye West ft Keyshia Cole & GLC - We Dont Care Slim Thug - Smile Capone-N-Norega(CNN) - Channel 10 D-Block - Get That Paper Jim Jones ft Akon - Clack Clack === NEW VIDEOS === Here are this weeks best new Music Videos: B-Real (Feat. Sick Javen) - Pyscho Realm Revolution Se7en ft Lil Kim - Girls The Dream Ft Mariah Carey - My Love Lionel Richie ft Akon - Just Go === BILLBOARD 200 === Here are last weeks top 10 album sales chart courtesy of NEILSENs SOUND SCAN: 1. Jamie Foxx - INTUITION 32,450 - (713,897) 2. Beyonce - I AM SASHA FIERCE 30,892 - (1.9m) 3. T.I. - PAPER TRAIL 23,578 - (1.7m) 4. Kanye West - 808s & HEARTBREAK 22,500 - (1.4m) 5. Keyshia Cole - A DIFFERENT ME 19,796 - (770,032) 6. Ne-Yo - YEAR OF THE GENTLEMAN 16,300 - (958,800) 7. India Arie - VOL.2 TESTIMONY:LOVE & POLITICS 15,900 - (146,100) 8. Akon - FREEDOM 14,900 - (540,600) 9. Lil Wayne - THA CARTER III 13,859 (3m) 10.Jennifer Hudson - JENNIFER HUDSON 11,000 - (656,900) === TOP FIVE === No Top 5 digital sales this week as we're workin on something new, stay tuned! === BRANDWATCH === In this weeks Brandwatch, Rockstar Games is teaming up with producer Timbaland to bring the music sequencing program Beaterator to the Sony Play Station Portable: It will be built on the foundation of the original web version which launched back in 2005. ***********/watch?v=DVaLoO... === UNDERGROUND HEAT === This weeks Underground Heat artist is Ya Boy from San Fransisco, California Check him out on myspace****/yaboy === CREDITS === A JumpOff.TV Production (******* Presented By: Valerie Lora (******* Camera Op: Hector Gonzalez Editor: Marqus AKC'Ent. (*******
24 Mar 2010
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New processes often steal focus away from the window you are workin in, as they pop up. It can be irritating if you r doing something like drafting a letter or editing an image that more... requires uninterrupted concentration. This behavior can be checked, watch the video.
28 Mar 2007
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Neil Sedaka (born March 13, 1939 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American pop singer, pianist, and songwriter often associated with the Brill Building. He teamed up with Howard Greenfield to write hits for himself and others. Sedaka's voice is an unusually high tenor. In 1980, Neil Sedaka had a Top 20 hit with "Should've Never Let You Go," which he recorded with his daughter, Dara Sedaka. Sedaka was born in Brooklyn, New York on 13 March 1939. His father, Mac Sedaka, a taxi driver, was the son of Turkish-Jewish immigrants; his mother, Eleanor (Appel) Sedaka, was of Polish-Russian Jewish descent. He demonstrated musical aptitude in his second-grade choral class, and when his teacher sent a note home suggesting he take piano lessons, his mother took a part-time job in an Abraham & Straus department store for six months to pay for a second-hand upright. He took to the instrument immediately. In 1947, he auditioned successfully for a piano scholarship to the Juilliard School of Music's Preparatory Division for Children, which he attended on Saturdays. He also maintained an interest in popular music, and when he was 13, a neighbor heard him playing and introduced him to her 16-year-old son, Howard Greenfield, an aspiring poet and lyricist. The two began writing together. The best-known Billboard Hot 100 hits of his early career are "The Diary" (#14, 1958), a song that he offered to Little Anthony and the Imperials; "Oh! Carol" (#9, 1959); "You Mean Everything to Me" (#17, 1960); "Calendar Girl" (#4, 1960); "Stairway to Heaven" (#9, 1960); "Run Samson Run" (top 30, 1960); "Little Devil" (#11, 1961); "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen" (#6, 1961); "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" (#1, 1962); and "Next Door To An Angel" (#5, 1962). "Oh! Carol" refers to Sedaka's Brill Building compatriot and former girlfriend Carole King. King responded with her answer song, "Oh, Neil", which used Sedaka's full name. A Scopitone exists for "Calendar Girl". Sedaka wrote another hit, "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen", for his then close friend Annette Funicello.[citation needed] In 1961 Sedaka began to record some of his hits in Italian. At first he published Esagerata and Un giorno inutile, local versions of "Little Devil" and "I Must Be Dreaming". Neil Sedaka in the 1960s.A similar sharing came earlier with Sedaka and singer Connie Francis. As Francis explains at her concerts, she began searching for a new hit after her 1958 single "Who's Sorry Now?". She was introduced to Sedaka and Howard Greenfield, who played every ballad they had written for her. Francis began writing her diary while the two played the last of their songs. After they finished, Francis told them they wrote beautiful ballads but that they were too intellectual for the young generation. Greenfield suggested to Sedaka a song they had written that morning for a girl group. Sedaka protested, believing Francis would be insulted, but agreed to play "Stupid Cupid". Francis told them they had just played her new hit. Francis' song reached #14 on the Billboard charts. While Francis was writing her diary, Sedaka asked her if he could read what she had written. After she refused, Sedaka was inspired to write "The Diary", his first hit single. Sedaka and Greenfield wrote many of Connie Francis' hits such as "Fallin" and "Where the Boys Are". Between 1960 and 1962, Sedaka had eight Top 40 hits, but he was one of many American performers of the era whose popularity was decimated by the British Invasion and other changes. His commercial success declined rapidly after 1964: he scored only two minor hits in 1965; none of his 1966 singles charted; and when his RCA contract ended in 1967, it was not renewed, and he was left without a record label. Although Sedaka's stature as a recording artist was at a low ebb in the late sixties, he was able to maintain his career through songwriting. Thanks to the fact that his publisher, Aldon Music, was acquired by Screen Gems, two of his songs were recorded by The Monkees, and other hits in this period written by Sedaka included The Cyrkle's version of "We Had a Good Thing Goin'" and "Workin' on a Groovy Thing", a Top 40 R&B hit for Patti Drew in 1968 and a US Top 20 hit for The 5th Dimension in 1969. Also, "Make the Music Play" was included on Frankie Valli's charting album Timeless. On an episode of the quiz show I've Got a Secret in 1965, Sedaka's secret was that he was to represent the United States in classical piano at the Tchaikovsky competition in Moscow, and he played "Fantasy Impromptu" on the show. Panelist Henry Morgan made a point that the Russians, at least older ones, hated rock and roll. Sedaka's participation in the competition, which Van Cliburn had won in 1958, was cancelled by the USSR because of Sedaka's rock and roll connection. .pls. enjoy!!!
13 Sep 2010
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12 Sep 2010
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The Audio Club is the joint effort of Ashley Alan-Lee and Brooks Buford. The dynamics of the smoking-hot-pretty-blonde-LA-thing mashed with the borderline dirty (pun intended) southern rapper from Atlanta makes their first single, “Something Serious,” something worth hearing - no matter your taste. Ashley’s definitely the eye-candy factor here, workin’ it out with one lucky stripper pole. It’s the perfect smash of pop, hip hop, electro and 80’s glam to get the dance floor shaking. For more, you’re gonna have to get over to *******www.ultrarecords****/ and step into the music. Don’t get left out – act like you know!
9 May 2007
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Don't eat food that falls out of your mouth onto the floor, or you'll have it coming out of both ends. Reno 911! airs Wednesday nights at 10:30/9:30C on Comedy Central. *******www****edycentral****/shows/reno_911/index.jhtml
14 Apr 2009
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