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FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Official Video Song FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Official Video Song
27 May 2018
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Knaan wavin flag--football world cup official video
17 Oct 2010
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John Barned with an impromptu rendition of the New Order world cup song World in motion. Had to have a little help with remembering the words
19 Dec 2010
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'Shakira' 'waka waka' Looking good as ever! and she can do even african dance moves. performing at the Fifa World Cup 2010 Closing Ceremony together with some other african artists with her new hit song 'waka waka, the world cup song 2010. If you like 'Shakira', then you need to see her remarkable live performance here.
25 Jul 2010
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Song sang by Mojinos Escocios to support Spain in the World Cup 06.
11 Jun 2006
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Our philosophy is. We love our football. During the World Cup the team is everything and we love them no matter what happens in Germany. They give it their best for us and we support them the best we can. Its crazy but some of the media attack the team just to help sell their papers but these attacks damage the team, our team. Its time to take a stand. Your either for the team and your country or against them. There are no half measures. We should all stand up and give them our support 100%. No more negativity, just hope and positive thinking. And an end to the doom and gloom merchants. Come on England is our rallying cry to get behind our boys, so give them all your support and if all do what we can then maybe just maybe we all be smiling on the 9th July.
28 Jun 2006
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Read more on [*******recentfootballnews**** Recent Football News]...
14 Mar 2010
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Is Fabio Capello the Daddio? Is he going to help England bring home the World Cup from South Africa? We like to think so, which is why we took the time to make this. As Terry, Ferdinand, the Coles, Beckham (from the sideline, as cheerleader), Rooney, Lampard, Gerrard and the others fight for the title, let’s also show our support for the man with the plan, signore Capello. All together now ‘FABIO. FABIO THE DADDIO!’
13 May 2010
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For the fans, by the fans. The new England anthem is here!! The Inflammables - Dare To Dream Whether it's down the pub with your mates, at a big outdoor event, or clubbing here or on holiday, this is the ultimate party anthem to get us all in the mood to follow the boys! If you like this song, please spread the word and let's Dare to Dream for England this summer!! To download as MP3 or on CD, please go to: www.daretodream2010****
2 Jun 2010
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Proudly presented by *******www.mafiaoutlaw**** Well dident the English football team do well yet again. Of course we have the best premier football players in the world..or we link to think we have..the truth is, England is very crap at playing football and has been for a very long time..Capello the England football manager should now leave along with most of the players, they are to old to play football and the fans are pretty pissed at paying to watch such rubbish games..Hell my son used to play better than some of the England players when he was 10 years old. Never mind that disallowed goal it wouldent have made any difference Rooney should retire from football, he is a crap player and way to old and what is with that old guy Gerrard trying to score from 38 m..three times he missed hahah ..Anyway who is gonna win the world cup ???... BTW ENGLAND WE NEED A NEW TEAM....Listen TO YOUR FANS OR YOU WONT HAVE ANY LEFT ...
29 Jun 2010
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Jason Derulo ft Maluma-Colors(lyrics/letras) Colors is the Coca-Cola Anthem for the 2018 Fifa World Cup!Oh, what a feeling Look what we've overcome Oh, I'm gonna wave-a-wave my flag Mmhm, tantos países Mismas raíces, baby Que juntos vienen a cantar [Pre-Chorus: Jason Derulo, Maluma] Saying "Oh-oh-oh-ouh, can't you taste the feeling, feeling" Griten "Go-o-o-o-o-ol" con el corazo-ón [Chorus: Jason Derulo, Maluma, Both] Look how far we've come Now, now, now, now There's beauty in the unity we've found El camino fue largo Y pa' celebrarlo Ven, vamo' a baila-la-la-la-la' Hands up for your colors Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh (wuuh) Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh (jajaja, Maluma, baby) [Verse 2: Maluma] ¿De dónde vienes, mujer? En verdad ni quiero saber Baila suave, baila lento No juzgamos por la piel Todo el mundo está esperando este momento De Colombia hasta Rusia saben lo que siento Me encanta este feeling El presentimiento de levantar la copa Y gritar duro al viento "Gol" Es nuestra pasión Se siente la fiebre cuando tocan el balón "Gol", no digas que no Lo cantamos fuerte desde el corazón [Pre-Chorus: Jason Derulo] Saying "Oh-oh-oh-ouh, can't you taste the feeling, feeling" Saying "Oh-oh-oh-ouh, we all together singing" [Chorus: Maluma, Jason Derulo, Both] Ven, vamo' a baila-la-la-la-lar Aunque tú y yo no seamos del mismo lugar El camino fue largo Y pa' celebrarlo Ven, vamo' a baila-la-la-la-lar Hands up for your colors Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Put your hands up, put your hands up Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh (jajaja) One hand, two hands for your colors Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh (uoh-oh) Put your hands up, put your hands up Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Sube la mano [Bridge: Jason Derulo, Maluma] Here we go, eh-oh, eh-oh (here we go) Let's put on a show, eh-oh, eh-oh (let's put on a show right now now) Baila a tu manera Ven, saca la bandera Y aquí vo-o-o-o-oy[Chorus: Jason Derulo, Maluma, Both] Look how far we've come Now, now, now, now There's beauty in the unity we've found I'm ready, I'm ready We still got a long way But look how far we'v
16 Apr 2018
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My tribute to the World Cup 2006. The best goals, saves and moments of this World Cup. Song: Pet Shop Boys - Numb
25 Jul 2006
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