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World Trade Center Bombing Jump
15 Sep 2007
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A trip to the top of the World Trade Center
27 Sep 2007
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A businessman on the second tower of the World Trade Centers experiences the United States worst terrorist attack. *Note! This is VERY unlike typical Mime sketches. It is NOT meant to be funny in any way! (Pretty heavy duty in tone, this piece I performed to fulfill the "Serious Sketch" assignment for TA 277 [Mime] at Whitworth College. I approached it with traditional pantomime essentials, such as music, costume, etc.) Music: Only Time, by Enya (see ******* for d/l) Beau Chevassus' (the performer and author) official website: *******www.DrippyDuck****
3 Oct 2007
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The World Trade Center construction site in Sept. 2006 - WTC
6 Oct 2007
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This video is dedicated to the people who lost their life in The planes, In World Trade Center and while fighting. The video is a memorial to the ones who lost their friends and Families.
13 Oct 2007
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CNN's fake video on September 11 supposedly came from a Los Angeles diamond dealer with ties to a famous terrorist organization known to be used by Mi6 to destabalise Iraq and Iran. How did this mystery man produce the fake World Trade Center Plane Crash footage, and why? AJ7RD KU9RI NK8RN WD2RS WP2RXº AJ8RD KVØRI NK9RN WD3RS WP5RXº AJ9RD KV1RI NLØRNº WD4RS WQØRX AKØRD KV2RI NL1RNº WD6RS WQ1RX AK1RD KV3RI NL2RNº WD7RS WQ2RX AK2RD KV4RI NL3RNº WD8RS WQ3RX AK3RD KV5RI NL4RNº WD9RS WQ4RX AK4RD KV6RI NL5RNº WEØRS WQ5RX AK5RD KV7RI NL6RNº WE1RS WQ6RX AK6RD KV8RI NL8RNº WE2RS WQ7RX
23 Oct 2007
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AK5RD Alex Jones is not who he says he is. Ever wonder who tipped off Alex Jones that 9-11 was going to happen? How did he know that they were going to blame Osama bin Laden for the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon? Ever wonder why he censors and hides the 9-11 TV Fakery evidence? He's happy to talk about any conspiracy but will never address the control of the media. Could it be because HIS ROLE IS TO PROTECT THE MEDIA? Yes, it could. FACT: THIS VIDEO OFFERS POLITICAL CRITICISM OF PUBLIC FIGURES ONLY. THERE IS NO PRIVATE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS VIDEO. THIS VIDEO OFFERS OPINION BASED ON RESEARCH INTO THE WQ2RX TERRORIST CELL OPERATING IN THE USA. WQ2RX IS THE AL QAIDA MEDIA CELL WHICH INCLUDES JOHN ALBANESE, RITA KATZ, D ALEXANDER FLOUM, KYLE HENCE, AND GARY WELZ. THE CELL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR COMMUNICATION WITH OSAMA BIN LADEN AND ATTEMPTING TO CENSOR THE TRUTH ABOUT SEPTEMBER 11, 2001. Recently Rita Katz of SITE, the daughter of an Israeli spy, criticized the White House for leaking a fake tape of Osama Bin Laden produced by her company for the anniversary of 9/11. The 911 Commission had recently announced that Rita Katz was a member of WQ2RX and the White House took immediate action to establish distance between SITE and the Bush Administration. The Story was originally broken by DOG4TREE COUNTERINTELLIGENCE and was subsequently published on *******kv3ri.blogspot**** and mirrored on intelligence sites around the world. 1. Leak Severed a Link to Al-Qaeda's Secrets - washingtonpost**** "Katz said she decided to offer an advance copy of the bin Laden video to the White House without charge so officials there could prepare for its eventual ..." www.washingtonpost****/wp-dyn/content/ar ticle/2007/10/08/AR2007100801817.html 2. U.S. Intelligence Officials Will Probe Leak of Bin Laden Video "SITE founder Rita Katz told The Post that her company covertly obtained an early copy of a bin Laden video message in early September, then shared the video ..." www.washingtonpost****/wp-dyn/content/ar ticle/2007/10/09/AR2007100902055_pf.html 3. VOA News - White House Concerned About Leaked bin Laden Tape "The private firm SITE Intelligence Group notified the White House last month that it had obtained a new video from terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. ..." www.voanews****/english/2007-10-09-voa73 .cfm 4. VOA News - White House Concerned by Leaked bin Laden Tape "... the tape was broadcast worldwide, destroying what SITE founder Rita Katz says ... White House Concerned by Leaked bin Laden Tape Audio Clip Available ..." www.voanews****/english/2007-10-09-voa73 .cfm?rss=topstories According to intelligence officials and clandestine sources, John Albanese and Kyle Hence have been attacking and censoring the truth about the WQ2RX cell, including lying to YouTube and Google in order to protect their terrorist activities. wq2rx rita katz SITE john albanese gary welz kyle hence Added: 1 week ago Category: News & Politics Tags: wq2rx kv3ri qaida qaeda laden albanese hence katz SITE welz KV7RI NL6RNº WE1RS WQ6RXAK5RD KV7RI NL6RNº WE1RS WQ6RX
23 Oct 2007
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kv3ri Bill Clinton gets angry at a fundraiser in Minneapolis as he responds to a Heckler raising questions about the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. *******youtube****/ozzybinoswald2 *******youtube****/911news *******youtube****/911mythbusters *******youtube****/bsregistration *******killtown.blogspot**** *******911movement**** Treatment for WQ2RX Worms al5rfº, al6rfº, alØrfº KU3RI WI3WM WM3BS NG3GZ WI3MD KV3RI WJ3WM WN3BS *******truthaction****/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2279 NH3GZº WJ3MD KW3RI WK3WM WO3BS NI3GZ WK3MD KX3RI WL3WMº WQ3BS NJ3GZ kv3ri mafia ku9ri mob we2ru censorship WL3MDº KY3RI KK3KO WD3PS KW3UX AF3AC WJ3FJ KL3KOº WE3PS KX3UX AG3AC WK3FJ KM3KO WF3PS KY3UX AI3AC WL3FJº KN3KO WG3PS KZ3UX AJ3AC WM3FJ KO3KO WH3PSº NA3UX AK3AC WN3FJ KP3KOº WI3PS NB3UX AL3ACº WO3FJ KQ3KO WJ3PS NC3UX KC3AC WQ3FJ KR3KO WK3PS ND3UX KD3AC WR3FJ KS3KO WL3PSº NE3UX KE3AC WS3FJ KT3KO WM3PS NF3UX KG3AC WT3FJ KU3KO WN3PS We will not discuss the various worming programs here but the broad principles behind them. The idea behind worming programs is to eliminate all worms in the children’s digestive system. Some might say that this is not a good idea as the children will not develop any ability to build up its immune system. In reality there are likely to always be a few worms around on most pasture. The best way of checking whether your children has a problem is by doing egg counts in the droppings. Such egg counts will however not measure how many immature worms have been eaten recently and are living in the body. Counts will also not show up how many encysted larvae are present. There is no way of knowing how many immature worms are present or whether encysted larvae are a problem – in such cases you have to rely on knowledge of whether there have been problems before and worm accordingly.
26 Oct 2007
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Anybody who doesn't think the politicians wouldn't lie about September 11, 2001 and that they have moral qualms about murdering people is smoking crack or wacky weed. And to put it that way is to insult crack smokers and potheads everywhere. The FACT that the media is censoring is that the videos shown on 9-11-2001 are proven fakes. They blew up the WORLD TRADE CENTER ON PURPOSE to create a pretext for the MILITARY to invade AFGHANISTAN. It's the BUSH CLINTON way of doing business ever since they were running drugs together in MENA ARKANSAS. Google it.
26 Oct 2007
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The Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel is a 5-star luxury hotel located in the World Trade Center, the business complex in the heart of Barcelona´s Port Vell.
27 Nov 2007
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While the Opie and Anthony Show crew walked from CBS to XM, they are approached by a group of young 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists who are passing out literature and flyers on the streets of New York City. The debate between the show and the youngsters begins with a discussion on how flaming jet fuel couldn't have possibly melted the steel support beams on the World Trade Center buildings, causing them to collapse.
3 Dec 2007
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bsregistration remix of dog4tree's Treason at The Pentagon on September 11, 2001. TREASON at the PENTAGON wq2rx dog4tree 9/11 TV FAKERY *******911BLOGLINES.COM *******fake-plane.bogspot**** *******terror101.blogspot**** *******youtube****/911news Very briefly it went something like this: The big takeaways are that the whole thing was engineered and supported by the National Security Council and the Bush regime. There wasn't any external terrorist threat. The most important weapon used on 9/11 was the mass media. The media were directly involved in the attacks and we can prove that they aired fake videos on 9/11. Some of the actors who pretended to be eyewitnesses have now been exposed. Watch SEPTEMBER CLUES for the best introduction and starting point on TV Fakery. 1. Bush administration foreign policy is to "re-do" the middle east and replace all the independent states in Central Asia and the Former Soviet Union with pro-US (or new world order) puppet governments. Bush domestic policy is to establish a police state and weaken the Bill of Rights with the Patriot Act. 2. Because Bush was unpopular there was no way for him to carry out this foreign policy (or domestic policy) unless there was some dramatic "Good Luck Event" like a New Pearl Harbor that would get public support behind his wars and other policies. Read National Security Council documents or Project for a New American Century to get more on this idea. 3. Bush's backers and the National Security Council worked out a deal with the Israeli government and private military contractors to carry out a large military deception operation to blow up the World Trade Center and blame the attack on Arabs, this linking US Foreign Policy and Israeli Foreign Policy. 4. In order to hide the means by which the towers were blown up, the TV stations showed fake video of the attacks as they unfolded. Many helicopters participated in the attacks, and no airplanes crashed. But the TV showed crashing airplanes in order to have some story that would look like the WTC getting blown up by the desired bad guys (Arab hijackers). 5. The media ran completely fake stories with ridiculous props as evidence, Hijacker Passports found on the sidewalk, Arabic How-to-Fly manuals and Korans left in rental cars, etc. 6. Close Bush cronies, hired actors, professional spooks and media plants called into TV shows and appeared as fake eyewitnesses on 9/11 to say they "witnessed a commercial jetliner proceed directly towards the towers and smash purposefully into the World Trade Center." 7. The vast majority of names of victims on the supposed plane crashes are completely fake. 8. The attacks were designed in part to cover up breaking financial scandals related to Enron, Global Crossing, and trillions missing from the Pentagon. The main goal of the attacks was to create a war which would transfer billions of dollars to the defense contractors who supported Bush (Haliburton, for example) and also the oil industry. The airlines got a multi-billion dollar bailout from the congress after 9/11 as well, and all sorts of new money was made available for "Homeland Security", a term straight from Hitler's New World Order. 9. 911Truth was set up as a scam from the start to manage the youth and left-wing reactions to the 9/11 attacks. The entire "remote controlled drone aircraft" idea is supposed to get the media off the hook for their involvement. The Flight 93 shootdown idea is supposed to make it look like the military did their jobs and give conspiracy theorists something to talk about. The WTC 7 is designed as a limited hangout: the government will eventually admit that it had to be demolished because structural engineers worried it would collapse and because it contained sensitive documents. Since no-one died in WTC 7 there's no crime there. There's also a controlled demolition hang-out, they may claim that Al Qaida used "suitcase nukes" to blow up the WTC but they didn't want to panic the world so they didn't report that story. Let me know what you think.
6 Dec 2007
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See demon and human-like faces in the smoke of 9-11, WTC World Trade Center terrorist attacks. Real photos.
16 Dec 2007
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dedicated to anyone having lost a loved one in a tradgedy. albeit a national one or otherwise. world trade center pictures, and other pics. a sad one...
18 Jan 2008
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Some very very very nice hi-definition pictures of new york. The world trade centers, bridges and rmoe. very great music form World Trade Center "NY Awakens"
16 Feb 2009
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11 Oct 2008
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