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0:50 Learn all the different type of dog worm symptoms in detail.
12 Jul 2008
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0:49 learn all about dog worms symptoms, diagnosis, prevention and treatment in detail. Roundworms, Hookworms, Tapeworms, Whipworms and Heartworms.
14 Jul 2008
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A nature Miracle Worms Following Them Chef in a Moroccan Forest Near by Fez, Filmed by me and My best friend.
14 Jul 2008
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Video not for nervous - from "tumour" on human heart surgeons take some worms. The background is those - the tumour on heart has been found out, operation is appointed. Shooting was initially conducted for training students of medical institute. About any helminths there was no also a speech. That in "tumour" there lives family of tapeworms (Diphyllobothrium latum) became known only on a course of operation. How do tapeworms get into the heart? Here is simple tapeworm migration scheme: intestine - a liver - the right heart - a lung - a trachea - a throat - then leave human body. Actually tapeworm larva follow instinct, aspire to be distributed in regular intervals in an organism and take root into human bodies while migration. It can lead to very serious changes: a hepatites, a cirrhosis of a liver, regeneration of cells of a liver, changes in a cardiac musle (myocardium), bronchites, pneumonias, tonsillitises, antritises, otitises and many other things to diseases. So larva not only settle in those organs of an organism on which pass, but also get into them and migrate on different channels, hurt vital body organs.
21 Dec 2008
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Have you ever wondered about worm farms or build a worm farm? See how compost worms work. You can get worm farm worms, can o worms worm farm, worm farm kit and any worm farm supplies from Ph:07 5439 6349 or 0410 152 910.
26 Jul 2008
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Glow worm light up the cave as they hunt for food. This is very intelligent......
9 Aug 2008
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Worm Can
18 Aug 2008
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Host Zoe Simpson explains why to do a parasite and worm cleanse. Based on Chapter 7 from The Beginners Guide to Natural Living by Larry Cook. Distributed by Tubemogul.
2 Sep 2008
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Crazy Worms Dance !!
7 Sep 2008
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The Conqueror Worm - Edgar Allan Poe Comes Alive! Scott Craig Jones of the Traveling Jones Theatre performs Edgar Allan Poe's classic poem. Used with full permissions. All Rights Reserved.
28 Sep 2008
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OMG what a weirdo attention whore. I was sitting here recording something for fallofautumndistro's book, and I had to feed my turtle. So I decided to put the worm in my mouth. He wasn't hurt in the making of this video, but he suffered a sad death moments later (at the mouth of Tortellini). I'm not sure which was worse for the poor worm. Distributed by Tubemogul.
21 Mar 2009
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Japanese Tea / Thai Tea Commerical with Caterpillars, Worm Green Tea
27 Nov 2008
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GOOD first reported on the Carter Center's campaign to eradicate the guinea worm in our September/October 2008 issue. Guinea worm disease is a particularly gruesome malady in which a water-born parasite grows inside the human body and then burrows its way out through the skin. The good news is that, thanks to a health education campaign spearheaded by the Carter Center and made possible through partnerships with the WHO, the Gates Foundation, and the UK government, the disease is poised to be completely eradicated by 2010, making it only the second disease (following smallpox) to be eliminated from the earth. (Footage courtesy of the Carter Center.)
11 Dec 2008
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1:23 Heart worm is a serious and devastating condition that can be treated, but it can also kill. In this article I will discuss what it is exactly and what you need to do.
20 Dec 2008
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8:34 Stan Medley Presents Merrie Melodies: The Early Worm Gets The Birds (1939). A determined bird goes out early to hunt for a worm and the bird gets into trouble. Produced in 1939.
20 May 2009
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Worms in raw pork
29 Dec 2008
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