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Why The Wizard Of Oz Is Worse Than You Remember -
1 Mar 2018
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This storm dumped 4 inches of snow, and melted in 34* weather due to high UV and IR Rays. Brought to you by Immisusit and Sea Weed - both available on Ebay - and what we use to erverse cancer and Alzheimers and Autism. All the money we make goes to help feed people.
28 Feb 2018
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Hidradenitis Suppurativa Buttocks, Herbs For Hidradenitis Suppurativa, Acne Inversa Diet. Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Top Ten Tips. Hidradenitis Suppurativa is a severe skin condition characterized by large recurrent abscesses with discharge, deep inflammation, frequent infections, and scarring. It causes a lot of pain and often impairs the person's range of movement, but is not contagious. Hidradenitis Suppurativa typically alternates between periods of remission and flare-ups. Here are some top tips for the management and treatment of Hidradenitis Suppurativa: 1. Quit Smoking! More than 80% of Hidradenitis Suppurativa patients are smokers and this habit is known to be both a causative and aggravating factor. Smoking cessation always brings about improvements in this condition. 2. Lose excess body weight. If you are overweight, you will have more frictional forces in areas where there is skin-to-skin contact, and this will aggravate Hidradenitis Suppurativa and make it harder to treat. 3. Avoid excessive shaving of the area. Shaving further irritates the affected area and can worse the condition. 4. Apply ice packs to the area. The cold will act as an analgesic and will reduce the inflammation, which can improve the condition and provide symptomatic relief. 5. Eat more fish, and less meat. Fish, especially oily ones like salmon and mackerel, are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which help the body combat inflammation. On the other hand, red meat contains saturated fat, which causes inflammation. Be keeping your diet high in anti-inflammatory foods, your condition will improve. How to Cure Hidradenitis Suppurativa Using Natural and Holistic Home Therapies
19 Feb 2018
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There are several dog breeds that regularly are seen with cropped ears; including Boxers, Schnauzers, Great Danes, and others. Thousands of young puppies are forced to endure surgery which is expensive, uncomfortable, relatively dangerous, and can be painful in the recovery phases. The amazing part is this surgery is totally unnecessary. This practice was started centuries ago when dog fighting sports were legal and popular. The idea was that it was more humane to crop the dogs’ ears rather than have them shredded during a battle, which of course, would be more painful and have potentially worse complications. But the point is that because we no longer allow our dogs to fight for sport there is no humane and practical purpose of cropping ears. But the expensive and needless surgery continues.
20 Feb 2018
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This is Dr. Lam, founder of drlam com. And today’s topic is sleep series metabolic factors. Now when people have a problem sleeping it could be due to a variety of factors including metabolic issues, cortisol issues, neurotransmitter issues, as well as commonly the autonomic nervous system issue in the setting of adrenal fatigue. Now trace minerals such as chromium and manganese and zinc can be stabilizing for the body but also can make the sleep worse because of a stimulatory effect. At the same time, nuts at bedtime for example can be helpful.
23 Feb 2018
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Chicken Skin, Chicken Skin On Legs, Keratosis Pilaris Treatment Over The Counter, Kp Vitamin A. What Causes KP? The particular cause of Keratosis Pilaris is unidentified. Usually, it happens when there is a difficulty on the production of the keratin that is called hyper keratinizatinization. Keratosis Pilaris is believed to be inherited partially in origin. About fifty percent up to seventy percent of patients with this type of skin condition have identified genetic predisposition and has a higher rate of affected members of the family. Most people have a solid family history of follicular pilaris. The primary cause may be related partly to hypersensitivity reactions as well as the overall skin dryness. This skin condition is closely related also to dry skin, allergies, asthma, eczema, atopic dermatitis and rhinitis. The red bumps in Keratosis Pilaris seem to rise from the unnecessary build-up of keratin dry skin particles and very small at the hair follicles opening. The skin as observed under the hand held microscope demonstrates mild condensing, plugging and hyperkeratosis of your hair follicle. Your upper skin layers may have a number of dilation of the minor superficial blood vessels. In this manner, it gives the skin a flushed or reddish appearance. Keratosis Pilaris is not infectious, therefore people surrounding you are safe from this irritating skin condition. The condition is worse during winter. Summer season is normally a reprieve as it brings moisture and usually allows the skin condition to smooth up more than normal. The aggravating is associated directly with lower moisture, tight clothes and skin dryness that cause to rub the red bumps all the times. Many people stated that this skin condition worsened during the period of pregnancy before and after child birth. Medical doctors and patients as well, believed that keratosis pilaris is also related to food intake. So, large intakes of spicy foods
2 Mar 2018
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Here's the debut of a new Studio 8 Series called "Could It Get Any Worse?" The show follows Ben Tuntleston, a born loser who freaks out over the small details in life. In this episode, Ben decides to open his own Sweet Shoppe, with dorky results.
25 Jul 2007
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In this episode, Ben tries to do all of the important items on his to-do list. Will he accomplish his tasks? Or will his life crumble before his very eyes? Really, could it get any worse?
4 Oct 2007
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Just when you think that things can't possibly get worse
13 Nov 2007
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Some drunk guy is minding his own business puking in the toilet when all of a sudden his situation goes from bad to worse.
7 Apr 2008
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worse grandma, abuela mala
13 Jul 2008
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John McCain believes the country is worse off. Who is responsible? What needs to be done? McCain's campaign manager answers...
11 Aug 2008
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