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First-time author Mike Winder reveals what it took to write the memoirs about his drug abuse at West Point with gut-wrenching honesty, and the process of getting those writings published.
3 Feb 2008
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A news video which takes a look around the office of, a business located in the United Kingdom that concentrates on writing custom essays and marking essays, as well as offering help and information on essay writing. UKEssays specialises on writing custom psychology essays, custom heath essays. custom sociology essays, custom nursing essays as well as custom marketing essays.
5 Feb 2008
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How To Write a Novel how to write a novel novel writing write novel write romance novels learn to write novels to write a novel what to write a novel about write novel
8 Feb 2008
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How to write or draw japanese character kanji Chi. Chi means ground or base. In this kanji there are 6 strokes.
11 Feb 2008
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learn how to write red with blue pen
23 Feb 2008
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Welcome brides, grooms, and future wedding guests I'm Harmonie Krieger your host for your video guide to planning your wedding and beyond. On this edition of Nuptialstv we will be covering tips for writing your own wedding vows. If the traditional wedding vows are a little too traditional, or you don’t feel they quite capture the feeling you have for the other person then writing your own wedding vows are for you. Beware creating your own vows is a bit of a daunting task to begin with. Writing your own vows should begin and end with how you feel, not what others are expecting. If you are creating your own wedding ceremony and style and you want to write your own vows, here are a few questions to consider in creating the vows you want to make. * When and where did you first meet? * What was the state of your life before the two of you met? * At what point did you realize you were in love? Describe the feeling. * What life goals and dreams do you share? * What have you learned from each other? * How has your view of the world changed since you fell in love? * What do you most look forward to about life with this person? * What are some special moments in your relationship? Use them all, even the sad times as well as the happy, moving, or profound. * What happened the day you asked her to marry you? How did you feel? Reading the vows you have written yourself during your wedding ceremony can be one of the most romantic things you’ve ever done. Writing your own vows is a kind of personal touch that cannot be replicated by any other style of vow. Thanks for watching, I’m your host Harmonie Krieger offering Congratulations for the Groom and Best Wishes to the Bride!
22 Feb 2008
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How to Write Winning Ad Copy for your eBay Items this video has produced by :
2 Mar 2008
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4:44 -- How To Write An Article? Here are the 7 Steps to Write An Effective Article...
4 Apr 2008
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Learn some key pointers in the TOEFL writing section from online English teacher Steve Ford. If you need a course to help you with your academic writing contact Steve:
3 Aug 2008
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This woman the great talentof being able to write anything backwards and forwards at the same time, in cursive! This is just amazing.
25 Mar 2008
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0:45 Write off your credit card without IVA loans or bankruptcy. Proven system, 100% legal and will not affect your credit rating. Visit the website to see if you are eligible. UK ONLY.
9 Feb 2009
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please rate and comment graffiti writing test
27 Mar 2008
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Cyndi Parker and give tips on how to write articles for internet ezines and article sites.
12 Sep 2009
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1:32 Having a company who will outsource all your article writing will save you a lot of time and money. By having many articles in many sites, you'll get many backlinks, plus more free leads and traffic to your website.
1 May 2008
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The official video-clip of the new hit-single "Writing on the Wall" by 2-4 Grooves
9 Apr 2008
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At the heart of every movie is performance; the interpretation of the words on the page into living breathing characters. But how do you write for performance? How do actors think? How do you construct a movie that actors can sink their teeth into? Miranda Otto (Lord of the Rings, The Thin Red Line, Cashmere Mafia) and Jeremy Sims (Fireflies) lend their views to this episode, which explores the relationship between the script and performer.
30 Jan 2009
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