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The 3G iPhone was announced by Steve Jobs in San Francisco at the WWDC.
10 Jun 2008
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At Apple WWDC 2008, Steve Jobs reveals the iPhone 3G with faster download speeds, longer battery life, GPS, a lower price, and a near worldwide release on July 11.
18 Jun 2008
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The Palm Pre announced today their official launch date - June 6th, 2009 (2 days before Apple iPhone's big event). We have all the details you need to know for the Palm Pre including cost and mail in rebates. Also, June 8th is WWDC 09 for Apple geeks and rumors about that a new iPhone may come out. The only thing that's confirmed is the new iPhone operating system, iPhone 3.0 OS, so that's going to be a good week of news! Finally, did you know that the government (US) reported today that satellites from the early 90s could fail causing massive GPS problems by 2010? Our GPS devices may not work by then unless they figure out what to do. As always, we have the details. Help support our show by visiting our sponsors and using our promo codes which are all listed here.
21 May 2009
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I heard about Jason for the first time I think back in the MyDreamApp**** (site is down btw) days… We kept always in touch and it turns out we’ll even hang out in Yosemite together with KeneCamm and Zhares (the cameraman) just after WWDC. Jason lives in Barcelona and explains how he was, just like me, impressed by the quality of the sessions, even though he was mainly coming to meet with his fellow developers as he says
24 May 2009
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Happy Memorial Day weekend my moxie mo show fans! I hope this weekend was safe and pleasurable for all of you. That said, we're welcoming a brand new sponsor, Avis, to the Moxie Mo Show and all you need to do is go to *******avis****/moxie to make your reservation and you will get 10% off your order OR $30 off for a weekly rental. Can't beat that! Lenovo just launched their IdeaPad S12 which is the most powerful netbook under $500 on the market. It will retail for $449 on June 12th and we have all the deets inside! By now, any Apple fan has already heard the rumors begin for next week's WWDC event (June 8th) at Apple. Will there be a new iPhone that comes out with the new 3.0 iPhone OS? What about a tablet? Well, believe it or not, the Moxie Mo sorts out the rumors and tells you what's been confirmed... and what has not. Last, but not least, Twitter, oh Twitter. Guess what they're doing for their next big thing? No, it's not improving the site or finally making revenue by selling ads. It has NOTHING to do with their site, sort of, but has more to do with a REALITY TV show... and I will tell you all about it. Thanks for supporting the show by always checking out our sponsors and using OUR promo codes for some sweet deals! It means the world to me!
4 Jul 2009
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We hit a milestone today - our 80th episode which almost marks one year since I started Moxie Mo Show episode 1. Wow, how things have changed and grown - much thanks to you, my viewers. Bing**** is the hottest new search engine sponsored by Microsoft - they want to kill Google in regards to market share and they feel their engine is way better than Google's and similar to Wolfram Alpha's - but why? We have all the details. Plus, did you know Windows 7 has an official date of release? Finally, we know when it's coming! Here's the pros and cons to this wonderful OS from Microsoft. The hottest new game right now is Sim's 3 - a revolutionary Sims game that gives you much more control on the people that live in your make-believe city as well as the option to record movies of your favorite Sims characters and share them to your friends and family via YouTube and other video sharing sites. You can download a desktop copy for your Mac, PC and even iPhone when you click here. Last but not least, some housekeeping issues: update on some pretty impressive photos that show Apple has a new iPhone they're about to launch that should coincide with WWDC (June 8th). I will keep you posted on any and all updates I get from WWDC. We have a new sponsor and I need all of my moxie geeks to help this one. It's GoDaddy**** and the more you use my promo codes, the more support I will get from GoDaddy. Anytime you want to add a new website domain register name, please go through Go Daddy by clicking here.  
5 Jun 2009
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Zune HD, Hulu Desktop, Apple Store 5th Avenue business, One to One change, WWDC rumors and Moscone Center, TechCrunch tablet.
6 Jun 2009
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Today at Moscone Center in San Francisco, Phil Schiller delivered the annual WWDC keynote and introduced a couple new products including a 13-inch MacBook Pro and a faster iPhone 3G that Apple is calling the 3GS. New 13-Inch MacBook Pro Safari 4 Out of Beta OSX Snow Leopard Available in September for $29 Tom Tom for iPhone iPhone 3G S
9 Jun 2009
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Neste episódio, como nesta semana começa a WWDC 09 em São Francisco, você curtirá um pequeno vídeo com fotos da Macworld Expo 09.
9 Jun 2009
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Roxy talks about "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here", Apple WWDC 2009, and auditions for "So You Think You Can Dance".
12 Jun 2009
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Apple announced Snow Leopard, its new OS, at the 2009 WWDC in San Francisco. We asked some of the attendees what they would name their operating system. Horse? Velociraptor? Vicious Unicorn?
13 Jun 2009
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The first time I heard about Cappuccino (the framework, not the beverrage) it was at the Cocoa Heads at the Apple Store San Francisco during the WWDC ‘08 week. At least that’s what I recall. I saw a very relax Francisco Tolmasky saying that he left Apple because there was nothing better he could have done there then working on the iPhone ;) I got interested in Cappuccino and Objective J and one year later I organized this Interview because I had been playing with Cappuccino myself. It could have been cool to have only one guy from 280North, but I insisted on having them all 3 on camera, and kept on switching who answers…
8 Aug 2009
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25 Oct 2009
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Due to a copyright complaint by the New York Times, Pulse News Reader was pulled from the app store this week after Steve Jobs used it during his WWDC keynote. So what's all the fuss about? Revision3 editor Graham Hancock joins Annie for a rundown of the drama and of the app itself: Pulse News Reader for the iPad.
11 Jun 2010
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8 Sep 2010
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18 Oct 2010
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