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here is some Easter eggs from google maybe you didn't know them : enjoy ;-)
7 Jan 2007
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L.I.F.E. Identify with the Lord. How to live save in this world in a manner that will please God May 24 a snippet only please see videos search under Living_Saved_with_ Rev_Kerrene_May_24.wmv
26 May 2007
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learn how to earn thousands of dollars on the internet! Really easy and it's true!
4 Jul 2007
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I'm feeling lucky code
10 Jul 2007
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This video is a cry for reasons for the numerous bannings to people who are following the terms of service. Ways you can help: 1-Follow this link
8 Aug 2007
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The same plane also landed 3 times in Guantanamo !!! ...between 2003 & 2005 German LINK: Google search:
24 Nov 2007
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Tempête a alger le site yhaoo akram4007
27 Nov 2007
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This shows you how to trace a webpage the directions are simple open command prompt and type tracert www.(google*).com google is just an example ok then hit enter then find the ip-address of that webpage enter it and then you can get an image of it
4 Dec 2007
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Local Business Center is a powerful way for businesses to get themselves on Google. Sage goes through the process of getting your business listed.
19 Jan 2008
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11 Mar 2008
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0:31 is the website jus watch this video and earn!!
1 Apr 2008
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2:43 Little Guy Network Free Domain Name Offer. Yes thats correct guys. You are going to receive a free domain name plus $55 in google ppc. =Google+Search We are the only team that offer's you and your new member's a free personal branded website and free persinal branded capture pages. We have the #1 training website Period. See the training site video HERE! Call me anytime. William Sirola Online Success Coach & LGN Mentor Orlando, FL USA (863) 605-3995
28 Mar 2008
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A Cool World: Enjoy a rosier future as a Virgle Pioneer: Press Release - Google and Virgin announce Mars expedition and colony: Gmail: Google's approach to email: music attribution: Epic Orchestra spliced by rig
2 Apr 2008
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One of the most powerful, yet simple manipulations that can be done with your htaccess file is a basic redirect function. A .htaccess file resides in the web-root directory of most Linux servers that have Apache installed (which is a majority of the servers online). This .htaccess file is a text file which contains user-defined server configuration settings, which include URL manipulations. The simple and most common configuration setting is the redirect. Using this function, you can create pseudo directories and files on your local host that will redirect to other URLs. This can be used to hide (or cloak) affiliate links and manage the file linking structure of your website more efficiently. The syntax is simple: redirect {local/pseudo location} {destination URL} Example: redirect /google If this htaccess file resides on my blog at and I typed in: My host will redirect the user to:
27 Mar 2010
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Google offers an application suite that makes organizing your small business really easy.
14 Apr 2008
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Spanish Martial Arts - Taudanc, Private School, have your title and open your oun school. Books published by the founder, DVD demonstrations. Have your title and open your oun school. Classes: Presencial, long distance , online. Classes in English and Spanish. TAUDANC en librerias , Libros/Books/ e-books/ libros electronicos in/en English and Español: , ) www.alibris www.booksamillion www.a1books ( Japon , Canada/USA/ UK, EU ) ( Baker & Taylor) E-Books/ Libros Electronicos ... etc. Video demos:
16 Sep 2008
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