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4 Jul 2007
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HIPPIE...the word evokes diverse reactions across cultures and borders. In "The Followers" we take a closer look at the Evolution of a Revolution, the next generation of progressives and how they've been influenced by their predecessors.
6 Jul 2007
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These three Fan series of Dbz are my my favs! 1.Brolly the SSj3 Saga. 2. Evil Goku Saga and third, Dragonball AF (PGV version) 1. Watch SSj3 Broly Saga its bad they gave up on it 2. Evil Goku Saga -- hasnt been updated ub a while 3. Go PGV! ignore the haters that call your videos shit, more then half havint even gotten videos of there own! Anyway enjoy the tribute to DBFS :D Not my Fan Series although I wish I was a good enough to make one though :(
8 Jul 2007
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My 2nd AMV, after 1 mouth stopped because a challenge, i finally finished it! This is my favorite and the best of my AMVs, i hope you like too! ^^ Song:Under The Sky by Cloudica Anime:Bakuretsu Tenshi Rate, comment and enjoy! XD Depois de 1 mes parado por causa de um desafio, finalmente consegui terminar ele! Fiz esse AMV em referência ao Ending do mesmo anime por que achava ele meio sem graça pra essa música! XD Este eh o melhor, e o que eu mais gosto, dos AMVs que fiz, espero q vcs gostem também! =) High Quality Download: Bakuretsu Tenshi - Ending
9 Jul 2007
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The begginins all of tha videos I made With HUNK If you liked thiz video Watch all of my video's from youtube At
12 Jul 2007
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I wanted to say thanks to everyone that helped get me to New York! Make sure to check out everyone's site! These are some amazing people! BIG THANKS TO NILS FROM BUZZMEISTER! TubeMogul: ___________ OneSix Clothing: ___________ Elsie Richardson: (} ___________ Animé Dan: ___________ TheBeatlesNvrDie5: ___________ JealousGuy: ___________ The John Butler Trio: ___________ Michelle5451: ___________ Fexd: ___________ Esmeralda Valdez ___________ newfounddeath: ___________ Minx ___________ Peter from I also wanted to say thanks to: Themightythor1212 - and Eliza D for everything as well!! Well, it's time to go run-a-muck here in the city! I'll try and keep the camera on, but i'm sure there are going to be hundreds of other videos to watch from the same event!
12 Jul 2007
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14 Jul 2007
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Larry King Live CNN: From 7/13/2007Roundtable of guests discussing Roswell and UFOs including George Noory - Radio Host Coast to Coast, Out of the Blue The Movie, Roswell Daily Record, Astronaunt Buzz Aldrin: Apollo 11, Phoenix Lights UFO - CNN Former Governor Fife Symington. --.Please visit my channel website 'christiangeo' on YouTube. You will find the other parts 2 - 6: AND SPACE - Website: Fife Symington, Phoenix, Arizona:'Out of the Blue - The Movie': void in the Universe discovered:
17 Jul 2007
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A short animated feature about a an unusual family consisting of four brothers and one sister. After the parents disappear, these five unusual characters relocate to a new town called O-Town. This is the Five minute edited version of this animation. To experience the full unrated and uncensored version, visit: and: for more animations
23 Jul 2007
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Jolie petite démo de ces deux jeunes filles canadiennes (à mon avis Québécoises mais je ne suis pas sur). D'ailleurs, perso, il n'y a pas que la démo que je trouve très très jolie... En fait, j'ai compilé 2 de leurs vidéos (source: <a href="">N°1</a> et <a href="">N°2</a> ) mais vous pouvez voir les autres vidéos <a href=""> ici </a> Plus d'info: <a href="">pour les règles de sécurité sur un trampoline de jardin</a> et <a href="">pour d'autres vidéos sur les trampolines</a>. <a href="">grand trampoline de jardin</a>
25 Jul 2007
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des full barani sympa fait par une jeune américaine source:
25 Jul 2007
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A true story that tells us that anything can happen in a supermarket! Una conmovedora historia que nos muestra que todo puede pasar en un supermercado!
25 Jul 2007
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Ca les fait marrer mais leur pote à pris des grands risques!!! Cet accident est arrivé après une heure de saut: plus on est fatigué et plus on fait d'erreur. Mais dans tout les cas, les saltos sont interdits sur un trampoline de jardin. Si vous voulez faire des sauts périlleux, inscrivez vous dans un club de trampoline! Source:
25 Jul 2007
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This is something my friend and I put together. though we got all our idea's from a MadTV skit: ( yeah I feel bad.. but umm yeah.. it was fun to make haha :)
1 Aug 2007
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تهديم مصلى كربلاء بالعوامية اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد ,هذه باقة من الذين أعلنوا تشيعهم في غرفة الغدير في البالتوك سعودي وهابي يعلن تشيعه وتحوله لمذهب أهل البيت سؤال واحد قاد سني إلى التشيع عراقي مستبصر يشرح كيفية إستبصاره ومعاناته بعد الإستبصار أخت مصرية تعلن تشيعها وتحولها لمذهب أهل البيت بعثي عراقي سابق يعلن تشيعه في البالتوك سني فلسطيني يعلن تشيعه وتحوله إلى مذهب أهل البيت مستبصر يفجر قنبلة تحريف القرآن عند السنة
4 Aug 2007
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Here is a Beautifull Collage Of Art Visit the artist Edited By: Jay Lichtenberger Did you like the Music? Would you be interested in Original Beats for one of your videos? or maybe your a talented singer or Rapper and would like to use a beat for one of your songs? Email THEFORMATT
6 Aug 2007
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