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The videos I am putting will show you how to hack any flash games easily. If you have a problem, tell me what it is! Lun471k / Sting productions!
27 Oct 2007
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shows you that every Xgenstudios**** games are hackable...
22 Sep 2007
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Xeno Top Gear - Firmware upgrader for the xbox 360
4 Apr 2007
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Aliens tuning into Polka , I was bored , only a few of you would recongnize the song :D ( models and rendering by me ;) )
10 Apr 2007
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Music : Stacie Orrico "Stuck"
6 Oct 2008
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I'm modding my Game Cube
4 Feb 2009
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Get the sounds here: *******xenossoundworks****/zebra.html Forever 80's contains 64 vintage synth sounds from one of the most innovative decades of the 20th century - the 1980's - and covers many famous sounds heard in hit songs during that era. Patch List ------------------------------ BA Analog Bass BA Crushed BA Digigrit BA DX Bass 1 BA DX Bass 2 BA DX Bass 3 BA DX Bass 4 BA DX Bass 5 BA DX Slap Bass BA OB-8 Bass BA PPG Bass BA Rapid Line BA So Electric BA Thick Moog BA Thriller BA Tom Sawyer BA Too Much Time BA Warm Analog KB FM Ballad E. Piano KB Gospel C3 KB Hybrid E. Piano KB Jazzy B3 KB New Wave Harpsi KB P5 1960's Organ LD 80s Poly Lead LD Brassy Lead LD Classic Rock Lead LD Elevation LD Flash Light LD Funkadelic LD Funkmeister LD Moog Lead LD Porta Saw LD Porta Square LD Prophet 5 Sync LD Square Soup LD Squishy LD Sunglasses LD Tasty Pulsewave LD The Phat Lady Sings PD Analog Strings 1 PD Analog Strings 2 PD Big Juno Pad PD Brittle Pad PD Classic Ooh's PD D50 Bell Pad PD Juno 106 Strings PD Lo-Fi Choir Pad PD Prism PD Soundtrack PD Sweeping Harmonics PD Warm Backdrop SY Comp Synth SY Digital Arp Food SY DX Bells SY DX Tubular Bells SY Flutey Texture SY JP-8 Brass SY Juno 106 Dark Plucks SY Meaty Polysynth SY Realistik Brass SY Soft Brass SY Veridis Quo Arp Food SY Wide Berth
11 Jul 2010
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Stathis xenos & G.Xanthiotis-бяхме децa
26 Jul 2009
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The video is showing me modding/hacking my gamecube
27 Oct 2008
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15 Apr 2010
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watch the history of Luieville from the Street Masters Crew as he shares a journey of struggle pain and success. Also watch never befor seen footage of Steeel teal, Beta rawks, Elmo, Tells 1, Troll, Xeno, Smoke, deps, ken swift, and many more
14 May 2007
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Oops, cut off the end of chapter 10.  This is the "special edition" of chapter 10 with the final 30 seconds.Lights Sabers Action: The Making Of Star Wars Forgotten Realm. The first feature length Star Wars fan film. Fermi Lab physicist Darren Crawford directs his rebel filmmakers in the studio. The clone trooper tries on his armor for the first time. The Jedi leader addresses his army. Imperial commanders prepare for the conflict.What is Star Wars:Forgotten Realm?Star Wars:Forgotten Realm is a set 7 years after the events of Revenge of the Sith. The Emperor has mandated the expansion of the Empire. The Rebellion is in it's infancy. Rebel spy Yari'el Loor has secured the plans to an Imperial invasion of an area of the galaxy known as the Proteus Cluster. She hires Jared Dunkin, a xeno-archaeologist, to deliver her to her contact on the planet Berrata Prime. The Empire forces the them to crash on an uncharted planet located in a nebula. A Jedi, Web Mallick, and detachment of clone troopers, stranded on the planet for 10 years, witness the crash and rescue Jared and Yari'el from Imperial troops. Once the Emperor learns of this, he sends Vader and the 501st to deal with the Jedi.Forgotten Realm is a 2 hour fan film that will air on FVTV in January of 2009. The cast and crew are very talented. We have a prop builder, two Productions Assistants, Director's Assistant, set designer, and costumer.The lead role of Yari'el Loor is played by Laura L. Crawford. Jim Kirkhoff plays archaeologist Jared Dunkin. Maxwell Monningh has taken on the role of Jedi Master Web Mallick. The young Princess Leia is played by Victoria L. Crawford.The 501st Legion has been instrumental is making this a reality. Darth Vader is played by Ted O'Sullivan. Numerous stormtroopers, TIE pilots, and officers have already been filmed.The script was written in 2005 and production began on January 2006. Production continues through 2007 and all of 2008 will be devoted to CG creation, rendering, compositing, and editing. Release is slated for January 2009.This film production is not associated with Lucasfilm, LTD.Source: *******liquidquicheproductions.blogspot****
5 Mar 2009
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