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This is the first day of our visit to Xian, a city of 9,000,000+ in west central China. It covers October 16, 2001. We fly in from Shanghai. From the Xian Airport we go directly to the Shaanxi History Museum before checking into our hotel. Though the beautifully rendered Museum was inspired by Tang Dynasty architecture, it was completed, to wide acclaim, only recently. Xian, located on the Old Silk Route was China's 1st metropolis and the 1st capital of a unified China. The Shaanxi History Museum cover the culture and civilization of Xian from prehistory, though its days as a glorious capital of China, and right up to the last Dyanasty. Some of the more than 100,000 excavated art objects in the Museum's collection are seen. Among them is the famous Zhonghsan stone Grotto with its 10,000 carved Buddhas. We leave the Shaanxi History Museum and bus to the very grand Grand New World Hotel in the heart of Xian. On route we pass through the ancient walls of the city. Our room affords fine panoramic views. In the evening we go to the Tang Dynasty Theater for dinner and an extraordinary should performed by China's Tang Dynasty Music & Dance Troupe that is said to be reminescent of performances 1000 years ago. A D Guida Video Productions (our Travel Diva Hessie + a d (tony to you) himself) visited China and Tibet in October 2011. This video was recorded in 1080 HD, 16:9 aspect. Rights are reserved. Non-commercial downloads ok. Anything else might be fine with attribution, but we would appreciate being contacted. Downloads without alteration are permitted. Anything else please email a d Guida Video Productions adguidavideocomcast**** . See more of our China trip and other videos on metacafe go to our channel: *******www.metacafe****/f/channels/TonyGuida/private/
22 Jun 2012
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An Overview on complementary and alternative medicine for cancer treatment, THL, Tian Xian Liquid, Tien Hsien Liquid. For more about Tian Xian Liquid, please go to *******www.immune-study****/english
8 Nov 2012
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Chinese musician plays "jingle bells" on her ancient-style instrument.
5 Nov 2008
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Listen to this in Surround Sound: This is me playing Maksim's Nostradamus requested by my friend friintak :) since you guys/gals probably have never seen me do any serious covers before, this is probably the first serious cover i have ever posted XD enjoy!! youtube degraded the quality of my recording ground low so I decided to post a high quality mp3 version on my music page: you'd like to be updated with all my new videos feel free to subscribe ^_^ Thanks! Please go check out my website at isound. and Join the music community!
5 Jan 2009
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Listen in Stereo: Mario Bros piano theme lol... graphics: Super Mario Frustration ps. if anyone wants to play Super Mario Frustration game you can download the emulator here: I uploaded the Mario rom here: Super Mario Rom into Nintendo emulator to start game Have fun!!! and don't forget to comment rate and subscribe to get the latest updates on my vids :)!
2 Jan 2009
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*feel free to watch in high quality or listen in stereo: Free Flowing (meaning rhythmless) piano arrangement of the theme Circle of the Moon (Awake) from Castlevania the gameboy advance game on piano. experimenting with a new music attempt at playing free flowingly piano without the restraint of rhythm. Free flowing musical style has been done before by a lot of ambient music writers...but never on piano...I'm just testing how it sounds with my arrangement of the Castlevania circle of the moon "awake" theme. A little history about Castlevania to those who don't know about it. It is a game based on the story of Vlad Tepez also known in stories nowadays as Count Dracula coming back to life every century through the sacrifice of a maiden. So basically a hero has to go into the castle, slay demons and kill Count Dracula XD please comment rate and subscribe if you like my vids, thanks!!! reference: Castlevania Clips from ign****
3 Jan 2009
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Por Una Cabeza Tango (violin + piano) a piano violin collaboration with sori1004jy. Anyone up for a tango to the por una cabeza tune? *pounding keys on this por una cabeza really helps release you can tell by my performance It had been a pretty stressful week for me* subscribe to Sori, she's an amazing violinist! don't forget to Comment Rate and SUBSCRIBE! plz and ty!! the piano sheet music for por una cabeza is really rare so I decided to upload my por una cabeza piano sheets for everybody :) the por una cabeza piano sheetmusic file is openable using Encore:
7 Jan 2009
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Listen in stereo link here: Gaiden Piano Arrangement written by me. I notice that there are barely any ninja gaiden piano videos on I thought...WTF? how can a popular game like ninja gaiden have no piano version score??? so I wrote a ninja gaiden piano score based on the original OST guitar version of the ninja gaiden guitar theme. Please comment rate and subscribe :D thanks so much :) reference: ninja gaiden 2 xbox360 trailer clips used with permission from teamxbox****
2 Jan 2009
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Megaman X4 piano OST (Capcom) ------------------------------------ listen in stereo for better sound: sounds even better if you have stereo headphones (aka the big ones like mine) or surround speakers with lots of bass this is me playing some anime/ game music for once lol megaman x4 ost, however there was never a piano version released for this I wrote the complete piano arrangement. reference: the voice belongs to Yuki Nakama all rights reserved. The Megaman scenes I filmed with my camcorder from my old Megaman X4 ps1 game please comment rate and subscribe :D!!
14 Jan 2009
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Canon Rock Piano, solo piano version based on Jerry C's guitar version of Johann Pachebel's Canon in D with a little twist. This is meant to be different than the JerryC original canon rock. Thanks to JerryC for his version of canon rock and thanks to everybody for watching my new canon rock piano :) enjoy the canon rock! canon canon canon canon canon canon canon canon canon canon canon!!!! Click the yellow "Subscribe" button up above if you would like to know when my new piano videos are released. Thank you my subscribers!! let me know what you think of this canon :)
24 Jul 2009
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Listen in stereo for better sound: is my latest original song release performed by my buddy Polo. It will be on my new Cd Album yet i'm still trying to organize up everything ahah Thank you so much Polo!!! your voice is amazing!! subscribe to this guy, he's a legend: IRONMAN Trailer Clip bits from ign****
13 May 2009
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Listen in stereo: playing Maksim Mrvica's Claudine I'll add in a poem to describe the imagery: Together As One ---------------- True poem by Anime Lover The ocean so lovely The sun about to set I gaze into your misty eyes You make my heart flutter Your arms wrap around me You pull me in closer My heart against yours Yours against mine They beat as one Laying my head on your shoulder I whisper in your ear "I Love You" In return you lean in for a kiss Ending the day Together as one... sigh...I need a vacation Lol final exams are draining lol reference: pictures from google Or if you'd like to be updated with all my new videos feel free to subscribe ^_^ Thanks!
26 Feb 2009
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