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sang by a chinese singer
9 Jul 2012
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Baby growing 3 inch tail, doctors struggle to find a way to remove it. READ MORE:******* ------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONNECT WITH US: IO Facebook: ********www.facebook****/InformOverload?ref=ts&fref=ts IO Twitter: ********twitter****/InformOverload IO Instagram: *******instagram****/informoverload ------------------------------------------------------------------------- IN THIS VIDEO: Follow Sandra: ********twitter****/TanaciousMatos
8 Sep 2013
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*******xiao-wei-lian.over-blog****/ Amazing Optical Illusion : Real or Fake ?
12 Feb 2009
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www.ATYLANTOS.TK www.CARMINE-MEO.TK www.CHIARAZEFFIRELLI.TK www.JADELAURADANGELIS.TK www.OPERA-OBSCURA.TK wu ji 2005 - the promise - la promesa - la leyenda de los caballeros del viento - Kaige Chen - Dong-Kun Jang - Kunlun - Hiroyuki Sanada - General Guangming - Cecilia Cheung - Princess Qingcheng - Nicholas Tse - Wuhuan - Ye Liu - Snow Wolf - Hong Chen - Goddess Manshen - Qian Cheng - The Emperor - Xiao Wei Yu - Ye Li - Anthony Wong (voice) - Mo gik - Master of the Crimson Armor - Mandarin
2 Aug 2009
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Another hokkien song full of profanities.. A remake of Xiao Wei song.. *edit* oops.. a mandarin song.. not hokkien song.. heheh
29 Jul 2010
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*******xiao-wei-lian.over-blog****/ *******xiao-wei-lian.over-blog****/ Football Tricks with the Greatest Players
10 Sep 2010
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The clip getting ready for fight from Jing wu ying xiong (1994) Lun will come with me. Ting En, I'm worried. Maybe you should have more men with you. There's nothing to worry about. They know the rules. Only two men can fight. Yes. That's right. Xiao Wei, take care of her... please. Mm-hmm. Wait. Ting En. I'll go with you If you want. Mmm. Let's go. Good! How about those two? Together again! Sensai Funakoshi left Shanghai early this morning.
22 Nov 2011
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The clip accuse cook of poisoning from Jing wu ying xiong (1994) That's right. Now we have to find out who did it. You know, it's a good thing Chen was here. Otherwise, we wouldn't even know. It makes no sense that someone would do this. Maybe somebody slipped him poison while he was outside the school. Impossible. He stayed inside the gates here for one whole month. We were right beside him. That's right. Then somebody from Jing Wu must've done it. Ah, Xiao Wei. Huh? You cooked for Master sometimes, didn't you? Uh-huh. So what? Mm-mmm. Uncle Nang, you don't think it was Xiao Wei? No. But it could be someone else from the kitchen. I do! So now you want to start slinging accusations? Accusing me? Cheung, go search my kitchen to see If there's any poisons in there. Uncle, don't be so angry. Stay out of this! Go on! Just see for yourself if I have anything poisonous in there. Go on! Take a good look! Uncle, this is crazy. Damn right, suspecting people like me! Do you think it might be the cook? I don't think so. The cook has been around a long time. He loved my father. Hey, now, no one is blaming you for it. Why not? I'm responsible for all the food that we eat! All the food that is served. Every bowl of rice on this table. So why don't you accuse me directly, face-to-face? -Just a minute. All right, that's enough. Let's eat. Chen Zhen, the food could be poisoned. Yes, it could be. That's true. Since we all eat what Master ate, why aren't we all dead? Huh? This is true. What do you have to say about this, huh?
29 Nov 2011
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Popu Lady 2013全新出擊! 全新寫真迷你專輯【小未來】 9/13正式發行 字幕請選擇:中文繁體、中文簡體、英文、韓文、日文 方式:WEB版 - 右下角"字幕" / 手機版 - 開啟 "CC" 華流元氣女子團體Popu Lady,在去年12月14日正式推出首張迷你專輯【一直一直愛】,五位制服美少女一字排開瞬間引爆外界高度關注,短短9個月,廣告、代言、活動、演出爭相邀約,短短時間內就陸續接下美妝、服飾、藍芽喇叭、線上遊戲、健身產品、行李箱等多項代言! Popu Lady出道至今短短9個月,已累積出不少歌迷及人氣,元氣女孩晉升新世代超人氣女團!而在音樂上,Popu Lady更是力求進步、毫不怠懈,從第一張迷你專輯發行之後,五個女生除了進行海外專輯宣傳、參與各地活動表演之外,依舊持續進行舞蹈課程及歌唱訓練,在不間斷的密集訓練之下,第二張全新寫真迷你專輯【小未來】也順利完成,即將於9月13日正式發行! 元氣舞曲第一發「戀愛元氣彈」 敢說敢愛的青春舞語 全民快閃"拍拍舞"熱力出擊 9月13日正式發行的Popu Lady全新寫真迷你專輯【小未來】,精心挑選收錄的5首歌曲,在曲風上也包含了Disco、house、a-go-go復古舞曲、日本祭典元素、泰國電子等...豐富又多元的國際元素!而首波主打歌「戀愛元氣彈」,就像歌名一樣這是一首滿滿元氣的歌曲,快節奏的動感舞曲風格、充滿正面力量的詮釋方式,大聲宣告「Popu瞄準好,正式宣戰,這一次把心打開!」,敢說敢愛的青春「舞」語,大大展現了Popu Lady青春洋溢的甜美魅力!而為了讓大家感受到Popu Lady的超元氣,首波主打歌「戀愛元氣彈」也特地請來藍波老師編了一套「拍拍舞」,透過這樣"拍拍拍"的動作節奏,希望把Popu Lady的青春熱力散播出去給大家,這首充滿勇敢力量的歌獻給正在追求幸福的你,不要在原地等待了,9月13日跟著Popu Lady一起勇敢追愛吧! 線上收聽Popu Lady「小未來」專輯 - 【KKBOX】******* 【myMusic】*******www.mymusic****.tw/album/show/185080 【Omusic】*******music.fetnet****/albumpage.php?album_id=1153276 【iTunes】************/tw/album/xiao-wei-lai-ep/id705083286?l=zh ►『Popu Lady官方Facebook粉絲專頁』:********www.facebook****/populady 戀愛元氣彈 曲:JerryC 詞:黃文萱 編曲:JerryC 愛 需要些勇敢 看著我別 裝 裝 裝發呆 快 說 說 說出來 心動 不需要計算 為什麼你 還 還 不明白 慢 慢 慢半拍 POP U Lady..... 瞄準好 正式宣戰 這一次 把心打開 被動男孩太可惡 真心女孩不許哭 戀愛元氣彈投出 POP...... POP U 別在原地等幸福 再慢只能給祝福 戀愛元氣彈投出 POP...... POP U 心 忍不住狂歡 看著你就 停 停 不下來 快 跳 跳 跳出來 天空 都為你流汗 氣氛終於 熱 熱 熱起來 卻 卻 說Bye Bye POP U Lady..... 瞄準好 正式宣戰 這一次 把心打開 被動男孩太可惡 真心女孩不許哭 戀愛元氣彈投出 POP...... POP U 別在原地等幸福 再慢只能給祝福 戀愛元氣彈投出 POP...... POP U 喜歡你簡單 卻不一樣的平凡 喜歡你樂觀 一開口令我崇拜 喜歡你很宅 卻從來不住豪宅 POP...... POP U 喜歡你每天 都要跟我說早安 喜歡你笑容 像陽光一樣燦爛 喜歡你眼裡 有我和我們未來 POP...... POP U
28 Dec 2013
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