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Tracking Ida is an educational alternate reality game (ARG) inspired by the pioneering investigative journalism of Ida B. Wells in the 1890s. Players uncover Ida B. Wells’ crusade against lynching and use her strategies to investigate police and vigilante killings today. Along the way, they solve puzzles, decode messages through a phonograph, role-play as investigative journalists, interview members of their community, and harness social media to spread awareness. IndieCade 2017 – Impact Award Winner The Impact Award - This award honors games which tackle, or offer a method for discussing, social issues in a whole new way. This may be in the form of serious games and advocacy or something more abstract: an invitation to understand, empathize, and do better by one another. Impact Award games take us out of our comfort zones and confront us directly on inequality, buried histories, and social progress yet to be done.
30 Mar 2018
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Bigger lips by CandyLipz. No lip injections, No Juvederm needed. Thank you Makeup and Plans xo for sharing your wonderful results! This is not a paid review. WHY CANDYLIPZ IS UNIQUE 1. Our product is clinically tested for safety and effectiveness. 2. It is dermatologist approved. 3. The design works on 15 anatomical lip zones which includes enhancement of the philtral column and corners of the mouth. 4. Users have the options to work on both lips or target one lip at a time. 5. It creates single or double-lobed lip style. 6. It has the perfect negative pressure for your lips and has a self releasing mechanism so you do not pull on the mouth to take off the plumper. 7. You can control the sucti on strength at your comfort. 8. It won over 30 beauty and technical design awards internationally. 9. It was granted over 30 patents worldwide. 10. It has been in use successfully for over 6 years and it took 3 years to test and develop. 11. The clinical trial showed that the lips stay plumped for up to 2 hours after each application. After 60 days of use twice daily for 2 minutes each time, participant’s lip volume increased by 36% from their original lip sizes. Learn more at CandyLipz website
11 Apr 2018
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Shawn Collins of *******blog.affiliatetip**** talks about his (daughter's) new XO Laptop from Nicholas Negroponte's One Laptop Per Child initiative.
30 Dec 2007
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******* : CeBIT 2008 und wir hatten die Chance den sogenannten 100$ Laptop aka OLPC XO ein wenig genauer unter die Lupe zunehmen.
18 Mar 2008
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WWW.alanawez.COM This is how you open, then turn on an OLPC laptop computer. Lisa Nova provides a little YouTube humour which is explained here can read more about the XO laptop at created by Saskboy of
18 May 2008
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See Microsoft's Bohdan Raciborski demo Windows XP running on One Laptop Per Child's XO laptop.
19 Apr 2009
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This is my review of the XO Skins Protecters. They are Layin' it on pretty thin. *** BLOG!!! *******www.LaneVids**** (READ IT!Thanks!) MORE VIDEOS!!! *******YouTube****/LaneVid (Thanks for SUBSCRIBING!!) *******YouTube****/L4anyrat (THANKS Again!!) LIVE SHOW!!! *******LaneVids****/Live TWITTER!!! *******twitter****/Lanevids (Best Person to FOLLOW!) DAILYBOOTH!!! *******DailyBooth****/LaneVids (FOLLOW ME!) FACEBOOK!!! *******www.facebook****/pages/LaneVid... MYSPACE!!! *******myspace****/LaneVids MAIL ME: LaneVids**** 4400 A Amb Caffery #512 Lafayette, LA 70508 *** Distributed by Tubemogul.
13 Apr 2010
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Giant Reign XO 2012: first ride - Interbike 2011
9 Dec 2011
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Giant Reign XO 2012: first ride - Interbike 2011
17 Dec 2011
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Veronica got an exclusive interview with Ed McNierney, CTO of charitable organization One Laptop Per Child. He showed her the brand new prototype XO 3.0 8" tablet that is kid-friendly and extremely affordable and easy for anyone to use.
10 Jan 2012
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PLZ like my facebook page THNX!!! Expecialy if you are bulgarian!!! ********www.facebook****/pages/Valentin-XO/285915301458778
9 Mar 2012
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Official music video for Show And Tell for the rock band XO Stereo signed to Another Century Records / Century Media Records / Sony Music Universal
28 Dec 2016
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