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Best of IndieCade 2016 – GameU – The Most Strategic Game Of All – How to Launch A Successful Career in the Video Game Industry – Speaker Kriste Stull - Blizzard Entertainment - EA - Sony Games - KristeStull – IndieCade 2016 – University of Southern California – IndieCade – USC – Gamescom – E3 – Tokyo Game Show – Brazil Game Show – Los Angeles Game Conference – GamerGate – Google - #TechDiversityMatters Launching a career in the video game industry can be a daunting task. In this session, Kriste Stull will not only outline tips and tricks for breaking into the industry, but will also provide insight as to how to navigate your career once you have landed your dream job. Kriste Stull is a talent and human resources professional with almost 20 years of experience. While working for some of the industry's top developers, including Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts and Sony Interactive Entertainment, Kriste has attracted and hired some of the best in the business.
25 Aug 2017
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15 Nov 2017
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Description GNOG is a wondrous journey through a universe of playfully interactive monster heads. Explore a myriad of unique interconnected heads and the worlds they carry within, as you try to decipher each one's quirks and advance to the next. Interact with the outside to change the inside and vice versa to reveal the exit! History GNOG is the brainchild of illustrator and toy enthusiast Samuel Boucher. Originally conceiving a 2D puzzle game, Sam teamed up with Montreal's KO-OP collective, and began full-time work experimenting with wild ideas and puzzles. Since collaborating, the game has morphed into a 3D puzzle adventure, where each head contains a unique universe with its own set of rules and puzzles inside of it. Combining natural, physically-based controls with dynamic soundscapes and a mysterious narrative, GNOG is the synthesis of stunning art direction and joyful interaction design. GNOG is funded through the Sony PubFund Program and is supported by Double Fine Productions. Features Each Gnoggin is a unique and fully realized micro world of puzzles A beautifully twisted style that keeps you wanting to play to find out what the next Gnoggin will look like  Puzzles ranging from spatial Rubik's Cube mind benders all the way to time manipulation Worms
8 Mar 2018
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REPLICADE AMUSEMENTS is a collection of fully playable arcade art masterpieces by New Wave Toys. Collect all your favorite classic arcade machines to recreate authentic arcade ambience in your own home or office. These premium collectables share all the features of the original vintage full sized cabinet but are miniaturized in sixth scale with modern technology. Atari Collection / About Atari: A logical place to start, our first collaboration is with none other than Atari, the company that started it all back in the early 70’s. Our plan is to work with Atari to recreate the most legendry arcade games ever, starting with uber classic, 1981’s Centipede. Original Centipede Info Style: Upright Manufacture: ATARI Released: 1980 Quantity Produced: 46,062 (uprights) Genre: Shooter Controls: Trackball and Fire Button Designed by: Ed Logg and Dona Bailey
8 Mar 2018
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he aquí otro video más de la puta friki xD no estoy borracha, puesto q no bebo,y no bailo asi! weno si,xo vamos,q no bailo asi "realmente" besos
27 May 2007
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largo,xo mola :D ay el suje xD He aqui,la primera parte del video d como hacer 1 tortilla de patatas, incluye tomas falsas,es largo, pero merece la pena :D 2ªparte: *******www.metacafe****/watch/608419/documentos_tv_2_parte_como_hacer/
27 May 2007
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Just a slideshow of more pictures with my favorite song playing in the background! Enjoy! Sorry if they are a little fuzzy, I'm learning all about video editing in the process of trying to get on THE REAL WORLD. xo
8 Jun 2007
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me dancing to some foreigner being silly i promise im better at dancing! xo
12 Jun 2007
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All sorts of random clips from various nights... this is me letting go. Enjoy, and please dont take it too seriously :) xo
11 Jul 2007
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na especial yo asiendo tonterias xo kd uno ase l k puede.... sk8
21 Jul 2007
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OMG...the fx they did on this one is incredible...I can't wait to see the next one. I love these! xo jaqk
29 Jan 2008
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Here is a video I was featured in for a new website called In this video I speak a few words of Russian. I did a series of videos for them. I will post them all eventually. Hope you all like my acting, xo ;O Jaqk
1 Mar 2008
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