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na especial yo asiendo tonterias xo kd uno ase l k puede.... sk8
21 Jul 2007
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OMG...the fx they did on this one is incredible...I can't wait to see the next one. I love these! xo jaqk
29 Jan 2008
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Here is a video I was featured in for a new website called In this video I speak a few words of Russian. I did a series of videos for them. I will post them all eventually. Hope you all like my acting, xo ;O Jaqk
1 Mar 2008
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I love to use Taxidermy to make my own tight leather outfits that show off my boobs and butt. ;O xo Jaqk
29 Mar 2009
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Aren't geeky guys who sit at their computers all day creating alternate worlds just the sexiest men alive? Jaqkelyne thinks so and we can't even tell you how much she fantasizes about being with guys who create all those particles play with all their layers! Mmmm...wonderhowto . com lives! xo Jaqk ps. the funny thing is they had a girl on the set doing computer stuff and she was totally hot. Shh, I'll never talk.
5 Feb 2008
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LOL...gals and guys, here is another one of the ads I did for wonderhowto. This is from the shoot where we built the slip n slide and I almost killed myself...the baby oil moistened my skin at least...what an amazing shoot. xo jaqk "Sultry Jaqkelyne is back to tell us why Star Wars Figures are better than other action figures. Who knew collecting anything could be so sexy? Be forewarned, when Jaqkelyne plays with your action figures, you might need more protection than your Darth Vader shaped action-figure case you have been hiding in your parents basement. May the force be with you, jaqkelyne."
28 Dec 2009
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Charbax and the Michael Vorburger from ******* are meshing up two OLPC XO laptops at the Lift08 conference. Filmed using the Sanyo HD1000 and posted in HD quality at *******techvideoblog****
9 Feb 2009
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They are journalists from french news media Europe1 and Canal and they give us their opinion about the OLPC XO laptop. This video was filmed at the Lift08 conference using the Sanyo HD1000 and posted in HD quality at *******techvideoblog****
15 Feb 2008
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When I sang at the Arizona Broadway Theater I did several songs including Our Song (Taylor Swift). A fan sent me this video. He told me he had a problem with his camera focus at the beginning. But, I really appreciate his kindness. If you like my music please subscribe. Thanks, Tiffany Jo XO www.TiffanyJo****
25 May 2008
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Me in my room dancing around being silly! I love to dance around and be the center of attention! Ha Rocco and Louie are loving it too! Also notice my awesome sunnies! xo
18 Mar 2008
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Me and Jason with exotic car sales in Scottsdale az... where we get all our cars from... and that bentley is mine! xo
20 Mar 2008
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xo es shen
23 Mar 2008
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