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A bit of a disturbing distraction halts progress on the boat this week.
1 Dec 2009
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It’s all about practical jokes with these four jokers – this week it’s Lee’s turn to get stitched up.
7 Jul 2010
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The name says it all.
29 May 2009
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You can’t go wrong with a protective coating – or can you?
28 May 2009
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Getting 4 people to agree on 1 name was never going to be easy.
18 Feb 2011
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They’ve got a boat to launch. But will it float? Don’t hold your breath.
18 Dec 2009
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Just see and think what is this?
18 Jul 2011
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Music is my hobby
9 Apr 2012
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28 May 2007
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This is an introduction showcasing my interests and fears among other things. I don't really talk about Paris much or what we may have in common since the point is to just share more of myself with her and the community...kind of like two friends meeting the first time. Again I apologize for the video's quality and am new to this so I'd appreciate any tipes on making better videos. I'm not acting at all in this video but am going by Rosaline instead of my real name Ginger. I have no idea what I'd call myself if I had a stage name though. LOL Hopefully this video isn't too serious since I tried making it less seerious than my others. Enjoy and thanks so much for watching and voting. Words can't express my appreciation for this opportunity to meet and befriend Paris. xxxx
10 Apr 2008
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26 Dec 2008
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20 Nov 2009
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15 Feb 2009
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1 May 2009
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24 Jul 2009
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11 Dec 2009
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