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This movie is called Yakko's World, it is made for educational pruposes and entertainement. Yakko is one of the Animaniacs guys XD Have fun :P
7 May 2008
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Yakko Warner teaches us the countries in the world...
3 Apr 2006
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Yakko shows you the whole wide world nice way to teach children geography by the way ;-)
18 Sep 2007
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very nice cartoon
2 Jul 2009
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I was playing around with the movie maker I found on my compy and came up with this. Enjoy. Edit: I realized after the first few comments that I made an error with the flag for England, as I used the Union Jack instead of St. George's cross. However, I no longer have the capacity to fix this after I reformatted my hard drive. I do know this is an error, I don't need to be reminded a million times for it. I take full responsibility for my former ignorance, and rest assured, that is no longer the case.
24 May 2009
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meh, its sloppy, but i pulled it off, Ill do a better version when i wake up... For a bit of context just in case you don't know why i filmed this *******www.reddit****/r/videos/comments/v4cwy/19_years_later_and_this_still_blows_me_away_thats/c51b5cj WOW! A lot more people saw this than I was expecting, I thought a few hundred people would see this!! Hey everyone, if you liked this and have a dark and raunchy sense of humor, you should check out the podcast I co-host and run sound for! For those interested *******bqwsc.tumblr****/ Song parodys, prank calls, embarrassing and sexy games, interviews with interesting people with alternate lifestyles, impressions, laughs, good times and much much more! Make my day and give us a listen!
17 Jun 2012
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great song to learn the countries, and you can combine to learn the nationalities
2 Oct 2012
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There are a lot of Yakko's World videos on YouTube so here's a less popular but equally impressive performance. This is found on Animaniacs Vol. 3 as a cold opening and segway between segments. Again, I would highly recommend purchasing these DVDs, a very good buy for the young and the young at heart! *******tinyurl****/db8nab Update: I recently got an offer to be made a YouTube partner because of the high view count on this video...thanks everyone! I mean, I'm not gonna do it because then they would probably realize that this video is illegal, but it's nice to get the offer :) Lyrics: Aardvark, abating, abet, abdicating Abandon, abase and abreast Ablaze and ablution, abhor and abusion Abbreviate, abbey, abscessed. Abduct and ablation, abridge and abrasion Abash and abrupt and abride Abscond and absentia, absinthe, abstentia Abdomen, ably, abide. Abominable, abrogate, absolute, absent Absorbent, abstention, abstraction Absurd and abundant, abusive, abutment Acacia, academy, action. Accede and accost and accept and across And accompany, acre, accord Accomplish, account and accrue and amount Acrimonious, active, adored. Adrenaline, adulate, adder and advocate Advertise, adverse, abrade Advice, adversarial, advent and aerial Affluent, after, afraid. Level and levity, lewd and longevity Libel, libation, Lanai Lithium, litigate, legal, legitimate Liberty, levy and lie. *mistake at the f-words* Facial and faction and fractal and fraction And fraudulent, fragrant, frappé Frankincense, frankish and frakisish, frashhh... Shoot! Yada yada flambé! Libation and libertine, limited, limousine Limpid and limbo and lime Lima and lipid and literature, liquid And listing and liter and line. There's lobby and loading and loathsome and loaning And logo and then locomotion There's lotus and lottery, lobo, lobotomy Logic and loosen and lotion. Lozenge and lubber and lucky and lover And lullaby, lumber and luke Luster and luscious and lunatic, lustrous And lurking and lunar and lute. Zachary, Zanzibar, zappy and zamindar Zillion and ZIP code and Zen Zany and zoning and zeal and zirconium Zodiac, zombie, ze-in. Zigging and zagging and zealous and zebra And zenith and zap and zaffer Zeppelin and zipper and zephyr and zither Then zinc and zombini And zoo and zucchini And Zulu and Zorro Then zit and zamoro And zero and zoom and... Zaire!
17 Mar 2010
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