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18 Sep 2012
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Learn what the word Pwned means. 'Making you just a little less dumb with every video' Yamasarz25 aka LYU And yes its OWNED with a P ...
12 Jul 2009
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Lamba Yama Lamba- Wagma pashto Song
5 Mar 2009
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yama ya ghalia nour chiba reprise de la chanson populaire , mezoued tunisie
26 Mar 2010
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13 Apr 2009
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Just For You!
25 Dec 2006
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Karol smaha neu yama layalyكارول سماحة ياما ليالي
9 Feb 2009
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This is the music we meditate upon. This is the music acclaimed worldwide by great Yoga practitioners and masters of meditation. This pure and relaxing music is just the beginning. Experience the complete album available at Apple iTunes; YMU, Yoga Music Unlimited ~ the First Gita's NOTE:The color red within this meditation music mandala video represents the first chakra's color and the "key" of the song uses the official first "key" of the 1st Chakra. The entire album by YMU then advances in the official chakra based keys. NOTE: All of the content within this video presentation has been officially licensed and or created by this its uploader and producer. ~Thank you, ~NewTheatron****
8 Sep 2007
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just for you
19 Dec 2006
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QSP Yama Buggy Quicksand Performance www.quicksandperformance****
13 Sep 2008
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13 Jul 2009
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First Video Description: Kriya Yoga does not bring one spirituality as most so-called spiritual enlightened teachers teach. Kriya Yoga is that, Yoga. It is used to clear the body. However, it is not a spiritual practice. The person seeking spirituality knows it is not necessary to practice kriya. The avatars, yogis, gurus, swamis have all taught wrong. Know the truth about kriya yoga. Know your self. Improve your self. Know Spiritual Truth. :::Another Video we have::: Talk on Kriya Yoga and Karma. Dr. Acharya Yogeesh: Kriya Yoga does not burn karma. It only burns toxins within the body. It removes unwanted material. The more oxygen that goes into your body the more toxins will be released. Yes, once you are detoxified you are healthy. A healthy, cleansed body doesn't burn karma on its own. A person must learn meditation and Samadhi. No one ever follows the foundations as mentioned by Patanjali in his yoga sutras. Everyone skips over Yama and Niyama to the 3rd and 7th Step. Breathing, Yoga and Meditation. It is rare for someone to jump to meditation/Samadhi without first learning the process. Kriya Yoga does not bring Samadhi or burns karma, it only makes a person's body healthy. Key words: acharya yogeesh, spirituality, kriya, babaji, himalayas, yoga, yoga system, breathing, breathe, kriya yoga technique, kirtan kriya, youtube yogeesh ashram, spiritual, namaste yoga, kriya yoga master, kriyaban, kriya teachings, kriya breath, kriya initiation, tantric kriya, kriya yoga poses, india, pirituality, acharya yogeesh, how to meditate meditation techniques,meditation music, transcendental meditation, guided meditation, buddhist meditation, benefits of meditation, history of meditation, meditations, cosmic meditation, communion meditations, christian meditation, daily meditations, easy meditation techniques, meditation methods, meditation instructions, meditation guru, meditation retreats hindu meditation, yoga poses, yoga toes, tantric yoga, yoga clothing, yoga positions for beginners, yoga positions, acharya yogeesh,bikram yoga, online yoga, benefits of yoga, kriya yoga, namaste yoga, yoga exercise, yoga techniques, pranayama, breathing, kundalini yoga, hatha yoga, raja yoga, yoga journal, india, yoga postures, yoga magazine, pilates, christian yoga, vinyasa yoga, yoga nidra, pranayama, pranayama techniques, pranyam, pranayama techniques for depression, asana pranayama, asan pranyama mudra, practice of pranayama, yoga, spirituality, acharya yogeesh, spiritual guru, spiritual teacher, meditation, yoga, buddhism, christianity, islam, religion, society, zen, spiritual, enlightenment, self-realization, awareness, catholic, religion vs. spirituality, death, god, kriya yoga, ashram, spiritualism, spiritualist, mysiticsm, healing, spiritual warfare, spiritual gifts, negro spirituals, spiritual and friendship poems, spiritual healing, spiritual astrology, astrology, psychics, spiritual fasting, spiritual orbs, spirituals, spiritual gifts assessment, spiritual counseling, spiritual growth, spiritual pendants, words of spiritual encouragement, spiritual science, spiritual poems, spiritual beggars, spiritual direction spiritual health, spiritual life coach, spiritual strength, spiritual fromation, spiritual meditation, spiritual quotes, spiritual awakening, spiritual energy, spiritual development, spiritual marriage, spiritual retreats, spiritual transformation, spiritual advice, spiritual mediums, spiritual capital, spiritual living, spiritual music, spiritual sayings, spiritual leadership, spiritual tattoos, spiritual maturity, spiritual world, guru, guru guru, definition of guru, truth seeker,spiritual teacher yoga, spiritual master, african spiritual teachers, spiritual teachers, health practicioners, native american spirituality, woman spirituality, religion and spirituality, new age spirituality, celtic spirituality, practical spirituality, spirituality and health, what is spirituality, spiritual books, spirituality leaders, self actualization, samadhi, hindu, jain, define spirituality, Kwords: Kriya Yoga, Kriya, Mahavatar Babaji, babaji, sri yukteswar, yogananda, lahiri mahasaya, self-realization, enlightenment, pranayam, pranayama, breath, breathing technique, Himalayas, breathe, relaxation, kri, yogic, hindu, india, eastern, yogi, kriya yogi, kriya master, kriyaban, spiritual teacher, enlightened master, enlightened teacher, meditation, Samadhi, kriya meditation, kriya healing, kriya breath, technique of kriya, kriya truth, kriyas, kriya center, lessons of kriya, kriya lessons, kriya , paramahansa, kriya centre, kriya retreat, anahata, vishuda, ajna and shasrara, kriya yoga master, kriya yogi master, kriya yoga secrets, initiation, discipleship, kriya superconsciousness, higher consciousness, kundalini kriya, india, Himalayan yogi, Himalayan guru
4 Dec 2008
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30 Dec 2009
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For Ashmat Jan, its a Gift!
21 Dec 2006
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