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26 Aug 2016
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WARNING: YAOI IF DON'T LIKE DON'T SEE soft-yaoi manga, very cute and full of fluffiness a think the escalation group was smexy bastards its one of the cutest soft-yaoi manga i have read Group that scanned and translated: *******www.smexybs.iroppoi****/
4 Nov 2009
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WARNING:This video contains YAOI THAT IS BOYS LOVE.Those who don't like it PLEASE LEAVE.Rest enjoy :).Again excuse me for the editing.I don't speak japanese however i have learnt a few phrases and words so excuse me if the track at times does not match the manga.Please leave your comments.PS:Does anyone know where i can download haru wo daiteita pc game.I'm obssessed with this manga.It was my very first yaoi manga:).Thankyou for those who have subscribed.Now i'll stop and let u enjoy the drama cd:p
21 Apr 2013
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IMPORTANT INFO!!! - This video contains male/male sexual relationship [AKA Yaoi] and is intended for mature audiences only (18 or older). I do not own this vid. This is a FREE Fansub for fans, no profit is made from this distribution. Thank you and enjoy. Summery: Zetsuai 1989 (絶愛-1989-, Zetsuai 1989) is a yaoi manga known for its melo-dramatic, almost operatic plot (Aestheticism), its disturbed characters, and for the controversial style of its artwork. The word "Zetsu-ai" is a compound created by Minami Ozaki which has been translated as "desperate love". Indeed, desperate, reckless emotion characterizes the frequently violent "love" story. ^_^ V PS: To download the entire video, please look towards the last part listed.
6 Nov 2013
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