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Benefits of Installing LED Lights 1) Led lights hold many advantages of conventional incandescent lights and other lighting solutions such as, i) Low power consumption, ii) Low maintenance costs, iii) Long life span, iv) Eco-friendly and v) No heat as a byproduct 2) Low Power consumption: LED lights are extremely energy efficient as they consume about 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs 3) Low Maintenance costs: The efficiency of LEDs results in Low energy and maintenance costs 4) Long Life span i) LED lights have a long service life and can function for up to 60000 hours before needing to be replaced ii) LED lights last 133 times longer than the incandescent bulb iii) The lifespan of an incandescent bulb is 1,500 hours Other Factors that play a role in the long life span of LED lights are the materials with which they are manufactured LED lights have a small chip encapsulated in an epoxy resin enclosure unlike the incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes that utilizes components like glass, filaments or neon gas The materials that LEDs are produced with enable it to withstand shocks, vibration and extreme temperature 5) Eco-Friendly LED lights are manufactured from non-toxic materials and are recyclable Unlike the fluorescent lights that uses mercury and pose a threat to the environment 6) No Heat LED lights do not produce heat and therefore less energy is required to cool a room in which LED lights are installed It is also safe to use because unlike incandescent bulbs that expels 90% of the energy is consumes as heat, LED lights can be left on for long durations without the occurrence of mishaps Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact LED Lights Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/led-lights
28 Feb 2017
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Reasons to opt for Stainless Steel Kitchen cabinets i) Stainless steel is a metal that has been used widely in industries because of its anti corrosive nature The unique characteristics of stainless steel make it an ideal metal for the production of various products ii) Household appliances and furniture have also been manufactured with stainless steel in recent times iii) Here are some of the benefits of installing kitchen cabinets: iv) Cost Efficiency: One of the major advantages of installing stainless steel kitchen cabinets is its cost efficiency because i) Stainless steel does not require painting or re-staining ii) Less maintenance is needed as it resistant to corrosive substances v) Durability: Products manufactured with Stainless steel last for an extended duration of time And also provides maximum strength making it an ideal material for the production of Kitchen counter tops vi) Corrosive Resistant: Stainless steel is not only resistant to heat or the elements of the climate, But are also resistant to germs and stains vii) This is because the surface of stainless steel does not absorb any particles or liquid that may spill on it This makes stainless steel an ideal metal for the production of kitchen counter tops viii) Easy Installation: A simple installation process is all that is needed because stainless steel cabinets are prefabricated and come with the required fasteners Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Suppliers in UAE i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/stainless-steel-kitchen-equipment
2 Mar 2017
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Benefits of Structural Steel 1. Structural steel in recent times has been used extensively in the construction industry 2. Structural steel refers to steel that has been shaped in particular cross sections or shapes and have specific values of strength and chemical composition 3. When structural steel is used in construction it provides the engineer or designer with the advantage of designing even the most complex structures 4. Eco-friendly i) 88% of structural steel is manufactured from recycled goods and is therefore beneficial to the environment 5. Unlike other buildings structural steel buildings can be easily modified even after the structure is fully constructed and complete 6. Very often buildings that are constructed need to be modified to install bigger doors or for an additional staircase or to accommodate heavy machinery These modifications could be carried out easily with the use of structural steel 7. To modify a structural steel building all that needs to be done is to remove a portion of the structure which is held together by fasteners 8. Structural steel buildings are lightweight and at the same time provide maximum strength 9. When there is a need to increase the weight bearing capacity of the building, the building could be made stronger with the addition of more steel to the structure 10. Structural steel buildings are one of the most inexpensive buildings 11. The quality of structural steel components are tested during each stage of the manufacturing process Therefore there is assurance of quality and dependability 12. There is more space inside the building because structural steel columns occupy 75% lesser space that concrete columns 13. It is one of the most durable construction materials Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Structural Steel Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE i e http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/structural-steel-products
3 Mar 2017
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Car Rental Fuel Policies Cars are rented just for the pleasure of driving luxurious cars or to have a means of transportation at your disposal Whatever the reason, here are a few things you need to know about car rental fuel policies to get the best deal Understanding the fuel policy of the car rental company would go a long way in getting a deal that suits your needs Full to Full fuel policy: Car rental companies that have a full to full fuel policy would rent you a car with a full tank of fuel When you return the car, you would have to refill the tank You would only have to refill the amount of fuel you have used when returning the car If you do not refill the tank the company would deduct an amount from your refundable deposit towards fuel Full Pre-Purchase (no refund): Also, known as the “full to empty policy” Under this policy, you could pick-up a car with a full tank of fuel after paying an amount to the agency towards fuel You do not need to refill the tank on returning the car If the car rental company has a full to empty fuel policy, then it is best to try to empty the tank before returning the car The agency does not repay the customer for any fuel that is remaining in the tank Full Pre-Purchase (with refund): This policy is like the previous policy the only difference being the rental company would repay the customer for an amount equivalent to the fuel remaining in the tank Full Pre-Purchase (with partial refund) Under this policy, the customer pays for fuel before picking up the car When returning the car, the customer would only receive a partial amount towards fuel that is left unused Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Fuel Policies for Car Rental in Dubai i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/dubai/car-rental-hire-and-leasing
7 Mar 2017
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Office furniture plays a huge role in -Productivity and output of operations, -Promoting or Improving the image of the Company Whether creative, repetitive or skilled work, studies have shown that productivity increases with the right -Furniture, -Fittings, -Lighting, and -Several other factors Office Furniture is basically of two Types: Standard Office Furniture Manufacturer products, and Custom made Office Furniture Office Furniture can be categorized into: -Executive Furniture, -Desks, -Tables, -Chairs, -Other Furniture and Fittings Executive Furniture differs with the taste of the Executive, Their primary purpose is to impress visitors and important business persons Work desks are key components of the most important part of any organization Reception desks can either praise or condemn a company’s image Almost all company operations take place on, over, or across a desk Choosing the right desk for the right type of work can increase productivity Office chairs should provide -Enough comfort to allow workers to carry out their duties, -And Functionality to assist workers in carrying out their duties Office Tables include conference tables, clerical desks, and other types used for sorting mail, storing files, and to hold meetings over Other furniture and fittings like lighting and light control, files, cabinets, shelves, etc, also contribute to improving both efficiency and productivity Choosing the right type of furniture is important: Computer desks for IT or computer-related work, Desks with drawers for filing, sorting and meeting, Storage cabinets and secure cabinets for storage Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Office Furniture Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/office-furniture-and-equipment
7 Mar 2017
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A safe is a box that is secured with a lock to protect valuables that are placed in them from theft or damage The different types of safes are diversion safes, fire resistant safes, wall safes, jewelry safes, burglar safes, environmental resistant safes, and smart safes A diversion safe is a safe that is built to resemble to look like another object that is placed in a room It is one of the most common types of safes and is used to store objects inconspicuously Fire resistant safes are made with materials that are resistant to extreme temperatures Certain fire resistant safes are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures for durations of up to 4 hours Wall safes are installed in walls and can easily be concealed with a piece of furniture or paintings It can also be installed in various wall thicknesses Jewelry safes are made with internal chests with fine fabrics and wood to store jewelry Jewelry safes are a combination of both; a burglar and fire resistant safe Burglar resistant safes are resistant to various tools that could be used to break into the safe Environment resistant safes are resistant to certain elements of nature It is specifically designed to protect the objects that are in the safe during a natural disaster These safes undergo a safe fall test to record the resistant of a safe when it falls from a certain height or when debris falls on it during a fire ATM machines and coin dispensers are types of smart safes It is designed to automatically dispense cash creating a safer transaction environment and eliminating the need for personal transaction Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Safes and Vaults Manufacturers in UAE i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/safes-and-vaults
8 Mar 2017
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Types of Tower cranes A tower crane is one of the most efficient types of cranes when it comes to lifting weights at great heights, It can lift objects that weigh about 10,000 kilograms to a height of 200 meters, The different types of tower cranes are hammerhead cranes, a-frame tower cranes, flat top tower cranes, self-erecting tower cranes, portal tower cranes and the luffing jib tower crane, A Hammerhead crane as the name suggests, resembles a hammerhead with a long horizontal jib over the worksite, It has a trolley that moves along the jib and has a cab for the operator at the intersection of the jib and the tower, An additional crane is required to erect a tower crane but a self-erecting tower crane can erect itself without the need of a second crane, Self-erecting cranes can be remote controlled from the ground, Portal tower cranes are used for permanent applications like a shipyard or a factory, It is a type of tower crane that is setup to run along a track or rail, Flat top tower cranes do not have the “top” that conventional cranes have, These cranes are ideal for use at sites where there are height restrictions such as airport flight paths, Luffing jib cranes are ideal for urban use because they require little room for slewing motions and have an outstanding reach, Visit yellowpages-uae,com to Contact Tower Cranes Suppliers & Rental Services in UAE i,e, at http://www,yellowpages-uae,com/uae/tower-cranes
9 Mar 2017
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Innovative Uses of LED lights LED lights are one of those big leaps in technology, and in this case a leap that could save the environment from destruction A long service life, energy efficiency and 100% reusability are some of the major benefits of installing LED lights An LED bulb can function for 25,000 hours which is about 20 times longer than traditional bulbs that can function for a mere 1200 hours It can be used for a number of applications from lighting homes to airports, traffic lights and street lights to architectural lighting and for industrial purposes Besides these applications LEDs can be used in many innovative ways, here are a few: Bionic Contact Lens: Used in the gaming industry and to help visually impaired, bionic contact lens have been developed LEDs as its core technology The lens are inserted into the eyes of a person who is visually impaired, bionic lens do not degrade over time and protects the user from cataract or failing vision for the entire duration of their life In the gaming industry, these lenses could provide the gamer, with a virtual display without restricting his movements for a complete virtual gaming experience LED Roof Panels Led panels could be fitted onto the ceilings to light up rooms or to create virtual sceneries on the ceiling LED Wallpapers LED embedded wallpapers are soon replacing traditional wallpapers and wall paints LED wall papers can emit a smooth glow in a wide range of hues and patterns LED Light Strips Led strips are available in a wide range of colors and color changing options And can be used to decorate anything from porch edges, swimming pools and cars to roofs, audio systems, showcases, mirror edges, and stairs Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Benefits of Decorative LED Lights i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/abu-dhabi/led-lighting
14 Mar 2017
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Vending Machines 1 A vending machine is a device that can dispense food, lottery tickets and beverages to customers automatically without the help of an intermediary 2 It is beneficial to small business owners as they can operate 24X7 and eliminates the cost of hiring employees 3 Vending machines can be used in different environments for different target audiences from airports, train stations, malls, hotels and lodges to grocery stores, lobbies and offices 5 The most common types of vending machines are candy and soda machines, coffee machines, change vending machines, toiletries and medical supplies vending machines and office supplies vending machines 6 The major advantage of having vending machines installed is that it offers 24-hour availability of vending products, as long as the machine has a power source 7 The other advantages of having a vending machine are: i) Small businesses can be free of bad cheques and outstanding accounts receivables to collect ii) It produces income 24 hours a day iii) Most vending machines come with an automatic internal self-cleaning system 8 The drawbacks of getting into the vending machine business are: i) The machine is prone to theft and the owners cannot watch the machine at all times ii) Fake coins could be used to purchase products Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Types of Vending Machines in Dubai i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/dubai/vending-machine-dealers
15 Mar 2017
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Curtains i) Curtains are a piece of fabric that is hung at a window for privacy, light and dust control and for decorating a home ii) Curtains can be made from a wide variety of fabrics which include: Cotton, Jacquard, Linen, Chenille, Voile, Satin, sheer, silk, print, heavy weight fabric, hard wearing fabric and velvet iii) Some of the benefits that curtains carry with them are: i It can control the temperature of a room by preventing excess sunlight enter the room thereby it reduces the energy required to cool the room ii Curtains are available in a wide range of hues and patterns and can be easily customized to enhance the colors and aesthetics of the room iii Dust control: curtains prevent the buildup of dust in the room by gathering dust from places close to them iv) There are a wide variety of curtain styles such as curtain valance, casement curtains, French pleat curtains, tab top curtains, and decorative curtains Visit yellowpages-uae com to contact Best Curtains for Living Room ie at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/dubai/curtains
20 Mar 2017
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1. Managed security or private security services include armed, unarmed and special security to protect you and your assets against various threats 2. Although most businesses avoid private security, because of costs, here are some benefits that make it a worthy investment 3. Continuous Protection- Whether personnel, asset or property protection, security companies offer services that make sure you and your assets are protected 24/7 4. Highly-trained and skilled Security guards generally work in shifts to keep property and assets under constant protection 5. Surveillance- In addition to constant protection, security companies are going to keep you, your assets or facility under protective surveillance 6. Protective surveillance helps identify potential threats, or suspicious activity/people, and are intercepted before any damage is done (to property or life) 7. Money-Saving- The cost of a security company’s services if insignificant compared to the potential loss that the individual/company incurs due to loss or damage to property 8. Availing the services of security company can help prevent major losses, mainly due to damage to property, theft and vandalism, and save money 9. Reduced Threats- Studies show that potential threats, crimes and risks are lower with the presence of security or with the implementation of security services 10. Businesses with little or no protection are looked at as ‘Easy Targets’ by criminals, security services can help prevent crime and eliminate potential threats altogether 11. Expert Protection- Security personnel are highly-trained in various areas of protective and preventive offense and defense, to prevent or eliminate threats and to deal with intense situations Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Security Services Companies in UAE i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/security-companies-and-services
21 Mar 2017
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What does a Relocation Consultant Do? Top Reasons to hire a relocation consultant? 1 A relocation consultant is a professional who oversees the complete relocation process of their clients 2 Some of the tasks carried out by a relocation consultant are: i) Primarily to answer any queries that the client may have regarding the relocation process, ii) To find a suitable neighborhood, residence, with amenities like schools/childcare that are in reach, according to the client’s needs. iii) The relocation consultant manages all activities performed by other companies such as packers and movers, travel agencies, in relation to the move iv) They also negotiate with landlords, agents to get the best deals for their clients v) The consultant is involved in every step of the move until the client has unpacked and settled in at the new location Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Relocation Consultants and Contractors in Dubai i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/dubai/relocation-consultants
21 Mar 2017
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Responsibilities of a Security Guard - Business Benefits 1. Security guards or security personnel are enforcers of protective and preventive control to maintain and protect people, assets and property 2. The main functions of security guards are to monitor activities, prevent criminal activities and to neutralize threats before any damage is done 3. Security Guards can help make your business more productive by Improving Security, Interacting with Customers, Preventing Crime, and Handling Intense Situations 4. By carrying out their duties, security guards automatically improve the security of the business and its assets 5. Improved security- Improved security at the workplace results in -less potential threats and lower crimes, and -less stress while carrying out business operations, 6. Interacting With Customers- Security guards not only prevent crime and handle hostile situations, but also act as customer service ambassadors 7. Through their daily operations, security personnel actively -interact with customers, -help customers find products or locations, -greet customers at entry points, -and even escort customers to their vehicles, after dark 8. Preventing Crime- The presence of a security guard alone can reduce crime or potential criminal activity by a significant amount 9. In addition to this, security guards are trained to detect and eliminate threats, before any damage is done to people or property 10. Handling Intense Situations- Any business activity like purchase-returns, money transfers and payment defaults could result in a buildup of tension Security personnel are skilled in handling these situations, and any other intense situation that may arise at the workplace Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Security Guards Services in UAE i e www yellowpages-uae com/uae/security-guards
22 Mar 2017
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Kitchen Duct Cleaning Services - A Professional Kitchen Necessity 1 Kitchen duct cleaning is a standard necessity in proper maintenance of a professional kitchen, to comply with the hygiene and fire safety codes 2 This service includes a set of special cleaning processes like -degreasing, -disinfecting, and -kitchen exhaust and vent cleaning 3 Professional kitchen duct cleaning services help reduce health and fire risks, while offering several other advantages as well 4 The most significant reasons why kitchen duct cleaning is important include: -Reduced health hazards, -Lower expenditure, -Improved health & safety standards, and -Low risk of kitchen fires 5 Reduced Health Hazards - During this procedure, damages can be assessed, and repairs made to prevent particles and fumes from escaping the ducts and entering other parts of the building 6 Various particles that pass through these ducts include smoke, steam, airborne grease and other hazardous particles that could have an ill-effect on one’s health 7 Lower Expenditure - By availing these services and keeping your facility in compliance with fire and safety standards, you are liable to lower insurance payments 8 In Addition, proper cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen ducts, exhaust systems and hoods, results in a lower need for replacement of parts and damage control. 9 Improved Health & Safety Standards - Kitchen duct cleaning services reduce risks and improve your facility’s compliance with health and hygiene standards, and fire safety codes Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning Services in Dubai i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/dubai/kitchen-duct-cleaning-services
23 Mar 2017
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Professional Chauffeurs - What do they do? 1. Chauffeurs are professionals, with an exceptional talent for driving, sound manners and odd skills that come in handy while carrying out their duties 2. Chauffeurs generally work privately or through an organization, and unlike taxi drivers provide planned or scheduled transportation services 3. A chauffeur’s primary duty is the transportation of clients to (and from) their destination, while offering other services like helping passengers with their baggage 4. Chauffeur services generally include, -Vehicle maintenance and servicing, -Route navigation and travel details, -Transportation, -Customer service, and -Additional services 5. Vehicle maintenance and servicing - A Chauffeur uses a vehicle owned by him or the company he works for, and performs routine checks and servicing either by himself or through a professional mechanic 6. Route Navigation & Travel Details - As chauffeurs undertake scheduled trips, they plan routes beforehand to avoid traffic, construction sides, or to facilitate stops at places on-route to the destination 7. Transportation - These professionals need a special license in most places to ensure that they perform their duties in a safe, legal and courteous manner, obliging to the client’s varying needs 8. Customer Service - During the course of service, chauffeurs generally tend to various requirements of their clients like handling baggage and waiting for passengers for further transit 9. Additional services - Moreover, they also offer additional service like -Keeping a record of travel expenses, -Running errands, -Opening doors, -Site seeing, and -Helping passengers get in and out of the car Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Professional Chauffeurs - What do they do? i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/chauffeur-service
24 Mar 2017
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Types of Movers and Moving Services To Choose From 1 Moving or relocating is a tedious task that often require the services of professional Movers or Moving companies 2 Understanding the different services provided by Movers is key for a smooth and safe relocation 3 Choosing the right movers depends on the -Type of relocation or Destination, and -Type of services you require 4 Type of Relocation - Relocation can either be -Within the same State, -Within the same Country, or -To another Country 5 Relocating within the same State - Local movers usually offer -Local relocation, specialized services for local moves with a small radius of reach, -Long-distance local moves, with services to move an inventory anywhere in the state 6 Relocating within the same Country - Intra-country or inter-state relocation services include -Relocation to select states, -Distance restrictions, -State restrictions, and -Complete cross-country relocation to any state within the country. 7 Relocating to another Country - Inter-country relocation services include two types, -Moving to another country in the same continent, or -Moving overseas or to a country in another continent 8 Types of Moving Services - Movers offer relocation services that can be classified into -Full-service, -Self- Service, and -DIY services 9 Full-Service- These companies take care of every aspect of relocating, from packing, loading, transportation, delivery, unloading and even unpacking 10 Self-Service- These Service providers only take care of the ‘moving’ process, which includes -Loading, -Transportation, and -Unloading 11 DIY services- These companies basically deal with moving truck rentals, which means that you have to take care of packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Professional Movers Company in Abu Dhabi i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/abu-dhabi/movers
24 Mar 2017
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