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i just loved it....
6 Jul 2009
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Disclaimer : No copyright infringement is intended. This is merely for fun and entertainment. I do not own Kim Bum and Kim So Eun. Trust me. If I do, they would be madly in love with each other right now. Clips are from Boys Before Flower whose owner is that of KBS. Story : Yi Jeong made a game with his friends. Some sort of bet to make Ga Eul fall in love with him. It was hard and required a lot of effort to pursue Ga Eul but in the end she fell in love with him. She saw his sincerity towards her. A friend of Yi Jeong accidentally blurt about the game and Ga Eul found out. Yi Jeong who came out to meet Ga Eul was confused by the way she seem to be acting very coldly towards him. A phone call from his friend made him realised that Ga Eul had known the truth. I love GaJeong but no happy ending here. Sorry. Dedicated to all GaJeong/SoEulmates out there. May the PD-nim give us love. Love love. p/s : chunny doesn't accept bashing. If you're not a fan, keep your thoughts to yourself. Don't ruin it for others. ^_^
1 Jun 2009
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Scenes featuring (or strongly related to) So Yi Jeong and Chu Ga-eul from Episode 4 of KBS2 2009 miniseries "Boys Before Flowers." DISCLAIMER: There is absolutely NO profit or stealing or copyright infringing whatsoever intended, only a fan who wants to promote "Boys Before Flowers" overseas by showing a few sample scenes featuring actors with good chemistry playing wonderful characters well-beloved to fandom.
10 Dec 2009
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[MV] IU(아이유) _ Friday(금요일에 만나요) (Feat. Jang Yi-jeong(장이정) of HISTORY(히스토리)) *English subtitles are now available. :D (Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function) :: iTunes DL : ************/us/album/modern-times-epilogue/id786862990 The repackage album of IU's regular 3rd album [Modern Times] is coming on December 20th. She was back after 1 year and 5months, but she was able to show that she is at the top with her music. The title song 'Friday' is written and composed by IU herself, and it has IU's own guitar play. It is a medium tempo acoustic pop song that is easy to remember after listening to it for one time. The later part of the song has a swing arrangement with scat, making the song go with other songs in the 3rd regular album. And Jang yi-jeong, the main vocal of HISTORY joined as featuring to make a lovely love song that goes with the season. ▶ LOENMUSIC FB : *******www.facebook****/LOENMUSIC.official ▶ LOENMUSIC TW : ********twitter****/LOEN_MUSIC 1年5ヶ月ぶりに再びチャートを席巻して'音源最強者'であることを証明したアイユの3rdフルアルバム『Modern Times』のリパッケージアルバムが12月20日公開される。 アイユが直接作詞・作曲したタイトル曲「金曜日に会いましょう」は、アーティスト本人のギター演奏に、一度聴けば口ずさむようになる簡単なミディアム・テンポのメロディーをつけたアコースティック・ポップ曲だ。 後半部にはスイング・アレンジと甘いスキャットを加え、既存の3rdフルアルバムの収録曲と自然な統一感を出した。所属事務所の後輩であるHISTORYのメインボーカル、チャン・イジョンがフィーチャリングに参加、年末シーズンにふさわしい愛らしいラブソングが完成した。 1년 5개월 만에 다시 한 번 차트를 석권하며 '음원 최강자'임을 입증했던 아이유 정규 3집 [Modern Times]의 리패키지 앨범이 12월 20일 공개된다. 아이유가 직접 작사, 작곡한 타이틀곡 "금요일에 만나요"는 아티스트 본인의 전매 특허인 기타 연주에, 한 번 들으면 흥얼거리게 되는 쉬운 미디움 템포 멜로디를 붙인 어쿠스틱 팝 곡이다. 후반부엔 스윙 편곡과 달달한 스캣을 더해 기존 정규 3집 앨범 수록곡들과 자연스러운 통일감을 갖추도록 했으며, 소속사 후배인 HISTORY의 메인 보컬 장이정이 피처링으로 참여하여 연말 시즌에 어울리는 사랑스러운 러브송이 완성되었다.
11 Jan 2014
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The date to the zoo is not Jun Pyo and Jan Dis last. Jun Pyo and Jan Di will eventually have another kiss scene (after the one next week). Yi Jeong and Ga Eul will ALMOST kiss. ...
27 Mar 2009
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So Yi Jeong ♥ Chu Ga Eul * * * * * * * * NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. NO PROFIT IS GENERATED. MADE FOR FAN PURPOSES ONLY. * * * * * * * * just another SoEul MV. :] This song played when I put my Itunes on shuffle and it instantly made me think of soeul. :P Ever since then, I wanted to make a video. I wanted to get it out of my system before I start writing my term papers. It was simply distracting me! I keep thinking about it instead of writing. XD so in a way i'm procrastinating to remove my distractions. lol. Btw, just realized (no pun intended. haha) that I've used two Colbie songs already (one here and another in Jundi MV). hehe. * * * * * * * * video credit: arashi vox Eps 1-13
4 Nov 2009
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happy 20th birthday kim bum/yi jeong..hope ull like it!! in a part of soEULmates fanatic :p ^_^ hope ull be happy hehehehehe comment and vote!!
14 Feb 2010
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jowana is a fan of kim bum(yi jeong) thats y i made diz..!! for her! comment and vote!! ^_^
16 Jul 2010
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jun pyo and jan di.... ji hoo and jan di...... yi jeong and ga eul....
6 Aug 2010
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Bueno quería subir todos los capítulos en castellano, pero no se va a poder lastima, siquiera el primer capitulo me han permitido dejarlo. Los materiales de video aquí expuestos son propiedad de KBS2 exclusivamente, el audio es una edición de la serie trasmitida por señal abierta, mi trabajo fue acoplar el video con el audio, en algunas partes que se pudo puse la música de fondo igual a la versión en coreano Boys Over Flowers. El video no contiene logos con marco de agua por el respeto a los propietarios del vídeo. Argumento. A la escuela Shin Hwa, que está hecho para gente rica, asisten Goo Jun Pyo, el heredero de la corporación global Shin Hwa Group; Yoon Ji Hoo, So Yi Jeong y Song Woo Bin, los cuales conforman el F4, siendo Jun Pyo el líder y el más vil de todos. Geum Jan Di, que no es de una familia rica, va a la Escuela Shin Hwa y accidentalmente se mete en problemas con Jun Pyo al salvar a una víctima del bullying de él, Lee Min Ha. Casi todas las veces en que Jan Di es fastidiada por el bullying de Jun Pyo, es ayudada por Ji Hoo, quien parece estar a favor de ella, pero que nunca para a su amigo de que continúe fastidiándola. Ya harta de las fastidiosas acciones de Jun Pyo, Jan Di golpea a Jun Pyo frente a sus amigos. Repentinamente, Jun Pyo comienza a enamorarse de Jan Di, quien es la única persona que se atreve a pelearse con él.
29 Jun 2013
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