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The clip you're aunts' estate from Fletch Lives (1989) with Richard Libertini, Chevy Chase Fletch, answer your phone. In-N-Out Burger. May I take your order please? Mr. Irwin Fletcher? This is Amanda Ray Ross. I represented your Aunt Belle Fletcher. Good ol' Aunt Belle. How the hell is she? She's deceased, Mr. Fletcher. Oh. I guess she could be better. You're a hard man to find. I was touring with the Stones. What can I do for you? Didn't you get my message? No. I'm the executor of your aunt's will and as such I can inform you... you are the major beneficiary of your aunt's estate, Belle Isle. What about this expense... $58 for leg waxing? That's bullshit. Yeah, but feel how smooth they are. It consists of 80 acres of old plantation property. Wait a minute. Did you say plantation? Yes, indeed. She left it to me? According to her will, she did. Can I get back to you? Hair by Ziggy? Who's Ziggy? 5-0-4... Shut up, Frank. Yeah. I'll get right back to you. Can't we just return some of these things? What about the lingerie? I ate it.
16 Nov 2011
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