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How to Identify Lung Cancer Symptoms|asbestos lung cancer Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer – and one of the most difficult to diagnose. Many people notice no symptoms until the cancer has reached an advanced stage; others do have symptoms but, because those symptoms are so vague, mistakenly attribute them to minor illnesses. It is wise, therefore, to learn as much as possible about the signs and symptoms of lung cancer, especially if you smoke or have other risk factors. This guide will help you know what to look for. 1 See a doctor if you have a persistent cough. One of the most common symptoms of lung cancer is a cough that does not go away. See a doctor if your cough lasts more than two weeks, if it increases in intensity over time, or if you cough up blood (this is called hemoptysis) or a lot of phlegm. Ironically, smokers, who have the highest risk of lung cancer, tend to cough a lot and, consequently, do not seek treatment for this most common symptom. If you smoke, be aware of any changes in your cough, and meet with your doctor regularly. Consider getting checked for lung cancer every couple of months You’ll also want to note any changes in the character of the cough. You should be worried if, for example, a dry cough suddenly starts producing a lot of sputum. Likewise, you should be worried if the color of your sputum changes. In particular, keep an eye out for chocolatey brown, black, or greenish sputum. 2 Watch for any problems with your breathing. Shortness of breath (dyspnea) is a common symptom of lung cancer, but it is often attributed to obesity, old age, or weather changes. See a physician if you are having trouble breathing, especially if your shortness of breath occurs outside of any strenuous activity. In some cases, a lung cancer patient will feel back pain that worsens the deeper that they breathe in. 3 Do not dismiss aches and pains. Dull and persistent aching in your chest, shoulders, or arms could be an early symptom
27 Sep 2017
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Watch how this driver decided to break the traffic rule and try to act clever. But you know what they say, “Karma is a bitch”. He must be regretting now!
12 Oct 2017
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Do you know what it means when you have big shoes?
31 Jan 2008
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***********/us/album/you-know-what-radio-edit/id348259085 Artistname: Golden Boy (Fospassin) Song title: You know what Stores: Itunes
4 Feb 2010
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Some old classic CNN airing from 2005 featuring a rant on part 2 of the so called "You Know What's Bullshit!" series created by James Rolfe.
6 Dec 2010
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This headshot aimed at his mother seems a bit too much, it actually breaks the window of the house.
11 Feb 2009
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In this old classic review video, the Angry Electronics Nerd talks about the latest bullshit known simply as "printers".
22 Nov 2010
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For this old classic review video, the old nerd must tell the whole world about how bullshit it is to have holiday stuff up after Christmas.
22 Nov 2010
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The old classic video of where the bullshit man talks about an unusual type of bullshit "DVD's". He talks about why they suck and why they shouldn't exist at all.
21 Nov 2010
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This time, the nerd wonders, what the hell is the big deal with pennies!!!
21 Nov 2010
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*******www.Myspace****/KDSFRIEND Do You KNOW What 99% Of Network Marketers and MLMer's Don't? Find out "THE SECRET" formula To Success!
9 May 2007
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Do you know what it is ?
8 Sep 2007
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Is That Girl From College Still a You-Know-What? Find the answers to these questions at OnlyAlumni****, where you can catch-up on old friends and fellow alumni.
17 Feb 2008
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To watch the entire Trader Whiteboard series, visit our main page at *******club.ino****/trading/?vidmar Every trader needs one. Do you know what it is. Many times it's the difference between success and failure in the market. Watch the fifth episode of the "Traders Whiteboard" series and learn from master trader Adam Hewison on how to incorporate this key element into your own trading. Watch it with our compliments.
9 Feb 2009
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Do you know what is the cat talking about? she is talking in a strange
7 Jan 2009
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