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Toby wants his little bell back. Well, he can't have it. Guaranteed to be yanked off of YouTube for violating the 93rd amendment of Whatchamastan's copyright laws, so feel free to repost it as many times as you like. Heck, I don't own the footage, what do I care what you do with it? :P -The Poopmeister
14 Dec 2011
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this is my you tube poop intro made by me ;)
21 Jul 2010
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enjoy :)
4 Jun 2010
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Mama Luigi regales a dying Yoshi with one last bedtime story.
2 Nov 2009
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Hyrule's denizens are in the mood for love, and the local dating agency has made videos of them to show to other prospective singles. If you're interested, call the toll-free number! NOTE: DO NOT call the toll-free number. Also, be sure to check out part 2!
7 Sep 2009
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A you tube poop with Ben 10 in it. Ben 10 -"Perfect Day"
5 Sep 2009
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My 2nd you tube poop
2 Feb 2009
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EDIT : This is part 1! Look for everyone wants gogo yubari for dinner part 2! The rythm is really faster on this one :p. Link is bored so the King makes a fart contest with him. Seeing it doesn't work he explains that only true warriors seek to have Gogo Yubari for intimate dinner. Link is happy, then Gogo appears but when Link explains he wants to f*ck her, she turns mad and wants to kill him. Ah , and to add that they are stuck into the Ganon's lag hell. But this is another story. Note : It doesn't totally look like what I wanted due to some sh*t on WMM that I don't understand (a clip passing in slow motion ), but as it is just a detail I decided to share this one anyway. Anyway I tried to make something original with my Gogo Yubari serie, hope you will enjoy it!
4 Sep 2008
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