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Big ups to YOUNG MONEY! Minneapolis hip hop is where its at! Nerve and DJ Arkitekt a new group out of Minneapolis that performs a hip-hop indie rock fusion with an album set drop this summer. Having opened for national acts like Muja Messiah and Eyedea, Nerve and DJ Arkitekt are ready to win over new listeners every day. LISTEN TO THEM TODAY AT myspace****/nerveanddjarkitekt
10 Dec 2009
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Music video by Young Money performing Every Girl. (C) 2009 Cash Money Records Inc.
2 Feb 2010
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A superb rap treat for the rap song lovers, Lil Wayne has never got his fans bored. Lil Wayne and Young Money Entertainment always rocks.
12 Sep 2011
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28 Oct 2009
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The brand-new tune, rumored to be off the upcoming Mixtape Emergenc Coming Soon THIS IS FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE LOST VERSES MIXTAPE AT *******www.datpiff****/Hookman_Jones_Feevr_Lost_Verses_Da_Mixtape.m71006.html
9 Jan 2010
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Young Gummy "Pop Rocks" Ima eat some pop rocks Ima eat some pop rocks, girl Ima eat some pop rocks Ima eat some pop rocks I got that Good Bar She's Butterfinger bad I'm attracted to her For her Sour Patch And now we crazy nuts Talkin' Nutragious I take her Nestle And she still Crunch And I love to see her rest But I hate to see her late So I keep her running back and forth Like Fast Break Cold as a Junior Mint Soft as Raisinettes We lovin' that Whatchamacallit You see the bubble growin' I don't need a Pay Day I take Stride Gum Over a Milkey Way And I got case, with all kinds of tastes Got Big League Chew, N-N Bubble Tape From Double Bubble To Hubba Bubba I don't eat chocolate, no Nutter Butter But I bet you wonder, How big I go Cause I got the best, Bazzoka Joe oOo baby we can share a Charleston chew baby, Maybe have a kit cat too baby, My room is the sweet spot, Call me Mr. Wonka. Ima Eat some pop rocks. Ok I get it let me think you want my candy, Dont understand whats in your hand you cant have any, You say Im mad, well you straight as a fiddle, And you should know that I said no, so why you eating my skittles, Ha ha ha, You think its funny like, Eat chocolate bunnies like, Yous just a big jerk, So wheres my Mike and Ikes, You Say Jared calm down you the bestest, While you moving to the top of my death list. I love her Reese's Cups Hotter than Tamales Richer than dark chocolate Go and tell somebody I'm in the candy aisle Stocking up on Good and Plenty Girl I gotta wattch my Pez Make sure they're never empty They flash the Swedish Fish' Just to get beside her I let her see the king size and let the rest surprise her She got that sweet tooth Pockets deeep just to supply her But she touch my stash? I might have to fight her I like that candy stand, Full of 100 Grand, I know the candy man, And all his candy fans, But when he caged in, I think my Conscience says, I need to watch this man, Gonna end up just like him, Cause when I am tasting, Never wasting, My pacing, To a tasteful, Sensation. With a simple creation. Just add a little sugar dont ya Leave it til its ova wont ya Share it if you got et I store chocolate in my pocket You can have some, If you wanna, But I Warn you, You aint gonna, Because its melted, And its all sick, Why Id do this, It makes no sense, I dont like it, When its like this, Just take it, Sure try it. Yell it from a stand Through a megaphone I'm in love with this Chocolate Toblerone The nougat MMMM And the Chocolate Well, that's what it is I can't see how you'd ever fault it Yeah Put it in your mouth MMMM I love that taste L-Let it melt baby Savor every trace and I don't eat it fast I make it last a while After one bite, it'll make you smile oOo baby I think I just lost a tooth maybe, From all of the baby ruths baby, The dentist is my next stop, Call me mr. wonka, Ate too many pop rocks.
12 Apr 2010
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Timothy Sykes, author of the book, An American Hedge Fund, was born in Orange, Connecticut in 1981. He studied Philosophy and Business at Tulane University while turning his $12,415 Bar Mitzvah Gift money into a fully audited pre-tax sum of $1.65 million from 1999 to 2002 before founding his hedge fund, Cilantro Fund Management, LLC in 2003. He is also the benefactor of a Tulane University Scholarship, The Timothy Sykes Day Trading Award for the Talented that is awarded annually to any deserving Tulane student, faculty, or alumni. In 2006, his hedge fund was ranked the #1 Short-Bias Fund by Barclays for 2003-2006 and he was named to Trader Monthlys 2006 Top 30 under 30′, a list recognizing the top 30 investment professionals under the age of 30. In late-2007, after suffering a roughly 35% loss over two years, he closed his hedge fund and created a publishing company, BullShip Press, LLC to promote Freedom of Finance, the concept of a hedge fund managers right to discuss their business freely without risk of penalty or censorship. Following this thinking, Timothy also introduced TIM, short for Transparent Investment Management, with the goal of repeating his original feat of turning $12,415 into $1.65 million, this time around detailing the step-by-step process on TimothySykes****, becoming the first hedge fund manager to openly detail their investment strategies for all to see. He starred in the TV show, Wall Street Warriors on MOJO, now writes for AOL Finance and has been featured on ABC, CNN, CBS, CNBC, FOX News, FOX Business Network, Reuters, Businessweek, Marketwatch, MSN Money, Yahoo! Finance, TheStreet****, Realmoney****, Consumers Digest, YOUNG MONEY Magazine (Nov. 2007 Cover Story), Jewish Living Magazine, Forbes****, Hedgefund****, Hedgeco****, Institutional Investor, WallStrip, Salon****, The Chicago Sun-Times, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Post, The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, The New York Observer, The New York Daily News, Trader Monthly, Dealbook, Alternative Universe and Absolute Return Magazine.
6 Oct 2008
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Timothy Sykes is an American investor and blogger who traded his $12,415 bar mitzvah money into $1.65 million during the first bubble in Penny Stocks Today, Sykes profits from his blog and live stock show announcing profits of over $40,000 a month. Young Money calls Sykes a successful result of "pseudo-celebrity status." (more) (less)
12 Oct 2008
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this is a hot song of the i cant feel my face mixtape with lil wayne and juelz santana. Lyrics Lil Wayne Yea,Ice Cream Hoodie, Bathing Ape Tennis Shoes/ No time for pictures, no time for interviews/ Im gon' get the money, snowstorm or sunny/ try me and i'm comin out my coat armor or somethin/ note on the table, pay me a daygo/ ya cant get the cash? then pay me in yayo/ save me the drama, dont go run and snitch/ if thats ya mama then i'll murk ya right in front of that bitch/ Ima Young Money, Cash Money, Universal solider/ watch out Ms. Syria, i'm kinda feelin ya/ ha, ima headache but they love the pain/ i ask a bitch her name and tell her go board the plane/ Im so sure, i know more, im so more Dwayne/ I know whores that know whores that's always with some more whores/ you ol' whores, i show whores , i go whores/ im always at the store cuz i go more, i go for it, thats so foward/ mami say she so bored wit ol' boy, oh oh/ i leave that pussy so sore, thats right no dough/ bitch get lost in the current, how the dough flows/ niggas call Maybachs LoLo's, niggas got the glock in the chokehold/ i wont fold, till the cops, till the PoPo's, ya hoes/ shout to my stomping ground, Hollygrove/ fuck wit them New Orleans niggas, funeral/ Uptown, Uptown's where i roll, yea/ welcome to the real outdoors, and of course/ that chopper that i tote will split em like a divorce/ and that spiritual force, take 'em way up north/ they say the end is coming, ima stay up for it/ ima chase that money, you could wait up for it/ ima kick to the snare, ima boom to the base/ what more can i say? i cant feel my face/ Juelz Santana Heal up, wheel up, bring it back, come rewind/ ima dealer, dealer, i bring it back all the time/ that coke, that hard, that crack, oh God/ you get caught, ya cant get back, no charge/ leak em out, slow leaking, air em out, no charge/ thats free no prob, thats G. Code yall/ so, no more slow leaking, now he just gotta flat/ flat line, laid on his back flat, half time/ im the crib playing EA Sports, they in the streets til they D.A see they corpse/ plus, the chickies know i stay fresh to my tippie toes/ hit the sneaker store say two words, gimmie those/ gimmie those, gimmie those, matter fact give me those whole 3 rows/ i hit Saks like gimmie that, gimmie that, gimmie that, matter fact, gimmie that rack/ ha, cash laid, tab paid, im out im off to the valle, wheres my car? thank you/ i do better, who better? you never,abuse cheddar, Playboy, Hugh Hefner/ you to nextta my dick, yessir/ i buy a car just because i like the smell of new leather/ im young, im fly, im black, im rich/ i let my nuts sag, i drag my dick, ya dig?/ the whores know i let my balls sag also/ off they drawers, so im all in they torso/ she cant take the dick, i tell her put a sock in it bitch, take the dick/ stroke the stroke, see if she could take the dick/ now see if she could take the brick, you on the team now/ meanwhile im in the kitchen, doing my daily routine/ scale a few things, cook a few O's, let my bitch bag 'em/ give it to my workers, let the strip have 'em/ fiends go bizerk for the work im cheffin/ fiends go to work after the work you sell 'em/ they know they gotta buy more, they head hurt, they eyes sore/ you sellin that cheap rock, sheet rock, dry wall/ they dont want that, they come back for more/ but they come back to me, they dont come back to yall/ i be chef, the chef, you never have to rechef what i chef, comprende?/ rewind, reset, replay, action, i be chef, the chef, you never have to rechef what i chef, comprende?/ A!!!/ *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv
24 May 2009
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***********/deejayscottep Collie Beat Biggie acappela the reign diddy craig mack lil wayne birdman Young money cash money weezy baby
19 Feb 2009
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a hot h.g.b song by yumdog,yungbrick,young-money
6 Sep 2009
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In this week's weekly wrap! Stars come out to support Michael Jackson's film, "This Is It". Omarion talks new album, new video and parting ways with Young Money. Jay-Z on teaming up with Will Smith to bring "Fela" to Broadway. Chris Brown's comeback to mainstream. Cedric Yaborough on the end of "Reno 911"
31 Oct 2009
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Danger Vision reviews Lil Wayne latest mixtape "No Ceilings" presented by Young Money/Cash Money. Should Lil Wayne continue to drop mixtapes like this? *******www.datpiff**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
2 Nov 2009
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*******www.phatmezze**** "I Told Ya" Hot New Single by Phat Mezze You can purchase the I Told Ya single by Phat Mezze ring tone or single by going to *******www.phatmezze**** I told ya by Phat Mezze Check out Phat Mezze's website and stay up to date on events and new releases. "I Told Ya" Hot New Single by Phat Mezze Westbound Get It Boys Records Meet Me Halfway Black Eyed Peas Empire State of Mind Jay-Z Alicia Keys Down Jay Sean Lil Wayne I got a feeling Black Eyed Peas How Low Ludacris Black Eyed Peas Jay-Z Alicia Keys Ludacris Sean Paul Lil John Drake Jay-z Lil Wayne Gucci Mane Eminem Mario The - Dream Young Money 50 cent Timbaland Kanye West Snoop Dogg Biggie Smalls Westbound Get It Boys Records Tu-Pac R&B Rap
30 Jul 2010
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Funny Dingles Raps Over Young Moneys Bedrock! Bed Rock www.myspace****/thuggishwhitekids All rights go to producer and everything else not using this for any profitable means Lil Wayne- Bed Rock Ft. ,Gudda Gudda, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Tyga, Jae Millz & Lloyd New 2009 , 2010 The Whole Young Money In this Song Bed Rock Official Full HD : (C) 2009 Cash Money Records Inc.
21 Oct 2010
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Brand New - Lil Wayne Starring Young Money Distributed by Tubemogul.
17 Feb 2010
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