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My friend Alex and I are technology enthusiasts. We decided to go check out the new iPhone X to try it out. Alex, his younger brother, and I went to purchase an iPhone X. Alex set his phone up with FaceID, whereas my phone had not been set up and was still at the 'Hello' screen. We went to the food court afterwards to take photos of our phones on the table for Instagram. After taking the photos, Alex's brother picked up Alex's phone to look at the build of it, and it unlocked. We thought Alex might have been too close or something as it had only been set up with his face. Alex took the phone back, unlocked it with his face, and it worked fine. He then locked the phone and gave it back to his brother, who then picked it up and it unlocked with his face also. Alex is 20, and his brother is 16. They're not twins. Upon realizing that Alex's phone unlocked with his brother's face, we were dumbfounded. I grabbed my old phone and recorded a video of it to hopefully bring attention to the issue, so that Apple could fix it with software updates. After uploading the initial video, we went back to Apple and asked them about it. They provided an explanation and a potential remedy.
1 Dec 2017
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when your younger brother irritates you
1 Oct 2017
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Simon Posford is our generation's greatest musical mind, waltzing between genres with intricate rhythms & arching epic melodies: psytrance, middle-eastern, south american, neptunian (that's where some of his songs seem to come from) and now, psyrock.
18 May 2008
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Life sucks sometimes if you are the younger of your siblings but there are certain advantages to it also, you can bite your big brother.
3 Nov 2017
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This is my 6 year old not being very nice to my 3 year old.
1 Jun 2007
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Welcome to the METH Capitol of the World two girls for every Fiender Home Crime SHopPing Tips from the 2nd Rate Kids the real facts and nothing but the food not needle bombs
21 Dec 2009
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1:03 Minute Video on Geo News Bulitten 9:45.
7 Dec 2012
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0.35 Second Video on Geo News at 11:00 PM Headlines.
7 Dec 2012
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This is so intense. It doesn’t seem like she intentionally did it but that punch was right on the face. The kid was knocked out, instantly!
11 Aug 2017
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This girl is so sad that she burst out crying when she realizes his young brother will grow up. She really doesn't want him to grow up, seriously.
2 Sep 2017
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Two brothers duke it out over who gets to use the computer. 100% real.
17 Feb 2011
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Watch this dude threatening his mum and his younger brother with a helicopter blade.... never ever touch my stuff again....
20 Sep 2006
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Me scaring my younger brother.
5 Oct 2006
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This is a sample video of the new reality series following Backstree Boy star Nick carter and his younger brother aaron and thier 3 sisters as they live together as a one familly and plan thier future
24 Oct 2006
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First attempt at stop mtion that I made with my younger brother, dont go on at me about quality i know it sucks. For those who are interested music by the Flaming lips
26 Dec 2006
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