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This is my 6 year old not being very nice to my 3 year old.
1 Jun 2007
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Simon Posford is our generation's greatest musical mind, waltzing between genres with intricate rhythms & arching epic melodies: psytrance, middle-eastern, south american, neptunian (that's where some of his songs seem to come from) and now, psyrock.
18 May 2008
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Welcome to the METH Capitol of the World two girls for every Fiender Home Crime SHopPing Tips from the 2nd Rate Kids the real facts and nothing but the food not needle bombs
21 Dec 2009
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1:03 Minute Video on Geo News Bulitten 9:45.
7 Dec 2012
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0.35 Second Video on Geo News at 11:00 PM Headlines.
7 Dec 2012
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Watch this dude threatening his mum and his younger brother with a helicopter blade.... never ever touch my stuff again....
20 Sep 2006
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Me scaring my younger brother.
5 Oct 2006
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This is a sample video of the new reality series following Backstree Boy star Nick carter and his younger brother aaron and thier 3 sisters as they live together as a one familly and plan thier future
24 Oct 2006
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First attempt at stop mtion that I made with my younger brother, dont go on at me about quality i know it sucks. For those who are interested music by the Flaming lips
26 Dec 2006
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Lustra were the kids that no one would play with. Chris and Nick started back in Boston as a two-piece outfit comprised of drums and bass. They squatted in other bands' spaces, sweated and bled on borrowed gear, and nursed themselves into fighting shape on countless cases of Meister Brau. They were the rambunctious younger brothers to every band they knew, and noone would play with them. Not until they developed their dangerously unschooled drums-and-bass explosion into a noise slightly resembling rock, did they make the addition of Chris' brother Jon on guitar. The Pixies, Girls Against Boys, Jesus & Mary Chain, Dinosaur Jr, Helmet, Six By Seven
18 Feb 2007
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Hwa Rang Do® at its Best! At Compete Nationals 1993, a NASKA AAA tournament, Chief Master Taejoon Lee and younger brother, Eric Lee, representing the martial art of Hwa Rang Do®, demonstrate some crazy martial art moves! To learn more about Hwa Rang Do® please visit: *******www.CompleteMartialArt**** *Posted with permission from the World Hwa Rang Do® Association.*
15 Jan 2007
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This is a short highlight clip featuring Chief Master Taejoon Lee and his younger brother Eric Lee in the early 1990s NASKA AAA Compete Nationals. They set the standard for the martial arts world. To learn more about Hwa Rang Do* please visit: *******www.CompleteMartialArt****/ *Posted with permission from the World Hwa Rang Do* Association.* *NOTE: HWA RANG DO and TAE SOO DO are registered trademarks held by the Founder Dr. Joo Bang Lee and are licensed and controlled by the one and only governing organization, the World Hwa Rang Do* Association.
7 Feb 2007
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we sent our younger brother through a secret entrance onto a stage, and he yells a Tom Green famous line from Freddy Got Fingered as he runs across, before exiting out the back. There were 500 people in the place
9 Mar 2007
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I am A video director and I made this with my 2 younger brothers
14 May 2007
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When Carly's father leaves her in charge of her younger brother Justin to go to Mexico, things get out of hand. Includes alternate ending!
27 Oct 2007
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ended up getting a C for it! Jay Dee got a B! and BM also got a C! This is our Media Foundation Production Called Silent Assassin that we made in our Media Course in Year 12 at school. We had to make the 2 min opening to a thriller and here is ours. NOTE: This version is not as good as the one we finally handed in, we edited it a bit more and got all the timings right Note: Flt Lt Mc Donald IS NOT THE SILENT ASSASSIN Plot:The setting of our thriller is in a forest in Siberia in mid-summer during the day at dusk. The story is set before the Cold War and America was having problems with the Soviet Union. An RAF Regiment Officer called Flt Lt Mc Donald (The Mighty Kinkle) has been set out to assassinate one of the top members of the Soviet Union: General Valentin Petrov (BM), he is protected by top KGB Spy/Sniper Petr Kalashnikov (Jay Dee). Flt Lt Mc Donald is assisted by his younger brother Sgt Mc Donald, another member of the RAF Regiment. As Flt Lt Mc Donald gets into position for the assassination of General Petrov, Sgt Mc Donald who is close by makes a slight noise, alerting the attention of Petr, who spots him and shoots him. General Petrov gets spooked and runs for cover in the trees. Flt Lt Mc Donald notices where the noise came from and shoots Petr, he dies instantly, and Flt Lt Mc Donald quickly rushes over to his brother who is bleeding from the stomach rapidly. They say there last words and Flt Lt Mc Donald runs off in the woods and finds General Petrov already dead with a bullet hole through his head. He wonders who has done this and his quest takes him all over the USSR to find out.
17 Nov 2007
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