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I believe in transparency. Unlike so many people who over-exaggerate their achievements and abilities in their bio, I won’t inflate myself or tell outright lies and I won’t follow the same formula. I’ll just tell you the truth. Once upon a time, I too was addicted to drugs. I did not always make wise decisions. In my youth, my friends and I would steal ice-creams and popsicles from the store to sell. I didn’t do very well in school and most of my lessons were learnt on the streets. One lesson that helped turn my life around was learning how to sell. From those stolen ice-creams, I developed a new addiction – business. Over time, I exchanged my bad addictions for my good ones and I focused on improving myself and my life. It paid off. I was one of the very first to open several ‘Curves For Women’ franchises in Canada and was the youngest franchisee in the business. I continued to build businesses. I wrote four books. I started motivational speaking. I sat on many boards. I loved every moment of it.
13 Jun 2018
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Very cute kid! He's the youngest marine!
31 Jul 2007
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This 2 year old is the world's youngest skateboarder Most kids at 2 are barely running, this kid is pulling off amazing stunts on a board
24 Sep 2007
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Tea theater box, beautiful woman and youngest man 茶吧包厢,美女和最小的男子
13 May 2008
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Abhay Goyle ‘Youngest Indian Pianist’ He’s not after breaking new ground, though at 12years, he is the youngest Indian pianist to enter the Limca of Records. Recently, he performed at epicenter in Gurgaon. During the event he was accompanied by his teaches who was playing guitar and also by Nanu who had performed on lot of instruments. He loves playing old meledies. Some of them which he played are were:-Babuji dhire chalna,Pal pal dil ke pass,sau sal phele ,ajeeb dastan hai yeh , yeh raat bhigi bhigi, piya tose naina lage re etc. and some latest tracks of Fanna-chand shifarish, sawariya-Title track etc. His performance was so energetic that not even a single audience was able to move from seat. Listeners were going on asking for their favorite numbers and it was like an unending flow of melody. No one was in a mood to go back to home though the time was fleeting. From the age of six Abhay’s fingers fell on the piano, he did not knew his inborn talent will make him stand apart from his peers and will became the youngest piano player. His personal favorites are old melodies and he is a great admire of western classical music. It is Abhay’s late grandfather Arun Kumar Goyle along with piano exponent Brian silas,who inspired him to play at the age of six. He is 31st august 1995 born. His family belongs to Old Delhi. His teaches Mr.Jaideep Lakhtakhiya started teaching him when he was 6 years. After the concert, speaking to media, Abhay said that "I am very much grateful for the opportunity to perform for such a sweet audience". he said that "music is not just a part of my life, music itself is my life. H.S.COMMUNICATION
9 Aug 2008
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Abhay Goyle 'Youngest Indian Pianist'
31 Oct 2008
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youngest Italy boys reading the Quran
17 Nov 2008
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As a child prodigy, Alia Sabur's been breaking records all her life, and at 18 she became the youngest college professor ever.
11 Jan 2009
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4 month old, which is the youngest Real Estate Investor in the World says his first his words..
4 Mar 2009
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3 Apr 2009
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Youngest DJ in the World!
19 Mar 2009
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Worlds youngest ever pimp (ZI CARLOS & G.E COLLECTION)
4 Apr 2009
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They are always looking for younger people these days.
7 Oct 2007
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Unbelieveable!! he is cool, he just 8 years old child. He can singing rap with out read lyric.
10 Oct 2007
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