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Name: Bangla Youth Description: The aim of this association is to keep all the Bangladeshi youth -connected! We aim to unite the community together like a Family. We are the representatives of our country in this region, so this would be a unique platform where we can all "Show our togetherness" and be "united" and stimulate the spirit of patriotism Youth is the strongest power of any nation. We define youth as all the young and talented men and women out there, waiting to prove their worth. This is a call to all the Bangladeshi youth to join hands and move towards a new era. The number of Bengali nationalities is in a large number in this region, all of them in different professional fields. This is the first step to begin a new association. The UAE at this point of time lacks any such committee. We the students of Preston University, Ajman (Bangladeshi nationalities) have taken this step to make this association. We have a majority of Bangladeshi's compared to other universities in UAE. As the saying goes, "opportunity knocks, but once", we take this wonderful opportunity to bring together all Bangladeshi Youth, and do something outstanding for our society and nation, by making use of all the resources and technology available to us. The site will contain the profiles of all the members of the association, information about various celebrations and events, and news Important Dates With the help of this association we will have the opportunity to celebrate the important days of our country. This will reflect the culture of our country and keep it alive in this part of the world. Events: We will involve ourselves in various Bengali events happening in UAE. This will help us gain popularity so that more and more people join this association. Talent: The talent section will look for the talented Bangladeshi's in this region and help them in evolving as stars of our nation. We will try to build a platform and help them achieve their goals in life. We would really appreciate the active participation and contribution of every single individual to build this association. The dream of a huge and strong association can be made a success only through team work. You are more than welcome to put up your efforts and give suggestions for the effectiveness of this association. The goals of every member of this association should be directed towards the realization of the overall objective of the association. Note: This association does not intend to be involved in any political issues, henceforth not supporting any particular political party Contact Info Email: [email protected] Website: Office: DEIRA DUBAI, UAE City: Dubai Hometown: Bangladesh Country: United Arab Emirates Occupation: Event Management & Cultural Association Companies: Bangla Youth Website:
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15 Apr 2018
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Don’t know how ladies feel but this dude is deserving of the respect he is getting. He performs a head scrubbed while remembering the youth.
10 Apr 2018
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The worst nightmare of woman's life is AGING. Are you looking to fill your Wrinkles? Retain your Youthful Glow? Plump up your Skin? To help fight this Aging process, we are here with Alektrona Anti Aging Serum.
6 Apr 2018
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Archie Hamilton is the co-founder of Split Works which is one of China’s most influential music industry organizations, with offices in both Shanghai and Beijing. Founded in 2006, Split Works now has 4 music festival brands Echo Park, JUE | Music + Art, Wood+Wires and Concrete & Grass. Split Works has organized concerts and tour by several notable artists including Sonic Youth, Faithless, Steve Aoki, Diplo, Jason Mraz, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Ludacris, Grandmaster Flash, the Lumineers, Death Cab for Cutie, Ghostface Killah and Gang of Four.
10 Apr 2018
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Brian Cheong, Founder & CEO at tataUFO, a social networking and dating app that connects students at Chinese universities. It provides a platform for those in higher education to connect socially and for youth groups to organise meetings based on their shared interests. Since attracting investement led by SoftBank Global Star Fund, Lightspeed Venture Partners and SkyChee Ventures, the app won the China Bang award for Best Expats Startup in 2017.
10 Apr 2018
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At Black Legacy, we provide the most trending t-shirts. We are the number one clothing brand. Black Legacy is owned and operated by the blacks. We show our solidarity in the quest for freedom and equality. We plan on educating the youth and offer the weapons to go as high as possible for changing the world. Our primary aim is to inspire you with the stories of great heroes and leaders for commemorating the crucial events which shaped the history of the black people and also for celebrating certain aspects of the black culture. We want youngsters to know our legacy, to be proud of it and say it out loud.
13 Apr 2018
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18 Apr 2018
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Taproot, Sevendust, Alice in Chains, Mike Patton, Incubus, Four Star Youth sprang to life in March of 2006 as a side project for guitarist Joshua Buma and bassist Bill Gower, however it was quickly clear that the music they were creating was far too good to simply be dismissed as an occasional indulgence. Steve Pedersen soon found his way into their Sherman Oaks studio, and he provided the voice that fit perfectly in line with the hard hitting yet melodic sound. Lonnie Miller soon joined as their drummer in May and the band played their first show in June. Extensive recording soon followed, and Four Star Youth's music is already captivating people nationwide. In October, FSY was happy to announce that Mike Bartak has joined the band as the second guitar player. Look for Four Star Youth at a venue near you!
29 Nov 2006
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A short clip to introduce youth community life in SPP! Church of Sts Peter & Paul (Singapore) ARISE Youth Ministry "Forming a Warm and Vibrant Community to Nourish Youths towards a Fulfilling Christian Life!"
27 Dec 2006
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The Quest for the Fountain of Youth -a stop-motion film with Playmobil. Running time: 38 minutes.
14 Jan 2007
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The iLLers Inc. under the spotlight by Channel U's "Youth Decode" documentary that shows the raw drive of today's youth in their pursuit of their dreams. Our dream is to become a world-famous HipHop performance corporation.
5 Mar 2007
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The iLLers Inc. featured on Channel U's documentary "Youth Decode" focusing on how The iLLers intend to live a life and career of HipHop. (part3 of 3)
5 Mar 2007
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