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Ghunghat Olhe Na Luk ~ Very Sweet Voice of 8 Yrs Baby # Radha Soami Shabad
13 Aug 2017
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92 yr old Keith Davis recalls his WWII experiences from the invasion of Normandy, the Battle of the Bulge and the liberation of the Nazi death camps in his own words. Formatted for public television broadcast.
22 Jul 2017
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People are constantly exposed to low levels of naturally occurring radiation called background radiation. Background radiation comes from cosmic radiation and from radioactive elements in the air, water, and ground. Cosmic radiation is concentrated at the poles by the earth’s magnetic field and is attenuated by the atmosphere. Thus, exposure is greater for people living at high latitudes, at high altitudes, or both and during airplane flights. Terrestrial sources of external radiation exposure are primarily due to the presence of radioactive elements with half-lives comparable to the age of the earth (~4.5 billion years). In particular, uranium (238U) and thorium (232Th) along with several dozen of their radioactive progeny and a radioactive isotope of potassium (40K) are present in many rocks and minerals. Small quantities of these radionuclides are in the food, water, and air and thus contribute to internal exposure as these radionuclides are invariably incorporated into the body. The majority of the dose from internally incorporated radionuclides is from radioisotopes of carbon (14C) and potassium (40K), and because these and other elements (stable and radioactive forms) are constantly replenished in the body by ingestion and inhalation, there are approximately 7,000 atoms undergoing radioactive decay each second. Internal exposure from the inhalation of radioactive isotopes of the noble gas radon (222Rn and 220Rn), which are also formed from the Uranium (238U) decay series, accounts for the largest portion (73%) of the US population's average per capita naturally occurring radiation dose. Cosmic radiation accounts for 11%, radioactive elements in the body for 9%, and external terrestrial radiation for 7%. In the US, people receive an average effective dose of about 3 millisieverts (mSv)/yr from natural sources (range ~0.5 to 20 mSv/yr). However, in some parts of the world, people receive > 50 mSv/yr. The doses from natural background radiation are far too low
24 Jul 2017
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Watch and hear this talented 15 yr old young lady sing the classic 'Feeling Good' by Nina Simone.
9 Aug 2017
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2 yr old on First Act Drums
2 Oct 2007
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2 yr old on First Act Drums
6 Oct 2007
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Yr Old Singing Beautiful Girls
24 Apr 2008
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18 yr. old STUNT RIDER GIRL Brandy Valdez
5 May 2008
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5 Yr old boy playing on an electronic drum set!
31 May 2009
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5 yr old boy drummer playing something from a rock show!
26 Jun 2008
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YR ASIA开播于2008年,是一个全新的中文综艺娱乐频道。倾力于家庭娱乐和教育娱乐节目。内容风格包括综艺,少儿,极限运动,生活纪录片,电影和电视剧.
9 Feb 2009
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Tribute to Kishor Kumar by 13 yr. old Abhay pianist & the launch of “Jalebi Culture”, director, actress and Music Director from Delhi. Yesterday, in Essex farm the mood was set with Kishor night ‘Chalti ka naam Gaddi’ and accouncment of film ‘Jalebi Culture’ The evening was set on fire with the performance of Abhay Goyle on paino. Abhay is just 13 years and has entered in Limca book of records and now will be the youngest Music director in “Jalebi Culture” and “Laato ke Bhoot”. During the event he was accompanied by his teacher Mr. Jaideep Lakhtakia who was playing guitar and also by Nanu who had performed on lot of instruments. He loves playing old melodies. Sudesh was there with his family and thoroughly enjoyed the show. He said, “I have seen Abhay many years ago and every time he shocks me with his outstanding performance and wished him all the luck as Music Director” Some of his songs which he played were:- choori nahi yeh mera dil,mere sapno ki rani,kora kagaz tha man mera, babu samjho ishare,meri bhigi bhigi si, Pal pal dil ke pass, and many hits of Kishor Kumar His performance is so energetic that not even a single audience was able to move from seat. From the age of six Abhay’s fingers fell on the piano, he did not knew his inborn talent will make him stand apart from his peers and will became the youngest piano player. His personal favorites are old melodies and he is a great admire of western classical music. It is Abhay’s late grandfather Arun Kumar Goyle along with piano exponent Brian silas, who inspired him to play at the age of six. He is 31st august 1995 born. His family belongs to Old Delhi. His teaches Mr.Jaideep Lakhtakhiya started teaching him when he was 6 years. After the concert, speaking to media, Abhay said that "I am very much grateful for the opportunity to perform for such a sweet audience and got the opportunity to pay tribute to Kishore Kumar Ji”. he said that "music is not just a part of my life, music itself is my life. Then was the Film launching of ‘Jalebi Culture’ under the banner of Atul Production, Harish Sharma introduced Delhi based actress Ritu Singh, a well known model,Director-Atul Gangwar and Music Director- Abhay Goyle and Yoga Guru Suneel Singh also part of film . He is playing himself. The movie is based on how news by media are twisted and mended and how it affects the common man. There was humor that Ram Gopal is making movie on Journalism but Atul was the first one to get it registered. In the end Sudesh ji was so tempted seeing the joy of audience that he coud not control and sang few of Kishor Kumar’s ever green songs. Over the entire whole event was spellbinding and mesmerizing. H.S.COMMUNICATION
29 Dec 2008
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