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Very good nasheed by zain bhikha
17 Nov 2008
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a funny extreme video of "Zains crib" and me jumping off the empire state building at ending.
23 Jan 2008
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Zain Sponsorship Swirl
24 Jul 2008
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anisah zain sesucinya cintamu anuar zain
16 Nov 2008
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A slideshow of Zain when he was young....
29 Dec 2008
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Wyclef Jean hosted the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards with Zain. Hip hop phenomenon Akon also made the long trip to Kenya. Nameless (Kenya) and M.I. (Nigeria) were the big winners. Both artists took home two trophies each at the pan-African music celebration, held in Kenya on 10 Oct 09.
14 Oct 2009
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Maher Zain Palestine Will Be Free !!!!!
15 Apr 2010
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Zain Effendi * Back Stage Artist Lounge * Bel Air Film Festival Distributed by Tubemogul.
17 Nov 2009
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A nasheed by Zain Bhikha. Lyrics: Oh Mountains of Mecca, what can you say Of the day that Abraham passed your way And He was instructed by God to build A House of peace where people will pray And they will come on every lean camel and out of every ravine For the purpose of praising Allah, to glorify Allah Oh Mountains of Mecca, what can you tell Of the day when stones from the sky fell Destroying an army determined to break The House of Allah that Abraham built Oh Mountains of Mecca, how was the dawn On the day that my Prophet Muhammad was born How did it feel knowing he was to be, the last and most beloved of all Rasool of Allah, Nabi of Allah Oh Mountains of Mecca, you were there When the Prophet Muhammad climbed down in despair Engraved in his heart were the words of his Lord To all of mankind this was his call La illaha illAllah, Muhammad-u-Rasullullah Oh people praise only Allah, Glorify Allah Oh Mountains of Mecca, how did you mourn On the day that the beloved returned to his Lord And up till the last breath escaped from his lips He prayed that his Ummah would find success Oh Mountains of Mecca how will it feel When the earth shall quake and tremble with fear And we shall be gathered together to stand In the court of Allah with our deeds at hand Oh how we pray that on that day, we'll be with those to whom Allah will say Peace be with you, I am pleased with you Oh Mountains of Mecca, Bear witness that I To the oneness of Allah do I testify For all that He's given me, How can I deny My purpose in life should be only to cry La illaha illAllah, Muhammad-u-Rasullullah There is no god but Allah, Muhammad's His Messenger Allahumma Salli Alla, Muhammad Rasullillah Allahumma Salli Alla, Muhammad Nabi Allah Allahumma Salli Alla, Muhammad Rasullillah
28 Nov 2009
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*******www.facebook****/IrfanMakki "I Believe" featuring Maher Zain is the first single from Irfan Makki's new album also bearing the same name, out now from Awakening Records. *******www.facebook****/awakeningrecords (C)2011 Awakening Worldwide ----- ******* for inspiring quotes and quotations ******* for centralized prepaid loading business *******pardz**** for reliable and affordable domain registration and web hosting Pardz (fpjkaba)
12 Sep 2011
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A comic-inspired video clip by a Malaysian artist.
20 Sep 2006
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The Most Popular Artis In Malaysia.
23 Jul 2006
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