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Three friends, two trikes and one vast African continent. 'Flying the falls' is a Sony Hi-Definition adventure documentary that explores Southern Africa from the unique vantage point of open cockpit aircraft. Visiting some of Africa's wildest locations. Some of which included the Etosha Pan, Caprivi Strip, Victoria Falls and the confluence of the mighty Zambezi and Chobe Rivers.
11 Mar 2007
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Some of the original walnut trees that had been uprooted from the groves that covered the Disneyland site were rescued, then "uprooted" once again in the jungle -- planted upside down so their roots stuck up in the air -- to begin a new life simulating the bizarre and exotic jungle plants everyone expected to see in such a remote and uncharted jungle. From a current Jungle Cruise skipper. There is a "Jungle Cruise Script" the day any one of us actually uses it, is the day The Jungle dies. The only time you might hear us do a "Standard Operating Procedure" (SOP) spiel, is when a supervisor is on our boat!! Boat Names: Amazon Belle, Congo Queen, Ganges Gal, Hondo Hattie, Irrawaddy Woman, Kissimmee Kate, Magdalena Maiden, Mekong Maiden, Nile Princess (out of service), Orinoco Adventuress, Suwannee Lady, Ucayali Una, Yangtze Lotus, Zambezi Miss More Info available at DLDHistory****
20 Mar 2007
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Watch full video at ******* Mark is working with the Australian spear fishing team to increase their appreciation of sharks. What they are not ready for is the sheer amount of sharks they'll encounter... tiger sharks, whale sharks, Zambezi sharks, ragged tooth sharks. Now that's just showing off!
2 Sep 2009
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Video Tour of Chongwe River House, Lower Zambezi, Zambia. See www.zambiaodyssey**** for more videos in Zambia
25 Apr 2007
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EXPEDITION AFRICA: STANLEY & LIVINGSTONE Season premiere: May 31 at 10pm/9c on HISTORY. Adventurer and geophysicist Pasquale Scaturro, one of the planets foremost expedition leaders, has been trekking to the farthest, most challenging reaches of the globe for over 25 years. Hes led three expeditions to Mt. Everest, including one in which Erik Weihenmayer became the first blind climber to reach the summit. Scaturro has also spearheaded multiple descents of major world-class rivers including the Bio Bio in Chile, the Omo and Zambezi in Africa and the first-ever descent of the Nile from its source high in the mountains of Ethiopia to the Mediterranean Sea, a distance of 3,260 miles. The historic 114-day expedition involved suicidal rapids, crocodile attacks, gunfire from bandits and arrests by unfriendly militias. It was featured in the blockbuster 2005 IMAX film Mystery of the Nile. Join other fans on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/History , follow us on Twitter: *******www.twitter****/History_Daily and visit the official site *******www.history****/expedition for info, games and more.
5 Aug 2009
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To purchase visit *******www.yummydvd**** or *******stores.ebay****/Yummy-DVD-Home... Adventure Traveler Tanya Shaw explores the mysterious fortresses at the ancient city of Zimbabwe built thousands of years ago by nomadic tribes. Tanya then comes face to face with a charging bull elephant while on a walking safari. Tanya then re-traces the footsteps of the great 18th century explorer Dr. Livingston to the mouth of the expansive Victoria Falls and bunjee jumps into a gorge above the raging Zambezi River. Don't Forget Your Passport is your ticket to an adventurous worldwide tour, hosted by a group of energetic and curious world travelers from around the globe. Awesome cinematography provides the backdrop for those spur-of-the-moment, intriguing, crazy yet absolutely real situations that only the most intrepid travellers find themselves in. Living with the cave-dwelling Berber tribes of North Tunisia, hiking through the polar cap villages of Greenland, or being caught in the middle of a street brawl in Guatemala: Don't Forget Your Passportis fearless and fun! Yet it's always good to know that at the end of the day, serenity is just a stone's throw away - in a rainbow-patched waterfall, deep in the steamy jungles of Sumatra, Indonesia. Ahhhh, heaven. Don't Forget Your Passport is a continuing journey into the fascinating cultures and stunning landscapes that make up our ever-changing planet.
21 Jun 2008
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Video of our boat flipping on the Zambezi river in Zambia
17 Apr 2009
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Video Tour of Chongwe River Camp, Lower Zambezi, Zambia. See www.zambiaodyssey**** for more videos in Zambia
25 Apr 2007
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Video Tour of Sausage Tree, Lower Zambezi, Zambia. See www.zambiaodyssey**** for more videos in Zambia
25 Apr 2007
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"Ode to the Bull move" - Lifebywater**** brings you a clip dedicated to the Zambezi's "stairway to heaven" rapid with particular focus on the massive pourover that kayakers often throw themselves over - known as the bull move. Enjoy...
5 May 2009
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Shimongola Travel and car hire is a leading Zambia transport company specialized in all aspects of road transport and tours in Lusaka and Zambia as a whole, serving both international and local clientele with local and long distance destination travel services. For our International tourists, we are very well networked with the air transport industry and are available at the Lusaka International airport and all other Zambia airports within Lusaka and in other towns in Zambia to provide the cheap, affordable and safe rental cars in Zambia.We are also your ever available Travel guides; our staff at Shimongola is well trained and filled with courtesy. They are dedicated to being your perfect tour or travel guides in Lusaka and Zambia as a whole. In Zambia we have so much tourist attractions namely, Zambia national parks like the Luangwa national park i.e. South Luangwa national park, North Luangwa national park, Blue Lagoon national park, Lower Zambezi national park, Kafue national park, Lochnivar national park and many more national parks in Zambia. We also have the great Mosi – o – tunya or the Victoria Falls in Livingstone, an attraction you cannot afford to miss in your life time. Shimongola Travel and Car Hire will also take you to the most interesting of traditional ceremonies such as the Kuomboka ceremony among the Lozis a tribe in western Zambia. Kuomboka ceremony is an annual ceremony mainly held about February as the Lozi people shift from lower land to highland after flooding from rains. You will get unforgettable experience.
30 Jul 2009
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Video Tour of Chiawa, Lower Zambezi, Zambia. See www.zambiaodyssey**** for more videos in Zambia
25 Apr 2007
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BlaaZe & SagaR nice album check it out
20 Mar 2010
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Zambezi white water rafting goes wrong!!!<br><br />
6 May 2012
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Rainbow Safaris Ltd is tour operator in Livingstone, Zambia offering exciting Victoria Falls Holiday Tours, Historical Tours of Livingstone City, Chobe Safaris in Botswana, Game Parks Safari in Zambia, Zambezi River Cruises Safari, Bungi Jumping at Victoria Falls, Steam Train Safari, Zambezi White Water Rafting, Helicopter Flights in Victoria Falls, Victoria Falls Elephant Back Safari, David Livingstone Museum Tour and much more. For more details, please visit www.rainbowsafaris****
28 Aug 2010
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Rafting Zambezi River<br><br />
6 May 2012
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