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11 Oct 2009
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Dr. Mahin E Zandi, MD (310) 734-7440 Dr. Mahin E Zandi, MD With 42 Years of Medical Experience Board Certified Psychiatrist , Associate Professor of Psyciatry
14 Dec 2011
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See *******wlmov****/program/c32950 for the full Good News ZANDE Movie .......... This is: Good News ZANDE People/Language Movie Trailer c32950 [c32950t] Other names for this language are: Asande, Azande, Badjande, Bazenda, Pazande, Sande, Zande, Zandi This language is spoken in: Central African Republic (République Centrafricaine, Ködörösêse tî Bêafrîka), Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo), Sudan (As-Sudan, السودان) This movie concerns: movie movies video videos music song songs mp3 God Allah Jesus Christ real exist exists early life crucifixion tomb Bible Christian Christians church gospel injil hope help life Global Recordings Network language free world language movies man men woman women For more information on this program see *******globalrecordings****/program/c32950 ..........
9 Jan 2010
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