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4 Jun 2009
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hope u like it :)
31 Jul 2008
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M.C. Cain's new Rap single "Palin was the choice that they gave me" Please RATE, COMMENT and FAV....thanks!
24 Oct 2008
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Vanessa Hudgens may not have stripped down to nothing like she did for those famous full frontal photos but she is certainly having her way with boyfriend Zac Efron as she straddles him on the beach. Several red-hot pictures of Zac and Vanessa have been snapped of the couple on the beach and in one of the shots she is straddling Zac Efron in a *sex on the beach* look. Vanessa and Zac caused quite a stir with hat famous full frontal photo of the adorable pint-sized red-hot brunette that stars with Zac ...
22 Dec 2008
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Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens the tittle of this song is " This I Swear " by Sam Milby,he's filipino (he is a singer and actor). i didn't know why in the last song it's so bad! sorry , i hope you enjoy it
10 Jul 2009
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my holidays!!!see!
18 Dec 2008
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Song Right Here, Right Now from HSM3 - behind the scenes video from Disney Channel NZ. No copyright infringements intended, I don't own Disney, HSM or anyone featured in the video.
10 Jan 2010
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Please subscribe, comment, rate New song, Can I have this dance! Zanessa cuteness!
15 Dec 2008
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Another tribute to Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens aka Zanessa's Hawaii vacation! Photo Credit: Zac Efron Web and other sites. Music: And Then We Kiss-Britney SpearsUpdate: Thanks so much for the 800,000+ views of this video and all the nice comments people are posting on here..I appreciate all the love you guys! Love you all! Kristy aka soraxkairifanUpdate #2: This video now has over 1 million views and I want to thank you all so much! Who knew that when I made this video a couple months ago that it would be so successful! Love you all!Update #3: This video took second place in AshleyTisdaleDreamer's contest!Update #4: Thanks for the 2 million plus views of this video and the comments I still get are great! Please no mean comments PLEASE!Update #5: 3 million views! Wow! Thanks again everybody! Please no spam or mean comments!Update #6: placed third in m4blackford's couples contest!Update #7: placed third in jacklynl10's Zashley vs. Zanessa contest!Update #8: placed third in xlucy478's Disney Channel Contest!Update #9: placed third in xxWackyfusionxx's contest!Update #10:[6-27-08] 4 million views! I am simply AMAZED! Please NO spam or mean comments!Update #11 [11-25-08]: 5 million views! This has been a great year for this video..Thanks a lot!
24 May 2009
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I hope you like and thanks sooo much for your comments. This one is dedicated to all the Zan lovers; my Zf mates, the girls from FanForum (yes!) haha and of course to Zanessa. (L) Please rate and comment =) Song: A moment like this by Kelly Clarkson. -- Stop the HATE. If you don't like Zac, Vanessa or Zanessa please keep the stupid comments to yourself. My videos are made FOR TRUE FANS. So yah. ...
24 Mar 2009
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Just a vid full of pictures I made when we didn't know if Zanessa was a couple but could all tell by their body language and interviews. :D 10-23-08 - Ugh! I had to change the song because the one before was 'copyrighted' when there are hundreds of videos with the same song. So it some weird short song by Alecia Keys 6-20-07 - Will do a sequel later. I won't post Hawaii pics because thats their trip. I will make a vid when Popstar! or Zanessa tell more. Zanessa. Could there be more to Zac ...
31 Mar 2009
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Ok so this is a Zanessa(Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens) video to the song Crush By Mandy Moore.It has Pics. and Video Clips from different things.Sorry if a few Video clips are blurry,that is probably because i downloaded it off of youtube.This started out of bordom on Monday January 15 because i had no school and then worked on it all day and it turned out pretty good.Comment and Rate if you would like.From, Vef13 :) Edit January 25: Thank to musicalfreak15 for the idea and the song name so i could download it.Check out here video like this except its a jiley at ***********/watch?v=uyyS6V8aBl8 ok well bye from Vef13 :) Edit Febuary 8: I was searching youtube early and found a contest for cutest couple.So i entered this vid. into the contest because i thought it was the best Zanessa i have so far.Contest link here: ***********/watch?v=Rw39Gfv5vyU Videos due by Febuary 10th.Well thats all for now. From, Vef13 :) Edit February 24: I won the Cutest couple contest.Yea!!!Thanks to eneryone who voted for my vid.Well thats all for now. From, Vef13 :)
3 Oct 2009
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RARE ! Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens aka Zanessa very naughty pictures..during the vacation
30 Oct 2009
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*i also entered this video for a contest by IceGlitter93 Please Watch in High Quality or copy and paste "&fmt=18" (without the quotation marks) behind the video URL in the address bar. This works on all videos! ------------------------------------- Just another Zanessa Video ------------------------------------- i love love L0VE how this turned out!! ------------------------------------- please watch, rate, comment, & Subscibe!! *Song: Amazed - Lonestar -what a beautiful song hehe perfect for Zanessa --------------------------------- peace out! xoxoPiNKL0VEER123 I dont own anything! Copyrights go to their rightful owner.
5 Jan 2010
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My second Zanessa video, as always, with a especial thanks to all you who commented in my first video 'Heaven', and with special love to all my Zf mates. Love you guys (L) The song is 'You're still the one' by Shania Twain. Hope you enjoy and please comment & rate. *DON'T OWN ANYTHING, JUST THE IDEA* Stop the HATE. If you don't like Zac, Vanessa or Zanessa please keep the stupid comments to yourself. My videos are made FOR TRUE FANS. So yah. -- And btw. Happy Holidays to all you. God bless you. :) Natalia.
16 Jan 2010
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zanessa on the beach pictures on there romantic holiday in 2008 brand new!
7 Aug 2011
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