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Super Metroid Review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Super Metroid for the SNES. Developed by Nintendo R&D1 and published by Nintendo. You play as Samus. You return to planet Zebes and try to recapture the last Metroid. This game changed the games industry forever after its release. This video review features video gameplay footage of Super Metroid and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Ryan.
25 Oct 2012
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Metroid: Zero Mission review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Metroid: Zero Mission for Gameboy Advance. In this remake of the original Metroid, Samus returns to the Planet Zebes. She must find and destroy the enemy Space Pirates. But this time, Samus has some more moves to deal with them, including being able to grab onto ledges and shoot in all directions. Mix this in with the great visuals, and a more drawn out story, this is a great remake and will be enjoyed by any Metroid fan. This video review features video gameplay footage of Metroid: Zero Mission for Gameboy Advanced and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Ryan.
30 Sep 2012
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LaserCat review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of LaserCat, a downloadable game from MonsterJail Games on Xbox Live Indie channel for the Xbox 360. LaserCats is a sweet Xbox Live indie game that takes a Metroid-vania platformer, gives it the look of an Atari 2600 game, replace the bounty hunter with a kitty cat, slaps a $1.00 price tag on it and steal our hearts forever. You play as the LaserCat, who lives in a tiny cottage at the edge of the solar system with an owl. You have a huge world to explore and very little direction. If you're going to rescue your owl friend—who, by the way, is kidnapped by a magic space frog—you have to find 30 keys scattered through 225 screens. So if you liked exploring the planet Zebes, you'll love finding your way through LaserCat. This video review features video gameplay footage of LaserCat for the Xbox 360 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
30 Sep 2012
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Hilfed *******www.facebook****/hilfed a jeho CREW vám ukáže, že vám ZEBE! Prepáč, že som lízal manke pekáč, ale prostě jí byla tam dole zima. RYTMUS JEBE, ALE NÁM ZEBE! ZKOUKNĚTE NAŠI PARODII NEJVĚTŠÍHO HITU TÉTO DOBY! DÍKY VŠEM ÚČASTNÍKŮM TOHOTO VIDEOKLIPU .. A POJĎME ROZSEKAT ČESKOSLOVENSKO!!! :D námět, rap, režie: Honza Hilfed postprocessing and kamera: Petr Hosticka MIXED BY: DEEPRESS Der Rätmos: Milan K. Dancers: Standa Stolpa Hanz G Joe Fraut Gagner Erik Era Mixed by. Deepress LYRICS: ref1 Proč Ti zebe, Proč Ti zebe, keď tu porád len topíme Proč Ti zebe, Proč Ti zebe, keď tu porád len topíme Proč Ti zebe zebe zebe, keď tu porád len topíme Proč Ti zebe, Proč Ti zebe, keď tu porád len topíme Jou JOU ZEb zeb Zeb ZEBE Zeb Zeb Zeb ZEBE ZEBE JEBE TEBE KEBE HELEBELEBELÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁ Na Sibiři tam to zebe V Rumunsku tam nejvíc zebe V U.S.A. tam v zimě zebe Na havaji klima zebe V Portoriku klokan JEBE Moju bratovi tam zebe Moje tchyni nevic zebe ale nejvic Brně zebe Používám fén oo - oo aj kondicionér au jau Používám fén oo ooo a furt mi tam zebe Topíme drevem oo oo aj igelitem aaaa nebo kopýtem ay yaa žádné kradené jojooooojoooo V Kongu pil jsem drahé víno zebe mi furt Ruty šuty arizona texas Tak Prober se ooooo zatopime pak a pak že se spolu zahrejeme všeci topí neekologicky to není pekné ref2 Já som vážně trochu mimo žito, jumbo, slané jedlo, právě jsem si trocha šlehnol brokolicu som si smlsnol Já som vážně trochu mimo Já som vážně trochu mim Já som vážně trochu mimo Já som vážně trochu mim Proč Ti zebe, Proč Ti zebe, keď tu porád len topíme Proč Ti zebe, Proč Ti zebe, keď tu porád len topíme Proč Ti ze ze ze zebe keď tu porád len topíme Proč Ti zebe, Proč Ti zebe, keď tu porád len topíme Marešovi dole zebe Sobotkovi taky zebe Rudovi fakt hodně zebe Haberovi v létě zebe Osvaldové v zimě zebe Obamovi pU.S.A. zebe Stalinovi v hrobě zebe Hilfedovi dobre zebe ja ja ja ja piju Fernet Stock.. ja ja ja piju Fernet Stock asi budu blit ou ja piju fernet stock trochu jsem se ožral... přinášam ti zvratkou abnormnálný tok zvratkov .. blueve Můžes si už teraz zatopit at ti kula nezebee aj keď to bude igelitem tak to hreje fakt dobre me to fakt nejebe ,pač vietnamsků šalu mam ted na sobe zapnu si Tokio Hotel a budu zpívat ooo ou jé ref2 ref1
11 Dec 2011
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Woot! Awesome game!
6 Sep 2009
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ArcadeMojo You've spent countless hours exploring these pixelated lands of make believe! Join WatchMojo**** as we count down our Top 10 favorite game worlds.
6 Jun 2012
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The game is almost finished. Theres one last place i need to explore. Regions Explored- Tourian: Tourian is the core of planet Zebes and also the Space Pirate's main base. Here lies the Super Metroid and the Mother Brain. Research- Secuirty Defense System: In Tourian, there are these oranged colored rings that aim torwards Samus. Like in Zero Mission, you can still kill them. Zebitties: These are barriors that prevent Samus from proceeding and killing Mother Brain. These can only be destroyed by Missles (save your Super Missles for the boss) but fire quickly cause they can expand its form and return to normal state. Tourian Enemies- Metroids: Like in Zero Mission, there are Metroids that are cloned sucessfuly and lie around Tourian. They absorb energy from life beings. You can kill them by freezing them with the Ice Beam and then shooting 5 missles or 1 Super Missle at them or killing them with 3 power bombs. Beware: If they latch onto you, immidently leave the room or kill them with 3 powers bomb or drop multiple bombs until they let go. One of the Metroids is the Larva but it has grown. [Note: This is why you need the Ice Beam. If you managed to skip the Ice Beam in Zero Mission and got to an encounter with a Metroid, you'll be trapped because the door behind you seals up.] Giant Green Sidehoppers: Unlike the sidehoppers you found in Brinstar and Norfair, these are much larger and somewhat invunlerable to your weapons exept for Super Missles but save them. Avoid them at all costs. Torzio Staute 3: This Statue has been turned into dust probably from the Metroids. But this statue is much larger than the others so a swarm of Metroids or one giant metroid could have swallowed it. This Torzio statue is likely impossible to kill and probably invulnerable to all your weapons (thank the Metroids for this). Super Metroid: [Spoiler: This Metroid is not a form of the Metroid Life Cycle. Its a regular Metroid that has fed off too much life forms and caused it to expand. Also, its happens to be the Larva Metroid. There are several reasons for this. 1)The Metroid thinks your its mother and it lets you live (although it reduces your energy to 1). 2) It sacraficed its life for Samus in the last boss battle. 3) It replenishes Samus's health in the last boss battle. and 4) It gave Samus the "Ultamite" Beam to kill Mother Brain. Oh and this is the reason why the game is called Super Metroid: The game is about this Metroid.] The Super Metroid is a gigantic regular Metroid that fed off many life forms and caused it to expand. Also it happens to lose its vulnerabillity to Ice. Its invulnerable to ALL your weapons INCLUDING the Ice Beam. You cant run because it reaches you at supersonic speed and you cant get it to loosen its grip (for some reason after the Super Metroid latches onto Samus, it decreases your Gravity even when your wearing the Gravity Suit. Probably because of the Metroid's weight). It drains all your life exept 1point. After a while the Metroid leaves (you'll encounter it again soon). Mother Brain (form 1): The last boss in the game. Like Zero Mission, the boss is only vulnerable to missles. Destroy the casing with regular missles, then replenish your missles and then return and fire the brain with 10 Super Missles. [Spoiler: The Brain will not die. It will just grow stronger.] [Note: After you enter the room with the Super Metroid, you cannot leave Tourian. Be aware of this cause you cannot get 100% items. You have been warned.]
6 Sep 2009
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Sreca je sto spavamo pod istim nebom zato, gdje god da si veceras podigni glavu i cuces govor zvijezda hej, pa ti nekome nedostajes Kako sam volio tebe to i zvijezde znaju a nocas srce zebe jer nasa ljubav blizi se kraju Drugom sve si dala sto nase je bilo u lazi je stala ljubav o kojoj se snilo Ne mogu zaboravit' tebe ne mogu ni sve tvoje grijehe oprostaj od mene ne trazi jer prepun sam tvojih lazi Kako mi fale sitnice i svadje ludosti nase u zraku jos crtam ti lice a tako me sjecanja plase
6 Jul 2011
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Josh from IndieStatik gives you the crazy bird-related backstory of Metroid. Spoiler alert - Samus Aran is a girl. Have fun! Subscribe for a new Lore every Wednesday! Follow us on Twitter! *******www.twitter****/tgslore More Lore here ******* Written by Phil ***********/thegamestation Voiced by Josh from IndieStatik ***********/indiestatik Edited by Schroeder ***********/thewarpzone Art by D.J. "Metaly" Ross ***********/vghangover *******www.vghangover**** Transcript: Samus Aran's story begins on K-2L, a colony housing the precious crystal, Afloraltite. Ridley and the Space Pirates raid the colony for Afloraltite, destroying everything in the process. Samus' father, Rodney, decides that the only sensible thing to do is to blow up the ship carrying all the Afloraltite, along with himself. Ridley encounters a young Samus, and just before he kills her, Samus' mother, sacrifices herself to save her. The Chozo, an race of alien birds, discover the orphaned Samus and take her to Zebes to raise her because having alien birds for parents isn't creepy or traumatic at all. They infuse her with Chozo DNA and gift her with the Power Suit to help her endure Zebes conditions. The Chozo elders meet to discuss the threat of X-Parasites, an organism that can infect a host, replicate its DNA, and kill the host in the process. The Chozos fear that if revealed to the galaxy, X-Parasites might be abused for its power. To combat X-Parasites, they engineered the Metroid, a bioweapon meant to prey on X-Parasites because fighting a deadly parasite with another deadly parasite was the only solution they could come up with. Ridley and his Space Pirates raid Zebes for Chozo tech and their Metroid. In the process, the Chozo-built supercomputer, Mother Brain, decides she is way too smart for her creators and joins Ridley to replace the obsolete Chozo race with Space Pirates. But Samus escapes Zebes and so begins Metroid! Have fun! Want more TGS? Find us here: Website - *******www.thegamestation**** Facebook - *******www.facebook****/thegamestation Twitter - *******www.twitter****/tgstation Tumblr - *******thegamestation.tumblr**** Google+ - *******
16 Sep 2012
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