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Watch Lindsay Bring you the latest Celebrity Gossip. Gisele Enjoys Zit Popping, "Screech" Can't Pay His Bills and More.
4 Apr 2009
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Get Rid of Zits Success Breakthrough Formula You are not alone as you seek out how to get rid of zits. The truth is I was once a pizza face. Worse still I was a pizza back but no one knew as I never took my shirt off in public. Now your zits are probably not as bad as mine were but I want to encourage you with good news. Acne care has come a long way and I am going to share some time tested tips on treatment for acne. Yes, you can get rid of your blemishes. You will discover, as I did, there are few bigger thrills than finding out how to get rid of zits. Looking in the mirror and seeing one after another of my puss pockets disappearing made me feel really good about myself. My discovery began with the difference I made by the way I washed my face. First I stopped using ordinary soap as it dried out my skin. Second I reduced the number of times I washed my face. When I did I used a non-soap solution which did a great job of killing the bacteria attacking my face. Next I stopped using the brand name creams that were supposed to be wonder treatments for acne care. All they seemed to do was clog my pores and make the zits worse. Some of them even gave me red rashes and that was scary. What got resuts for me, in working out how to get rid of zits, was learning more about my cravings. You see when my acne was at its worst I had this incredible craving for chocolate. I'm ashamed to admit it now but I could easily eat two giant blocks in one go. I talked to people who knew about vitamins and stuff and they helped me understand my cravings and the reason why my zits were so bad. Overcoming cravings was a key to me discovering how to get rid of zits. You need to understand your cravings and the best way is to talk to your local naturopath. Without this kind of help I never would have got the link between chocolate cravings and zits. Turns out the link was magnesium. That's what my body was really craving. Taking a magnesium supplement helped with clearing zits - big time. Before you take any magnesium make sure you get help from a naturopath because you may need to balance this with taking other supplements as well. While we're on the subject of cravings I had a particular one that may not be an obsession for you but it was for me - big time. A bit of experimenting showed that whilst I couldn't give up this craving I could control its effect on my zits. Alright, you want to know what the craving was- right? Now remember this is about working out how to get rid of zits not about my deepest secrets. Now we have that out in the open it was my sexual activity that robbed me of the required levels of zinc in my body and added to my pizza face. Whilst I couldn't reduce the activity I could, with the naturopath's help, increase my intake of zinc supplements and that did wonders for my face. These are a few tips that were helpful for me, you can find more at- www.GetRidofZitsSuccess**** I hope they will encourage you to know there are acne care treatments that work. Its likely even with these tips you will need more help to get rid of your zits. The best system I've found is at the website mentioned above. ------------------------------------ Information given here is only for general education purposes and if you have any concerns about your health as you approach this time of zit treatment and acne clearing you should consult with your health care professional before making any decisions. I hope you've found this information useful and encourage you to think upon the truth .. Get Rid of Zits Success Belongs To You
11 Nov 2008
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This is a great mining of Rogers forehead. Slow build up to the end. Some nice little pops along the way!
23 Aug 2011
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2 Aug 2010
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*******www.pimpletube**** A video site dedicated to pimple, zit and cyst popping videos. We collect the best pimple pop videos so we can share the fun with other zit popping fans from around the world! Join up for free so you can link and share and bookmark your own favourite zit videos with others.
18 Sep 2011
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*******www.pimpletube**** A collection of the best blackhead popping videos that can be found on www.pimpletube****, a video site dedicated to pimple, zit and cyst popping videos. We collect the best pimple pop videos so we can share the fun with other zit popping fans from around the world! Join up for free so you can link and share and bookmark your own favorite zit videos with others.
2 May 2013
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