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Uploaded on March 02, 2013 by Krylle Artylles

Dominate your way on Offensive Combat using Offensive Combat Hacks -- a multi hack / cheat tool that gives you edge playing this highly fun 3d FPS browser game. It is available for download at no cost at all. Apart from that your account is guaranteed safe while using it and so is your computer because it is certified virus free by virustotal.

Features of Offensive Combat Hacks v2.1.3:

* Aimbot -- ease your crosshair to the closest enemy within the vicinity
* Speed Hack -- gives twice the regular mobility speed
* God Mode -- gives invulnerability from enemy attacks
*Wall Hack -- seeing thru wall with enemy and ally indicators above their head
*Credits Hack -- gives 100 credits per hotkey toggle
*Coins Hack -- gives 100 coins per hotkey toggle


*Now Supports widerange of browser including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, & Opera
* ADDED Autorun feature when running Offensive Combat
*Fixed random Crashes
*Utilizes multicore setup decreasing the chance of lags while running the hack

Thanks for watching my video, hope to play with you in Offensive Combat!^^

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