The Desacrated Nations


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Which are the Desecrated Nations?

Lets see what the Ancient text say...

And the Elohim took the women for the and Nephilim were born. The Nephilim were eating peoples’ properties. (Prophet Enoh)

And when people couldn’t feed them more, they (the Nephilim) started eating them. (Prophet Enoh)

At that days, The Lord will open the Gates and the 72 kings with their nations will come out to the earth’s surface...

...They are the so-called desecrated nations, and they drink blood. (Saint Andrew)

And the bottomless pit opened, and monsters came out... They had hair like women, and teeth like lions. (Apocalypse)

And then will kneel in front of me everything that exists on the heavens, on the earth and inside it (Saint Paul’s letters)

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