Gunbound Trick Shots (sports11, Ibobby, Matt33, Godisalie)

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Published 29 Dec 2007
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High quality download: (thank you narf):

High quality download: (thank you narf):





To all those waiting for this vid, sorry i kinda procrastinated for 3 months before working on this (even though it was finished in late september).  I tried to upload to veoh 2 days ago but it said it was an "infringing video" so they deleted it.  

Anyways, this gunbound video basically sums up all the "tricks" you can do in IJJI Gunbound Revolution, starring sports1,ibobby,matt33 and godisalie.  Stuff like raon pits, tele falling, auto shots, flip shots, grub ss through nado, basically all in this vid.  

If you have any comments or questions, leave them here, or on the IJJI forums ( in the gunbound section. 

Thanks to ibobby for putting the clips together, matt33/godisalie for choosing the songs and me for adding the songs and releasing this vid.

Special thanks/mention go out to HIimevans that helped us with the frog ss and the raon pit.

Other special mentions goes to Dnerd (quit), xsinxslayerx (quit), xMistaKdog, snowy10, Sundaysbest(quit)(even though we had huge ass arguments every day), Wizardplum (semi-inactive), godisalie (break), aznvincent09 (break)and anyone else that used to telefall.  Thanks guys for supporting this stuff, i probably wouldn't have gotten this far without you =].


BTW songs (in order):

Stronger - Kayne West
In too Deep - Sum 41
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