Hard Dubstep Mix 2012 - DirtyOldTroll Guest Mix Ep.12

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The Iniquitous Sessions: Episode 12 (Moombahcore/Metalstep/Dubstep) Tune in every Wednesday for a new episo...
The Iniquitous Sessions: Episode 12 (Moombahcore/Metalstep/Dubstep) Tune in every Wednesday for a new episode!! Free DL: *******bit.ly/V4GSBP First up a massive Guest Mix by: Dirty Old Troll followed by our host Diabolikal on the decks 29:00 Follow Dirty Old Troll: Facebook: *******on.fb.me/A0UtRc Twitter: *******bit.ly/Pmzniq Sound Cloud: *******bit.ly/MnF1Aw Follow T.I.S.: Facebook: *******on.fb.me/QL7sI9 Follow Diabolikal: Facebook: *******on.fb.me/JiT7jN Twitter: *******bit.ly/JsrDwO Sound Cloud: *******bit.ly/OcxsMm Follow Dream Crusher Media: Youtube: *******bit.ly/MBAGv5 SoundCloud: *******bit.ly/N7kIor Facebook: *******on.fb.me/NKQptl SUPPORT THE ARTISTS! Track List: Dirty Old Troll: 0:00 Bratkilla - forbidden notes bratkilla - broken soul Triage - Radium (spl remix) Nosia - Program (f3ral remix) Skrillex - Narcissistic Cannibal (110bpm remix) Mackai - Grizzle Downlink - Tiger Mantis - Fumes Excision - Brutal Cookie Monster - Moshpit Varien - Throne of Ravens Dirty Drums - Hurt Diabolikal 29:00 29:00 TSTEP & ShadowNL - Killer Twit: *******bit.ly/NPOC56 Buy: *******s.beatport****/MFw3hU 30:30 Brainpain & Culprate - F.U. FB: *******on.fb.me/MrI2jy Buy: *******s.beatport****/MrIi1Z 32:00 Skit - Calling FB: *******on.fb.me/K0WQoA [FREE] 33:30 Falling Skies (Waverokr Remix) FB: *******on.fb.me/KTXToz Buy: *******s.beatport****/LDLnsT 35:45 Deletah - This Sound Dope FB: *******on.fb.me/Kzkt9b [FREE] 37:25 Jam PRD - Manslaught SC: *******bit.ly/NPPsPi [FREE] 38:50 Sponge Bandits - Starbucks FB: *******on.fb.me/HRWsED [FREE] 40:09 p0gman & Getter - Smokin FB: *******on.fb.me/IMCvUu *******on.fb.me/HEffaZ Buy: *******s.beatport****/N9BV0n 42:00 Dee:See - Threats FB: *******on.fb.me/KN6C0z [FREE] 43:25 Ponicz - Unleash The Beast FB: *******on.fb.me/Hr4QM4 [FREE] 44:35 Turtle - Old Bill FB: *******on.fb.me/PtLXws [FREE] 46:21 Drbblz & Ekim - Don't Worry SC: *******bit.ly/MFy5yz [FREE] 48:40 Widelows - UltraViolence MS: *******mysp.ac/MulYmy Buy: *******s.beatport****/Lkzjjs 50:01 Subshock - Bring The Bass (Dubstep Remix) FB: *******on.fb.me/PtP8Eo Buy: *******s.beatport****/LBMB9D 51:24 EnrightBeats - Full Circle FB:*******on.fb.me/M5on87 Buy: *******bit.ly/KzlRZD 54:00 DubZaP - Robocop FB:*******on.fb.me/MFyNMk 55:10 Mars & Xim & bass - Sorrow (Dub Elements Remix) FB: *******on.fb.me/M77uwb Buy:*******s.beatport****/L4ZuWJ 56:10 Bong - She Said FB: *******on.fb.me/NjBUdO Buy: *******s.beatport****/NPSao2 59:02 Fuzion - Showdown FB: *******on.fb.me/M5pW63 Buy: *******bit.ly/KzlRZD