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How many email accounts and instant messengers do you have? Absolutely you won't use one password for all. What will you do when forget your password? Or just can't think out of it sometimes? But you are waiting for an important email and desperately wanting to contact with friends; family online? Or you are stuck in other situations; losing passwords of various computer accounts like access; Windows Auto logon; my space; twitter account and so on?
Password Kit;one of Spotmau's PowerSuite 2013 highly recommended functions can give you a favor. Password Finder in "Password Kit" is an effective and powerful recovery tool. It checks system for possible passwords; and shows you the passwords immediately. With it; you will be able to find out almost all hidden passwords including MSN Hotmail password; Yahoo password; Gmail; Microsoft Outlook password; Windows Auto Logon password; IE Auto complete password (e.g. My space account; Twitter account; Facebook account; Newsgroup; Subscription accounts; Search Engine accounts ; Online Shopping accounts etc.); dial-up password.

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