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PenguinPRO Friendly Auto Backlinking Software and Penguin Backlinking How to Guide

100% Automatic Backlinking Tool + How to Backlinking Manually and with Automated Tools Post Google Penguin Update

Only 50 Copies Will Be Sold, After 25 in Private Release Price Will Raise and WSO Will be Posted to Public

After much testing, and waiting, we have discovered the important factors of Google?s new Penguin update and developed a Penguin friendly auto backlinking application. Also included in PenguinPRO Friendly Auto Backlinking Software is a how to guide covering what to stay away from and what is important to add to any backlinking campaign, automated or manual.

PenguinPRO Friendly Auto Backlinking Software will create backlinks for you on 100 authority sites hand picked because of their effectiveness/strength with a post-Penguin Google algorithm. These sites are made up of three platforms, for extra Penguin friendly variation and include:

10 Profiles + Tweets ? Stay away from spammy profiles most software creates. These 10 profiles include text on your page to be contextually relevant with your link as well as automatically sending out a ?Tweet? for an even more natural appearing profile

15 .EDU MediaWiki Articles ? 15 MediaWiki articles, all on US .EDU domains. These are full articles with your backlink on extremely rare and powerful US .EDU university domains

25 Official US School District Mac OSX Articles ? These 25 articles on the Mac OSX platform are on official US school district websites. As with the MediaWiki articles these are very high authority information sites. Get your backlink with your contextual article on these powerful Google loved sites

40 Authority MediaWiki Articles ? These 40 articles on MediaWiki sites are all authority. Each site was handpicked for its authority. While post Penguin Wikis still get a lot of love it is important to run higher quality Wiki sites whenever possible. These 40 sites include foreign .EDU domains (.EDU.XX), AC.UK (British .EDU), US Federal .GOV site, and powerful regular domains including These articles are loved by Google right now and sure to see you move up in SERPs

10 US .EDU Mac OSX Articles ? These 10 Articles on the Mac OSX platform are all on US .EDU universities; once again loved by Google. Get your full article and link up for great results

As uniqueness is also an extremely important factor after the Penguin update we have added Spintax (nested Spintax even) for every possible input. This includes account names, URLs, anchor text, your article, and your tweets. Don?t copy+paste and get Penguin slapped use PenguinPRO for unique 100% automated backlinking!

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