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Ever since his dreams of a promising football career were shattered by an unexpected injury in college, one-time local hero Jarrett (Blucas) has spent the subsequent years wasting away in his rapidly dying hometown working days in a variety of dead-end, blue collar jobs and idling away his evenings in the local bar. While drowning his sorrows after being fired from his latest job following a run-in with his boss, Jarrett's humdrum existence takes an unexpected turn when he meets and is seduced by a sensuous young woman, Nora (Aycox), who is passing through town. Their reckless night of unbridled passion results in Jarrett experiencing strange primal impulses and heightened sensations, not least of which is his intense carnal attraction towards Nora.

The sudden change in Jarrett's personality causes immediate concern for his best friends, barmaid Jane (Amurri), who has a secret crush on him, and bar owner Jules (Andy Comeau). But their concerns are nothing compared to the problem Jarrett is about to face with the arrival of Nora's former lover, Vic (Andrews), a volatile, bloodthirsty predator with whom Nora shares a terrifying bond. As Jarrett's involvement in this deadly triangle of lust and bloodshed begins to threaten his very humanity, only Jane holds the key to unlocking the strangers' secret and ensuring her friend's survival.

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    Muffa 01:08


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    Basri è un uomo solitario, che appare totalmente distaccato dalla propria vita. Lavora come guardiano delle ferrovie, controllando ogni giorno a piedi chilometri di binari nel vasto paesaggio dell’Anatolia. Il suo unico figlio, Seyfi, è stato arrestato 18 anni fa e da allora nessuno ha mai più avuto notizie. Dopo la morte della moglie, Basri si è lentamente isolato dalla società. Ma nella sua vita c’è ancora una speranza, che lo spinge, due volte al mese, a scrivere petizioni alle autorità per avere notizie del figlio.

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    La Gran Boda 02:31

    La Gran Boda

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    Con motivo de la boda de su hijo adoptivo Alejandro (Ben Barnes) con Missy (Amanda Seyfried), Ellie Griffin (Diane Keaton) vuelve a su antiguo hogar diez años después de que su marido, Don (Robert De Niro), la engañara con su mejor amiga Bebe McBride (Susan Sarandon); con la que convive desde entonces. Pero cuando Alejandro les anuncia que su madre biológica (Patricia Rae) asistirá a la boda y que, debido a sus estrictas creencias religiosas, no tiene ni idea de que Ellie y Don están divorciados, ambos deberán aparentar ser un matrimonio feliz y bien avenido mientras que Bebe tiene que “desaparecer” de la casa. Más o menos…

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