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Ever since his dreams of a promising football career were shattered by an unexpected injury in college, one-time local hero Jarrett (Blucas) has spent the subsequent years wasting away in his rapidly dying hometown working days in a variety of dead-end, blue collar jobs and idling away his evenings in the local bar. While drowning his sorrows after being fired from his latest job following a run-in with his boss, Jarrett's humdrum existence takes an unexpected turn when he meets and is seduced by a sensuous young woman, Nora (Aycox), who is passing through town. Their reckless night of unbridled passion results in Jarrett experiencing strange primal impulses and heightened sensations, not least of which is his intense carnal attraction towards Nora.

The sudden change in Jarrett's personality causes immediate concern for his best friends, barmaid Jane (Amurri), who has a secret crush on him, and bar owner Jules (Andy Comeau). But their concerns are nothing compared to the problem Jarrett is about to face with the arrival of Nora's former lover, Vic (Andrews), a volatile, bloodthirsty predator with whom Nora shares a terrifying bond. As Jarrett's involvement in this deadly triangle of lust and bloodshed begins to threaten his very humanity, only Jane holds the key to unlocking the strangers' secret and ensuring her friend's survival.

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    L'Infiltrato 01:32


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    Ispirato a fatti realmente accaduti è la storia di un uomo d'affari distrutto dall'arresto del figlio adolescente, incastrato per possesso di droga e condannato a 10 anni di carcere. Il ragazzo è innocente ma per provarlo il padre ha un'unica possibilità: mettersi in gioco. Sotto copertura della DEA, l'uomo si infiltra in una grossa organizzazione internazionale dedita al traffico di stupefacenti per cercare di incastrare il boss e riuscire a scagionare suo figlio.

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    L'attentat 01:34


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    Dans un restaurant de Tel-Aviv, une femme fait exploser une bombe qu’elle dissimule sous sa robe de grossesse. Toute la journée, le docteur Amine, israélien d’origine arabe, opère les nombreuses victimes de l’attentat. Au milieu de la nuit, on le rappelle d’urgence à l’hôpital pour lui annoncer que la kamikaze est sa propre femme. Refusant de croire à cette accusation, Amine part en Palestine pour tenter de comprendre.

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