Is There Anyone Left? (original Song)

By: sbgalt


Uploaded on January 05, 2008 by sbgalt

never take for granted the one you love...


anyone left there inside,
anyone left alive?
will I hear your whispers,
or the deafening wail of sirens?
tell me is there anyone inside?

I know you waited for me here,
blind by your tears,
all alone, all these years,
could I lose you dear,
when I am so near?

thought I might forget you in time,
you never even left my mind.
now I've come to find you,
but I fear I've come too late,
tell me there's one life left to save...

no, this don't stop here,
though we're long past hope,
because you and I know it's meant to be...

and if all I have found is silent now,
then I'll lay down too,
near you.

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