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Disk Drill Is An Amazingly Simple Recovery App For HDDs.
Disk Drill offers a solution to data recovery that I found to be interesting enough for a chin rub and a thumbs up. As the scruff on my beard understands it, Disk Drill offers a very cool features called Recovery Vault. Now this sounds scary because we typically think of vaults as places where we store data (I personally think this is a bad name for the feature), and I initially thought that the Recovery Vault was a separate garbage bin from OS X’s trash. This isn’t the case.

Disk Drill, Mac Data Recovery Software, recovers data from HFS/HFS+, FAT, NTFS & other file systems right on your Mac. It helps you undelete Mac OS files using its two powerful Mac recovery methods: Quick or Deep scanning. Disk Drill data recovery for Mac OS X locates and recovers deleted files from any mountable media like your main drive, external hard disk, memory cards, iPods Classic, etc. Disk Drill can recover deleted files for Mac OS X: photos, music, documents, applications, specific Mac OS X and other file formats.

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